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How to cleanse and charge your healing crystals?

by abhishek sharma on May 24, 2021

How to cleanse and charge your healing crystals?  

Healing crystals emit different frequencies that have the potential to intervene with the human electromagnetic field and bring certain energetic changes. Every healing crystal carries its energy that becomes positive when good intent and blessings are showered upon them but over a while, they tend to accumulate negative energies and lost their sheen.  

Sage’s smoke

 Every healing crystal must be cleansed first and then they should be charged. The easiest way to cleanse is to smudge them with the smoke of sage. Fix three to four sage incense sticks in a fireproof incense holder, burn them for few seconds and then blow them out. Now hold healing crystal on top of the steady stream of smoke for five minutes or so. Gradually, a healing crystal will get circled with the smoke of sage. Turn it in all directions so that it gets properly cleaned. This method instantly cleanses your crystal from all sorts of negative energies. Always ensure that your room is well ventilated so that smoke and negative energy disperse from the surroundings.      

Salt water

Another best way of cleansing them is with salt water. You can use ocean water or add salt to the tap water. You can soak your healing crystal for twelve hours so but don’t use this method for soft or brittle crystals as they can either break or dissolve.

Running water

You can also cleanse your healing crystal by soaking them in stream or river water. You can also leave your healing crystal in the rain as its clean water purge away its impurities. This method does not apply to soft, delicate, or porous healing crystals such as lepidolite, calcite, and halite. Once their energy gets balanced you can rinse, pat dry and store them properly.

These methods will neither discolor nor damage your healing crystals but will cleanse all the negative energies and prepare them for the process of charging.   

Sunlight / Moonlight

Certain dual methods that can cleanse and recharge healing crystals like leaving them in sunlight. When you leave your healing crystal in sunlight it wipes away its negative energies and restores positive energy in it. Similarly, you can keep your healing crystals in the light of the full moon. Again, the blissful light can cleanse and recharge various healing crystals. This method is safe and secure for almost all healing crystals.   


You can also adjust the vibration of your healing crystals through the method of sound healing. You can envelop your healing crystals with the sound emitted from chanting bowls, tuning fork, or bell. Usually, this method is suitable if you have too many healing stones to cleanse and recharge.  

Other healing crystals

Other healing crystals can also cleanse and recharge your healing crystals. A cluster of Amethyst or Citrine crystals is very effective in replenishing the energy levels of your healing crystals. If you use your healing crystals quite often then you try to store your healing crystals either on or near them at least for few hours.  


Once your healing crystals are cleansed and charged then try to meditate upon them. You should shower your thoughts with positive intent and imagine that you are bestowing the power of love, protection, happiness, or abundance.

Your healing crystals are ready to heal only once you have cleansed, charged, and sealed them with good intent.