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Amethyst Sphere - Ball Pendulum
Healing Crystals - Wholesale Amethyst Sphere Pendulum
Healing Crystals - Wholesale Amethyst Sphere Pendulum
Healing Crystals - Wholesale Amethyst Sphere Pendulum
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Amethyst Sphere - Ball Pendulum

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    Stone Name: Amethyst 
    Origin: India

    ASTROLOGICAL SIGN: Aquarius , Capricorn , Pisces , Virgo
    CHAKRA: Crown Chakra
    PLANETS: Saturn
    MOHS HARDNESS: 7 Hardness
    AFFIRMATION: I am amazing in my own unique way

    A pendulum is a weighted, symmetrical object, usually a crystal, that is hung from a single chain. Use the pendant to seek guidance about the future and tap into your unconscious intuition. While the pendulum is swinging, gain answers in response to ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions.

    • 1 Dowsing Pendulum: Each Crystal have its unique healing properties.
    • 1 Velvet Pouch to keep Pendulum safe after every use
    • Benefits: These stone clears the negativity of mind to enhance higher receptiveness. These Crystals are considered the master of all ability to magnify the healing vibrations of other crystals. There are several advantages of crystal healing, including:
    • Restored mental and physical energy equilibrium
    • Released blockages and/or imbalances in our bodies and lives.
    • It balances the chakras and cleanses the energy/auric field.
    • Elevates connection to higher consciousness
    • Feeling of well being and overall positivity

    Amethyst activates and opens the Crown Chakra, making it easier to contact the divine energy.The virtues of amethyst are countless. It improves spiritual awareness and wisdom, leading to a higher level of consciousness.Amethyst dissolves and repairs flaws in the aura, attracting Divine energy, as well as aligning and promoting cooperation.