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Root Chakra Crystals & Healing Best Crystals for Root Chakra


  • Root Chakra
  • Red Chakra and its Meaning
  • Benefits of Root Chakra
  • Root Chakra Vibration Meaning
  • Is your Root Chakra Unhealthy?
  • Signs of Root Chakra Imbalance
  • Repercussions of Root Chakra Imbalance
  • Root Chakra Healing
  • Root Chakra Crystals
  • Root Chakra Healing Crystals
  • Best Crystals for Root Chakra
  • Ways to Use Healing Root Chakra Crystals
  • Red Chakra Stones
  • Red Chakra Meaning
  • How to Balance Your Root Chakra
  • What does it feel like to have a balanced and healthy root chakra?
  • Rejuvenate your Root Chakra and Live Joyfully
  • FAQ’s

"When you focus on a chakra, it is easy to bring subtle physical energies into your consciousness." ---Frederick Lindemann

The root chakra or the first chakra is akin to the foundation of the Earth's energy. The root chakra is alternatively labeled the base chakra. This is because it is the place that houses the other chakra points. The Sanskrit counterpart for the root chakra is ‘Muladhara’- ‘Mula’, which means “root,” and 'Dhara’ denotes “base” or “support” and is the core of all the physical and emotional steadiness. The root chakra is an indispensable priceless advantage and paves the way for us to thrive in this world. Do you know where is your root chakra?

We have all heard about the famous Kundalini awakening in yoga. This significant and profound awakening of the Kundalini happens after activating the root chakra. It is said that the Kundalini, which is the seat of all the masculine energy, is present in the root chakra like a serpent. 

More significantly, the root chakra is profoundly connected to energy flow. In fact, it is the root of all growth. This is the point that establishes a connection with the world and assists you in finding your purpose. The root chakra has power on your relationships by bringing in the life force or the ‘ chi element’. If you have developed your primary instincts, it is attributed to the root chakra.

Where is the root chakra? The root chakra is situated on the three critical vertebrae in the lowermost part of the spine. The root chakra may also reach the tailbone. The starting point of the root chakra is the base of the feet, which goes up to the legs and the bottom region of the spine.

The root chakra is empowered with the grounding energy that starts from the feet and reaches the physical and etheric body.

Root Chakra

The root chakra or the Muladhara, resembling a wheel, is thought to be the basis of the complete chakra system. According to energy healers, if the other chakras are experiencing imbalance, the healing must begin at the root chakra. What we know about the root chakra is only the tip of the iceberg. What is your base chakra all about? Read on to know everything about the root chakra.

Where is the root chakra? To reiterate, this chakra which is above the tailbone, is the epicentre for all chakras and is considered to be the origin of all things. It keeps us engaged with all the earthly connections and is the rock of our spiritual power.

What is the root chakra's purpose? The red chakra's purpose is to meet all our basic needs of security, safety, power, and protection. It is not an exaggeration to say that we get it all from the Muladhara chakra. If there is any chakra behind our survival, it is the root/base/ or red chakra. The root chakra images available on our site will enable a clearer picture.

Red Chakra and its Meaning

The significance of root chakra points to our emotions and our primal need for safety and security. Maslow’s theory of hierarchical needs explains the basic need of humans - shelter, water, food and our emotional basics such as love, safety, and security.

Let us learn the base chakra meaning. The root chakra is behind our inspiration to live, grow, and survive. In a fearful situation, if our presence of mind kicks in and we adopt a fight or flight response, it is the base root chakra in action. While you go on to understand and experience life, the root chakra gives the support and grounding and assists us in building our lives.

The base chakra meaning signifies a very deep connection with organs such as kidneys, bladder, large intestine, sciatic nerve, anus, rectum, adrenal glands and the base of the feet.

Benefits of Root Chakra

A well-balanced root chakra demonstrates the following traits:

  • Complete attention and concentration
  • High self-esteem, security, and safety
  • High accountability
  • Responsible and reliable
  • Instinct to thrive
  • Ownership and belongingness
  • Powerful connection with others and self
  • Self-care
  • Enthusiasm to live a joyful life

Root Chakra Vibration Meaning

Now you know where is your root chakra. Let us talk about root chakra vibration.

