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Healing Crystals India Amethyst Orgone Pyramid 50-60 MM - Home
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Healing Crystals India Seven Chakra Orgone Merkabah Set -
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Healing Crystals India Red Jasper Orgone Pyramid 45-60 MM - Furniture
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Healing Crystals India Lapis Lazuli Orgone Pyramid 50-60 MM -
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Healing Crystals India Sodalite Tumbled 1/2 LB -

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I am already a positive energy individual... Since I’ve had this piece in my bedroom, I’ve noticed a more calm, peaceful sense or awareness that has come over me. I am getting through my days with more clarity and information to make certain decisions has been more prevalent. I charge it in my window when the sun is bright. I like it so far...


This pyramid is beautiful and beautifully hand crafted in India. Could not have asked for a better piece. I bought as a gift for my grandpa, and he loved it! The package arrived in great shape, and they even included their business card. I will most definitely be buying future pyramids for myself in the near future. 5 stars for sure.


My Orgonite pyramid I quite stunning with the crystal inside.
A powerful piece I will keep in my space where I spend a lot of time. I feel joy in my heart when I look at it. It was to be delivered first on the 9th, then the 8th and it arrived carefully wrapped with a little gift in its own little box on
Sunday!! the 5th of July. I can feel that it came from a very loving place.

Harlyn Malnek

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Black Tourmaline?

  • Black Tourmaline is magnificient stone for tarot card readers and healers. Their general source is magma.
  • Formation of Volcano Magma, is the key to understand the creation of black tourmaline stones.

Healing Properties of Black Tourmaline

  • Black Tourmaline is known to be a pyroelectric material. It means it can generate a small voltage when it is heated or cooled.
  • It is also referred to be a piezoelectric material, which stores electrical charge.
  • Because of above two properties, it has become an exceptionally powerful stone with plenty of benefits for health and well-being of any one.
  • Lets talk about its benefit -
    • It increases the physical vitality and energy levels. It helps them to function on higher level.
    • It is a kind of replacement for tension and stress. It is said that its bearer view the world objectively with clearer vision and rational thoughts.
    • Black stones are the one that motivate for positive attitude and raise the sense of altruism.

How to Energize Black Tourmaline Pyramid?

Energizing black tourmaline is a very simple process. But before doing that, you have to clear your intensions of doing so.

To energize or activate the black tourmaline, you should charge it with self energy. Process of doing it -

  • Close your eyes and hold the stone or pyramid in your palm.
  • Now visualize your intensions & goals, and feel the crystal absorbing your energy.
  • Now, if you are willing to wear the black tourmaline as pendant or ring than before wearing it, place it where you spend your most of the time in a day such as your office desk.
  • This will intialize the grounding effect in black tourmaline and bring a sense of peace and calmness in your rough times.


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