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Healing Crystals

Crystals for Protection

Protect yourself from Negative Energies and Electro Magnetic Smog

Black Tourmaline Tumbled 10 Piece

$19.00 $26.00

Black Tourmaline Pyramid 2 Inches

$19.00 $26.00

Black Tourmaline Orgone Pyramid 65-75 MM

$22.00 $30.00

Black Obsidian Sphere 1 Kg Lot

$91.00 $127.00

Welcome to the world of Healing Crystals

Healing Crystals is an online crystal store that brings you 100% authentic, ethically sourced crystals from far-flung corners of the world. You can keep your crystal in your bag or place it somewhere in your bedroom, from where you can derive its positive vibes and healing energies. Our crystal shop also has handmade bracelets with a wide range of crystals beaded together to make a wearable accessory that you can carry along with you wherever you go. No matter what you seek in life, there’s a crystal for every purpose. Whether you want to manifest abundance in your profession, attract the right people in your friend circle, or want to calm down your angry side, a crystal can give you the confidence and support you need to achieve your goals in life. Our purpose-built online crystal shop lets you choose your crystal by purpose, shape, or preference. We have crystals for marriage, sexual wellbeing, prosperity, spiritual wellness, success and more. The atomic geometry of these crystals is fashioned in such a way that it amplifies the energy that flows through them. For this reason, crystals have been worn since ancient times, and they hold that magnificent, cosmic lure even to this day.

Healing Crystals to Align your Chakras

According to ancient science, a human body has seven chakras, where each chakra is linked to a specific organ and bodily function. Wearing crystals influences and activates these chakras, which in turn have a positive impact on your body, mind and spirit. Every crystal available at our crystal store has a unique form of energy flowing through it, and therefore, it activates a specific chakra to promote healing in a specific area. Depending on the chakra you want to open and heal, you can choose a crystal from our crystal shop accordingly. Healing Crystals can ship your chosen crystal or crystal bracelet to your front door anywhere in the US or UK. Explore our crystal store and place your order now.