The energy field consists of 12 distinct vibration levels. These vibration levels are called chakras and are at exact positions in the physical body and energy field. 396Hz is a frequency connected with the root or Muladhara chakra. This frequency is low and can heal negative feelings of trauma, fear, and guilt.

A tingling sensation at the base of the spine is an indication that the energy in the root chakra is flowing. It is also a sign that the root chakra is opening. When the root chakra is opening, a tingling sensation can be felt at the sole of the feet, palms and the floor of the pelvic area.

Is your Root Chakra Unhealthy?

To know if you need root chakra healing, the best method is to closely keep tabs on your feelings, sensations, thoughts, and actions. Root chakra can be overactive or even deficient.

An overactive root chakra may exhibit signs such as aggressive behavior, prone to irritability and anger, extremely lively, and reactive. A deficient root chakra may portray a lack of interest and enthusiasm, inertia, and passive behavior.

Some of the tell-tale signs are as follows:

  • Trust issues - portraying the inability to believe anyone
  • Tendency to overwork with no work-life balance
  • Obsession with money and an abnormal fear of losing money
  • Cannot delegate work easily or even ask others for help
  • Always on edge, fearing threat and danger
  • Family relationships are dysfunctional
  • No depth in relationships with anyone, even nature
  • Emotional eating, either overeating or giving up food, especially if you are depressed or anxious
  • Unhealthy weight gain

Signs of Root Chakra Imbalance

If there is an imbalance in the root chakra, the energy flow is not smooth and spontaneous. The blocks can lead to physical and emotional problems. People tend to feel uncomfortable with themselves. Many experience unexplained fear, worry, and anxiety that adversely impact their quality of life.

Some of the physical and emotional symptoms of an imbalanced root chakra are listed below:

Physical Symptoms

  • Insomnia
  • Sudden weight loss or gain
  • Bowel problems
  • Lowered immunity
  • Extreme tiredness
  • Problems in the lower body such as knees, feet, spine, and lower back

Physical Symptoms

  • Lack of enthusiasm
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Constant fear 
  • Concerned about safety and security
  • Disconnection with the world, no sense of belonging
  • Inconstant behaviour
  • Pessimistic attitude
  • Bitter and cynical
  • Trust issues

Owing to constant fear and insecurity that comes from an imbalanced root chakra and the lack of will to live in the world, people experience undue stress since the body is always in a flight and flight mode. This releases cortisol in the body. An increase in stress levels can further render the root chakra in a state of imbalance.

There are many healing crystals to unblock root chakra. We will be discussing them in due course.

Repercussions of Root Chakra Imbalance

If the root chakra is not in sync or is blocked, it can make us feel downright bizarre. Even base feelings of strength and stability become a considerable challenge. We may deal with anxiety or always feel like we are in a pressure cooker. We may get suspicious about everyone around us and portray mistrust of others. Our confidence may hit an all-time low, and we may find ourselves faltering without being able to make decisions. A weak or absent root chakra connection can make us feel tired, low, inconstant, unsure of ourselves, and indifferent.

If the root chakra is blocked, our physical health can also suffer. The organs in the lower body, such as the colon and bladder, can take a beating. Illnesses such as arthritis can also befall people who have a blocked root chakra.

Thankfully, root chakra healing is not impossible. Healers recommend practices that ground energy. Meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, and employing the healing vibrations of root chakra crystals and root chakra gemstones, help in restoring the balance to the Muladhara or root chakra. You will soon realize with these practices, such as using crystals to balance root chakra, you can make those solid connections with the Earth, enjoy the safety and security that the root chakra provides.

To put in a nutshell, root chakra characteristics are as follows:

  • Color red characterizes the root chakra
  • Deep connection with the Earth element
  • Present at the base of the spine
  • Connected to feelings of survival, safety and security

Root Chakra Healing

The root chakra is considered to be enabling the other chakras with energy. If the root chakra is not in harmony and encounters blocks and imbalances, the other chakras are likely facing trouble. It is vital to ensure that this foundation for the chakras is solid and firm, as this is the building block for an active, healthy, and open chakra system.

