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Peach Moonstone Sphere
Peach Moonstone Sphere
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Peach Moonstone Sphere

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    Stone Name: Peach Moonstone
    Origin: India

    CHAKRA: Sacral Chakra
    PLANETS: Jupiter
    MOHS HARDNESS: 6.5 Hardness
    AFFIRMATION: I encompass feminine grace and beauty even through troubled times. 


    Peach moonstone is a type of feldspar that is closely related to labradorite. It is usually found in shades of pink and peach, and sometimes has a blue or green flash.

    Peach moonstone is said to have many healing properties. It is believed to be helpful for fertility, PMS, and menopause. It is also said to be helpful in easing anxiety and tension.

    Peach moonstone is also said to be helpful for the skin. It is believed to be helpful in treating acne, eczema and wrinkles.

    Peach Moonstone shares the same divine feminine energies as other Moonstone varieties, but offers an extra special connection between your heart and personal will (solar plexus). One will also continue to share the same protective qualities of Moonstone as you work to explore your creative and loving energies (and how you might be able to improve them).

    Peach Moonstone is a more inward-loving mineral and helps reignite your passion for the things that make you happy in this world. As one’s mind is continuously cluttered with nonsense and emotion-induced thinking, our true character gets left behind. Over time, we lose this ever strong connection we have with our inner spirits, as well as the interest that drives these feelings.

    As self-loving vibrations pour out of this stone every time you work with it, we want you to get in the rhythm of doing something positive for yourself. Reward yourself with a hobby you once loved or treat yourself to a place you once frequented. Try something entirely new that has been on your mind for days or even months now.

    These are all small things that reinforce the love you truly have for yourself. As you begin to grow more comfortable with yourself, only then can you begin to truly love the ones around you.

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