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Healing Crystals - Green Aventurine Sphere 1 Kg Lot
Healing Crystals - Green Aventurine Sphere 1 Kg Lot
Healing Crystals - Green Aventurine Sphere 1 Kg Lot
Healing Crystals - Green Aventurine Sphere 1 Kg Lot
  • SKU: Green Aventurine 40-50 MM 1 Piece

Green Aventurine Sphere

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    Stone Name: Green Aventurine
    Origin: India

    CHAKRA: Heart Chakra
    PLANETS: Mercury & Venus
    MOHS HARDNESS: 7 Hardness
    AFFIRMATION: I maintain thymus gland and nervous system.

    Green Aventurine is a type of quartz that is known for its healing properties. It is said to be helpful in restoring balance and harmony, and can also help to relieve stress and anxiety. Green Aventurine is also believed to be beneficial for the heart, lungs, and liver.

    In addition, Green Aventurine is thought to be helpful in promoting detoxification and supporting the immune system. Green Aventurine is a powerful crystal that can help to promote healing on all levels.

    Green Aventurine is a stone of good fortune. It helps to develop leadership abilities and decisiveness. Compassion and empathy are encouraged. Perseverance is encouraged by Aventurine.. 

    Increases physical healing. It is believed to increase wealth and prosperity. It protects gardens and houses from electromagnetic pollution. Negative energy is changed into positive energy. It motivates people to be empathetic.

    It boosts energy and self-assurance. It maintains one's mental balance, stimulates vision and creativity, and aids in the viewing of alternatives and possibilities. It helps people to perceive options and possibilities more clearly.

    It is a wonderful stone that also has the ability to heal. It can soothe anger and irritation since it promotes feelings of well-being. The heart's regeneration is encouraged by this stone.

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