A mighty root chakra healing is imperative in this scenario of energy impediments. To heal the root chakra, the urgent need is to unblock the root chakra by activating it and balancing the energies using simple techniques. There are many ways to start the root chakra.

Some of the techniques are a combination of yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, rituals, and root chakra healing crystals or chakra healing stones. The root chakra gemstones can remedy the blocks and imbalances in the chakra. How do the stones for base chakra achieve this?

Root Chakra Crystals

As always, nature offers many cures, and we need to look for them. Fortunately, our energy healers have been able to unravel the magical treatments offered by root chakra stones and crystals to correct the imbalances in our chakras. 

We have some spectacular stones for base chakra or root chakra crystals that can restore the connection and security after cleansing and activating the root chakra.

It can revive an inert or unstable root chakra and correct the emotional and physical imbalances. This will restore the platform to deal with challenges with unbelievable clarity.

The root chakra crystals you can vouch for are those whose colors match the root chakra color. Therefore reds, rustic browns, and blacks are stones for base chakra that usually works very well to ground the tumultuous coursing energies. We shall take you through the most trusted and reliable healing crystals for root chakra to cleanse and activate the base chakra.

Root Chakra Healing Crystals

It is quite possible that you are going through an imbalance in the root chakra, causing you to feel low and demotivated. The blockages can come up if you have experienced trauma, a considerable loss or disappointment. This can lead to extreme agitation, guilt, and low morale. In severe cases, the prolonged imbalance can cause you to feel disconnected from the world.

Fortunately, you can now balance the root chakra with healing crystals. Using healing crystals and stones during chakra meditation can send out vibrations to your consciousness. Placing the root chakra stones in your home and the office also helps clear your aura and imbibe its strength. We will be talking more about root chakra gemstones.

The distinguishing feature of the root chakra healing crystals is the color similar to the color of the base or Muladhara chakra. The potent volcanic energy from these earthy root chakra stones is capable of sending out vibrations that can heal the chakra. The earthy brown, jet black and deep red tint give powerful vibrations.

Energy healers, lapidarist and gemmologists explain that when the skin comes in contact with the root chakra grounding crystals or root chakra stones, they emit powerful vibrations which course through the entire physical body. The energy flow impinges on your aura, and this restores the grounding energy.

Many people also wear root chakra crystals as jewelry. Root chakra crystal anklets, bracelets, and necklaces are quite popular. Charm bracelets are an attractive option that enables the constant healing energies flow to the root chakra.

To deal with the chakra point more directly, energy healers also suggest wearing the root chakra crystal around the waist in the form of a waist bead. There are few ways to ensure the root chakra is always well balanced using the power of healing crystals.

Best Crystals for Root Chakra

Let us talk about the most effective root chakra healing crystals to balance your root chakra and bring back the activating energy, cleansing and deep connection with the Earth. Once these crystals work their magic, you will soon have a platform to seize the world, and only the sky is your limit. Once your physical and emotional security is assured and you feel the grounding force, there is nothing that can deter you from your path. Read to know the best healing crystals for the root chakra, stones that ground you and how to open the base chakra.

Crystals for Grounding Root Chakra 

Let us look at how to open base chakra using healing crystals. The root chakra stones for healing or the best grounding crystals are:

Black Tourmaline Root Chakra

With a deep black hue, resembling that of the night skies, this beautiful gemstone exudes raw power, safety, and protection. The vibrations from this stone can also ward off the proverbial ‘evil eyes’ This stone protects against EMF and can convert the negative vibrations into positive ones. The adrenal glands get an uplift from this stone. The stone can effectively deal with imbalances in the root chakra and rectify symptoms such as depression and anxiety.

Bloodstone for Root Chakra

For good reason, this dark green with red sparks gemstone was carried by the Samurai brave hearts to the battleground to enable them clarity of thought and courage. This stone can make you feel strong and fearless. The vibrations from this stone can clear the heart chakra, the root chakra, and the solar plexus. The unique trait of this heart chakra and root chakra crystal is that it can rein in your emotions and bring some balance. It can steady the mind, and the vibrations serve as a protection against evil influences.

