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Crystal Quartz Orgone Pyramid 1 Inches
Crystal Quartz Orgone Pyramid 1 Inches
Crystal Quartz Orgone Pyramid 1 Inches
Crystal Quartz Orgone Pyramid 1 Inches
Crystal Quartz Orgone Pyramid 1 Inches
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Crystal Quartz Orgone Pyramid 1 Inches

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    Stone Name: Crystal Quartz 
    Origin: India

    ASTROLOGICAL SIGN: All birth signs
    CHAKRA: All Chakra
    PLANETS: Venus
    MOHS HARDNESS: 7 Hardness
    AFFIRMATION: I am a radiant being filled with all frequencies of life.

    Advantages of Crystal Quartz Gemstone

    The "master healer" of the quartz family is Crystal Quartz, also known as Clear Quartz. It amplifies energy, thought, and other crystals' impact. It absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy. Crystal Quartz absorbs all forms of negative energy and neutralizes background radiation, including electromagnetic smog or petrochemical emanations.
    It restores and balances the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes. It cleanses and improves the organs as well as the subtle bodies, connecting the physical realm with the mind. Crystal Quartz promotes psychic abilities. It improves memory and focuses attention.

    Pyramid For Good Use

    • A pyramid is designed to improve the qualities of the stone it comprises. Pyramids attract, transform, and discharge energy into their surroundings. Pyramids may be utilized to increase or decrease EMF (electromagnetic waves) levels.
    • These crystal pyramids are great for dowsing, meditation, energy healing, and chakra balancing. Pyramids have an ionizing influence on the body. Negative ions improve oxygen uptake in the human body and promote well-being. The body's seven energy centers may be synchronized by meditating under a pyramid or simply resting beneath one. The pyramid crystal is a kind of gemstone that can draw money and fortune from all directions. As a result, the pyramid crystal is the most powerful force in the wind and water. The home may be enhanced with pyramid crystals to provide wealth, success, etc.
    • Pyramids have long been a source of concentrated energy and power. The apex of the pyramid amplifies and then tightly focuses energy. A crystal pyramid is a strong instrument that can be used to extract negative energy from the environment as well as to inject positive energy. Pyramids are also utilized to improve and concentrate the qualities of the stones they are designed from.

    "Orgonite" Energy Transforming

    • Orgone pyramids are a combination of organic (resin) and non-organic materials (metal shavings) that can move the orgone energy back and forth and function as a purging of stagnant, negative energies.
    • Orgonite is claimed to attract etheric energy in the same way. Our orgonite comprises a blend of catalyzed fiberglass resin, metal shavings, and copper particles, which are poured into a mold. This product serves as an energy transformer by transforming dirty energy fields (or chakras) with charged quartz stones and a crystal tip (or quartz stones).

    Handcrafted Healing Item 

    Because this product is handcrafted, there might be slight deviations in size, shape, and color compared to the image shown here. Orgonite is a mixture of catalyzed fiberglass resin with metal shavings, particles, or powders, poured into molds, said to attract etheric energy similarly to Reich& rescue's accumulators.  

    Note: Each piece will be separately checked for any kind of defects before dispatch (Wholesale Orders will be dispatched only after approval from the Buyer) Photos and Videos of items will be shared with the Buyer before dispatch to avoid any issues after delivery.