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Braceletes: Rose Quartz Bracelet, Citrine, Lapis Lazuli and More!

    Think of it as a piece of memory, a heartfelt gift, an expression of love, or your fair share of blessing, a bracelet can mean one but many things for the person receiving and giving it. Even if you wish to get a bracelet for yourself, being mindful while choosing the crystals and stones in your bracelet can help bring positive changes to your life, also keeping negativity at bay.

    At Healing Crystals, we offer a wide range of bracelets made from all types of precious crystals known for their positive spiritual effects on mind and life.

    So, whether you wish to bring more positivity to someone’s life, or to maintain mental stability, a bracelet with a suitable crystal can be a helpful friend.

     Crystal Rose Quartz Bracelets and Their Benefits

    There are myriads of healing crystals that can aid spiritual healing and progress in one way or another. For example, Rose Quartz Bracelet is known for encouraging emotional healing and bringing harmony in relationships. It is also known as the stone of unconditional love. Experts also suggest that wearing a Rose Quartz Bracelet may encourage the qualities of love.

    Similarly, it is said that citrine bracelets can encourage the spiritual qualities of abundance, joy and alignment. Additionally, it is also said to bring financial luck and may boost up the sales of your business. A seven chakra bracelet may help reduce mental stress and may help maintain physical well being.

    And that’s not it. Various healing crystals are known for their varying positive impacts on life. To bring the desired positive changes to your life, you can consider exploring our range of bracelets made using healing crystals, known to encourage positivity, health and wealth.



    Here are some of the most commonly asked questions, answered.


    • Question 1: What are healing bracelets?

      A healing bracelet is a term that can be given to a bracelet made using a healing crystal. There is a wide range of healing crystals available in the world. Different crystals are known to encourage different positive effects on life. This can also be a rose quartz bracelet.


    • Question 2: How do healing bracelets work?

      The way healing crystals or bracelets of all kinds (including rose quartz bracelets) work is rather spiritual than mechanical, so it can not be laid out on a chart. However, healing bracelets use different types of stones that have varying energy properties that can enable changes in a person’s life and health.


    • Question 3: How to choose my first crystal?

      Primarily, color of the crystal you choose largely determines the impacts it may have on your life. As each chakra in our body is associated with a specific color, in order to optimize a particular area, you can choose a crystal having the color associated with the specific chakra. For instance, if you are looking to manifest true love and companionship in your life, a Rose Quartz Bracelet can be your best bet.

    Additionally, you can continue increasing your knowledge about healing crystals and bracelets and choose your next crystal accordingly.

    Carrying a healing crystal by your side can help manage various concerns including health problems and even financial challenges. Our range of bracelets can make it easy to carry these crystals, and that too with style.

    For details, feel free to connect with us.

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