Hematite for Root Chakra

The hematite is a rough and earthy stone that can dispel the negative energies and nullify it. These root chakra stones for healing have a unique way of setting your root chakra right. The points from the stone combine with the auric energy and let it pass through the base chakra till the delicate balance is back again. Hematite is famous for its ability to ground you in the present, especially for those unable to rein in their emotions or feel their mind is running amok. This gemstone is best to bring you back to the present and stay grounded. 

Garnet for Root Chakra

This healing crystal has an attractive wine-red color akin to a pomegranate. These root chakra stones for healing can rejuvenate the energies of the base chakra like no other. The garnet revives the zest for life for those who feel inert and lack motivation. It enables better emotional health. The weak and vulnerable can experience the overwhelming power of the garnet stone, which helps reset the chakra balanceThis healing crystal has an attractive wine-red color akin to a pomegranate. These root chakra stones for healing can rejuvenate the energies of the base chakra like no other. The garnet revives the zest for life for those who feel inert and lack motivation. It enables better emotional health. The weak and vulnerable can experience the overwhelming power of the garnet stone, which helps reset the chakra balance

Red Jasper for Root Chakra

The striking color of these root chakra stones for healing and their energy healing vibrations is just what is needed to clear all the blocks in the base or root chakra and the sacral chakra. This stone is famous for its aggressive energy and can surprise you with its positive impact. This gemstone can increase motivation and push people to surmount obstacles and challenges. That is why it is called the stone of endurance. The stone also empowers you by making you strong from within and increases vitality. The stone allows you to access the proper strength and power within. These crystals for grounding root chakra also positively influence the kundalini serpent in this space.

Black Onyx for Root Chakra

This dark polished stone acts as a strong shield and heals the root chakra. It allows the uncontrolled movement of power and mental endurance. It encourages courage and boldness and will enable us to be properly grounded so that the energy can be channelised. 

This ensures we are at our creative best and our energies are protected in such a way that we get as much space as we need.

Carnelian for Root Chakra

This is the most precious stone for the root chakra and also establishes a connection with the sacral chakra. This stone ensures we become aware of all that life offers us. If you feel like your mood is at its lowest and the joy is missing, this stone can suddenly bring the spring back to your feet. The positive vibrations can make you rise with confidence and fearlessness. The stone can leave you inspired to take on life and its challenges with optimism.

Black Obsidian Root Chakra

This gemstone is a beautiful black polished one, that embodies fresh and lively energy. It carries the power of nature in its vibrations and offers an unimaginable protective cover. The exciting part of this stone is that it is a mirror to your soul. This stone is excellent for grounding and helps you cut through unauthentic interactions. This stone makes your power of intuition stronger to rely on your instincts. This in effect, works on the root chakra and enables you to grasp the wisdom, knowledge, and discretion to lead a stable life.

If you have suffered a traumatic past, this stone is for you as you will see your trauma melt away. It can also be your bodyguard against psychic intrusions that may negatively impact your etheric and physical body and takes you on the path of higher living. This stone makes your foundation strong.

Smoky Quartz for Root Chakra

This shimmering stone is a blessing for the root chakra. It works magically to clear the blooks and provides the much-needed grounding. This stone also works on the crown chakra. With a profound link to the Earth, this stone teaches us to choose our battles wisely. The vibrations lead us on purpose and set us on a path beneficial for us. The energy of this stone is exceptionally tender and does not ruffle our feathers much. It manages to do away with the blocks in the root chakra with finesse. We hardly ever feel disturbed by it.

Tiger's Eye for Root Chakra

This root chakra healing crystal is extraordinarily protective and robust. With the crystal's protection, you feel as if the world is at your feet, and you can take on any challenge. The stone is beautiful with its distinct hues of orange, gold, black, and brown colors. It gives you the confidence that perhaps there is absolutely nothing that cannot be conquered. With this stone, we become powerful communicators, and our body language acquires a subtlety that permits us to convey our intentions to others confidently. The toxic energy melts away. This root chakra healing crystal keeps you well balanced, your feet firmly on the ground and your head on your shoulders.

