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Healing Crystals India


Delivering healing, wellness and happiness to your doorstep

Healing Crystals India Limited is a renowned global provider of authentic, high-quality, precious and semi-precious gemstones to promote alternative healing therapy. Formed in 1981, we harness the potency of gemstones to help our clients scale new heights, attract abundance, enjoy good health and manifest their objectives. Our flagship company Dhruvcart limited, positioned in The United States of America and The United Kingdom, help us realise our mission to take crystal healing therapy to every nook and corner of the world. We have grown to an annual ………… turnover organisation, with a niche in the alternative therapy segment. 

The vision of our brand, Healing Crystals, is to tap the innate energy healing capabilities of natural crystals and employ it as a support to medical treatment, chakra healing, aura cleansing and rejuvenation of the human body. This purpose is the bedrock that drives this organisation. 

We are a company recognized world-wide for our wide array of products and services. We have an envious collection of crystals, loose stones, and gemstone jewellery available online as well as in our stores world-wide. We also provide advisory services and consulting in the area of chakra healing, energy healing, Reiki and gemstone therapy with the help of an inhouse team of qualified healers and alternative therapy practitioners. 

Today, we have more than ----------- active clients worldwide. It has been a mutually rewarding journey of bringing solutions from nature on a platter in the form of healing crystals. 

100% handmade rose quartz crystal

How We Began 

Our foray into the world of healing crystals is as mystical and interesting as the crystals and gemstones themselves! We are a family of energy healers, crystal specialists and lapidarists. For generations, we have worked with crystals and gemstones and know about their powers to heal, sort, ground and eliminate negative energies. Knowing and experiencing the healing energies from crystals, we felt an urge to share this natural healing power with the world. 

Immense healing energies are stored in each and every crystal. Our vision is to allow as many people around the world to enjoy the healing power of crystals. This marked the beginning of our journey to create a space where people can have access to some of the most exotic, affordable, genuine and high-quality healing crystals in the world. This is also a knowledge sharing platform to allow our experts to engage our clients and enthusiasts about the world of healing crystals.

What Propels Us

Our Mission

  • Deliver holistic healing and happiness through crystals and gemstones 
  • Employ best practices in customer engagement and service
  • To build a professional organization that creates end to end healing solutions for clients 
  • Create a brand that forges loyalty among customers and epitomizes quality, trust, and integrity.


  • Build teams that effectively contribute worldwide using best practices in crystal therapy
  • Cleanse and energise every home and commercial space with positive vibrations of healing crystals and gemstones
  • To improve quality and lifestyle using Earth energy and natural healing methods
  • Disseminate knowledge about crystals and gemstones through periodic information-rich content 
  • Open the doors to dialogue and communication for better reach and busting myths about crystal therapy 

Core Values and Strengths

  • Every step counts, be driven about customer delight
  • Respect is key and everyone deserves it
  • Thing big, be global, committed and accountable 
  • Unflinching integrity 
  • Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement

Our Advantage 

“Just One ‘Healing Crystal’ is better than two of another brand”
  • Healing Crystals’ office and warehouse at six strategic international locations 
  • World-wide presence in e-commerce marketplaces for easy, speedy and convenient delivery to buyers
  • Business units in multiple countries like USA, UK and India with localised billing
  • Access to high quality yet low-cost raw materials
  • Bespoke crystal and gemstone solutions to clients 
  • Provide high quality, affordable crystals and gemstones that promote health, happiness and peace
  • Pocket-friendly pricing over competitors, leveraging the advantage of a manufacturer of gemstones

Enviable Range of Healing Crystals

We have an exhaustive collection of more than 15,000 gemstones in different colors, shapes, sizes, and carat weight available at our stores worldwide. Our extensive offering of gemstones includes certified superior quality precious and semiprecious gemstones. We also cater to customised individual orders of gemstones for specific purposes.

Stamp of Quality 

All our crystals and gemstones bear the stamp of genuineness and quality. We have an inhouse team of the best gemmologists and lapidarists to bring superior quality crystals to our stores. We always assure our clients of selling only authentic crystals and gemstones. 

Quick and Hassle-Free Replacement Policy

  • We completely understand customer apprehensions with respect to replacement of a product purchased online, or from any of our stores. 
  • We have a fair and transparent 7 days free replacement policy for clients dissatisfied with their purchase.

100% Credibility and Trust

  • As market leaders and veterans in the field of crystals and gemstones, we leave no stone unturned in our technique to select the best gemstones. We take great care to bring gemstones in their natural state. 
  • Our price chart is reasonable, open and completely transparent
  • Once an order is placed, customers can track the movement of the order in real-time till delivery 
  • We ensure seamless transaction right from placing the order to delivery and after sales service
Our Team

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