Moss Agate for Root Chakra

This is typically a heart chakra gem, but its vibrations can heal the root chakra too. This stone can eliminate the concerns that are dragging you down. Strong on the earthy elements of shade, forest, stone, and water, it can align the immune system to work perfectly. It can bring about calm amid a volatile environment. This stone emits a powerful wave of energy called Gaia, famously used by farmers to ensure a rich and plentiful harvest season. Therefore, this stone attracts prosperity and is a marvelous gem to keep nearby. With this stone, you feel peace enveloping you.

Amazonite for Root Chakra

This gemstone is best to calm frayed nerves and soothe anxious dispositions. When the root chakra is experiencing an imbalance, it is quite possible to wallow in damaging thoughts. Amazonite works brilliantly in such cases by uplifting the spirits and elevating self-esteem. The crystal inspires self-care and encourages the quality of putting oneself first.

Many get stuck in the trauma of their past. This can be caused when the energies in the root or base chakra are blocked. This stone helps delineate problems into more manageable chunks. It is a throat chakra stone and allows people clarity of communication. It helps establish healthy boundaries to give you a sense of control. This stone works on both intuition and intellect and enables the soul's clarity and authenticity. Once you stay authentic, which the healing crystal helps us to be, the possibilities of its blessings are limitless.

Jade for Root Chakra

The green shade of this stone is connected to enabling calm and harmony, especially in delicate and challenging situations. This is perhaps why the jade carries the moniker of a happy stone and a lucky stone. This stone has a beneficial effect on many of the organs below the hip, also where the root chakra is located. It can rectify unhealthy conditions in the kidney, spleen, bladder and has a beneficial effect on hormone imbalances.

Jade also positively impacts grounding, enabling high emotional maturity in relationships and elevating fortune. This stone restores some order in the energy of the root chakra and helps people with positive traits such as self-acceptance and self-love. The gem sends out vibrations that can inspire the human qualities of kindness, honesty, and maturity.

These are some of the crystals good for root chakra. Make sure to seek the assistance of any of these crystals to ground you since these are some of the strongest grounding stones.

Ways to Use Healing Root Chakra Crystals

The root chakra healing crystals can be used in several ways to enjoy their many benefits. Let us look at the ways we can use the root chakra crystals and how to open the base chakra. Below are good ways of strengthening the root chakra.

Meditation – The root chakra healing crystals can be held in your hand while you meditate. You can also envision a white light making its way into your root chakra and clearing the blocks to enable the free flow of energy.

Jewelry – The root chakra crystals embedded in necklaces or worn as jewelry as bracelets or pendants can in a big way enable healing in the subconscious and help connect the root chakra to the Earth. Jewelry using these gemstones is a good way to ensure the smooth flow of healing vibrations to the root chakra.

Crystal Spheres – Healing crystals as spheres are handy to hold in the palm. You can either roll or rub the gem for about 30 seconds. This will stimulate the energy in these crystals and activate their power. It is good to position this sphere close to the root chakra and visualize the energy from the ball reaching the chakra and eliminating the blocks. This can be done repetitively to feel the energizing vibrations from the gemstone to your root chakra.

Keep crystals at your home or work area – The healing crystals, if placed at the door of your house or at the entrance of your bedroom or work area can convert the space into a more positive one with positive energies. To improve productivity and disposition, you can also place the gems next to your work area, close to the books or laptop. The healing energies work their magic in areas you suspect are prone to negative vibes.

Red Chakra Stones

The significant color of the root chakra is red. This is a color that one cannot miss. Red is a color that instantly grabs eyeballs and even signals danger.

Most of the gemstones and crystals that correspond to the grounding energy of root chakra are also red. These red chakra stones boost your vitality, strength, power, courage, and self-awareness and allow you to remain more grounded in the physical body.

Some red chakra stones are red coral, red cornelian, garnet, tourmaline, and red jasper.

The red chakra stones help with the following:

  • Safety and security
  • Smooth flow of energy
  • Encourages survival
  • Offers stability
  • Powerful grounding force

Perhaps you should get your hands on the red chakra stones today!

Red Chakra Meaning

The color red of the red chakra stands for high energy, aggression, and rage. The red chakra means how to channelize this energy and manage aggression and anger more positively. Further, red as a color is also connected to courage, boldness, strength, and passion. The red chakra helps in the act of feeling grounded in the physical body.

How to Balance Your Root Chakra

Some of the steps to balance the root chakra are as follows:

  • Wear healing crystals or place them strategically at your home or workplace.
  • Set intentions with healing crystals to restore safety, security, and bliss in your life.
  • Repeat positive affirmations about safety, self-love, healthy self-image, financial security, and abundance. Repetition of such affirmations alters thought and behavior patterns.
  • Allow healing to take place from insecurities and trauma of the past.
  • Train with postures such as child’s pose, squat, mountain, and Goddess that help balance root chakra and align this practice with the breath.
  • Practice meditation.
  • Establish a strong connection with the Earth and activate your energy. Spend time amidst greenery around.

This is also how red chakra meaning assumes importance.

How to Balance Your Root Chakra

How to balance your root chakra? Root chakra healing meditation helps in a big way to balance the root chakra and assist in connecting the body with the external world. There are many ways to use meditation to open root chakra and clear the blocks. Red chakra healing encompasses the following:

Easy meditation for root chakra: Visualize the color red as you practice slow and deep breathing.

Lam-chanting meditation: Focus on the breath to relax your mind. Chant ‘lam’ many times to heal the root chakra. Continue this practice for 5 to 10 slow deep breaths, and imagine the Earth supporting and comforting you.

Walking meditation: This type of meditation establishes your connection with the Earth. To perform this type of mediation, allow your feet to firmly connect with the Earth below and experience the sensation of standing on the Earth. Take relaxed deep breaths while keeping your palms on the centre of the chest.

Place your hands back to their original position, and take slow and straightforward steps. As you slowly walk, be aware of each step and experience the sensation of how the foot touches the Earth.

With each step, you take, visualize receiving abundant energy from the Earth. As you breathe deeply, you can also use positive affirmations. 

You will soon experience the energy shift.

This is also how red chakra meaning assumes importance.

Root Chakra Cleansing

Root chakra deficit is not uncommon. In fact, all of us will have grappled with root chakra impediments at some stage in our lives.

If you have grown up in a volatile environment with strife, have seen and experienced financial trouble, or battled the trauma of child abuse, it is most likely that your root chakra is in trouble. The imbalance in the root chakra can lead to acute fear, excessive worry, abnormal anxiety, and crippling quality of life. Psychological issues weigh heavily and can cause relationship problems. 

How to open root chakra? Root chakra cleansing using healing crystals for meditation, chanting, positioning them in personal spaces and work area, infusing positive affirmations in the crystals can work wonders to cleanse the root chakra off all the accumulated filth. This experience of cleansing the root chakra activates the energy center and tunes it for high efficiency.

What does it feel like to have a balanced and healthy root chakra?

The first sign of a powerful and balanced root chakra is feeling calm and grounded. You will be able to trust yourself and others and have faith in the higher power. There will be greater acceptance of the past and present. Any fears about money or lack will not lurk, and in its place will be a renewed confidence that all will be well. You will be more genuine and will not feel the need to project any different other than the reality. You will find it unnecessary to protect, fight and shield. Instead, you will merge smoothly with the natural flow of life.

Rejuvenate your Root Chakra and Live Joyfully

In the realm of chakra, energy, and root chakra cleansing, healing the root chakra is supreme. The goodness of the root chakra permeates to all the other chakras. Therefore, suitable physical, etheric and emotional well-being may start from the root.

The flow of energy needs to be unhindered. If you wish to experience the powerful spiritual awakening, perhaps even the true purpose of our existence, the root chakra has to be in top form. The Kundalini chakra is close, and it is from here that the most potent awakening occurs. The powerful energy vibrations from the root chakra prepare us for a life dotted with accolades, personal magnetism, power, and a fulfilled life. It is imperative to know your relationship with your root chakra and take recourse with root chakra healing crystals.


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