• Healing Crystals ~ Magical Antidotes from Womb of Mother Earth
Healing Crystals - Black Tourmaline Pyramid 25-30 MM
Black Obsidian Pyramid 2 Inches Per Kg
Healing Crystals - Black Tourmaline Pyramid 25-30 MM
Healing Crystals - Black Tourmaline Pyramid 25-30 MM
  • SKU: Black Obsidian Pyramid 2 Inches - 1 Kg

Black Obsidian Pyramid 2 Inches Per Kg

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    "This is a wonderful present for your loved one on a special day. This structure will go great with your current décor."

    Advantages of Black Obsidian Gemstone 

    Black Obsidian is a stone that aids in the expression of truth and protects against deception. It deflects psychic attacks and absorbs environmental pollutants. Obsidian draws out mental stress and strain.

    The excitement of discovery piques the interest of all ages, urging them to venture forth and discover new horizons. It aids in the clarification of thoughts by disentangling confusion. It aids in determining who you are deep down inside. The release of negative emotions and long-held trauma is aided by obsidian.

    Black Obsidian is an extremely potent and creative stone. It boosts self-discipline. It makes one aware of his or her true nature. It eliminates imbalances and negative energies. Black Obsidian is a protective stone that encourages people to embrace change. It prevents negativity from spreading and reduces disliking ideas.

    Pyramid For Good Use

      The Pyramid in ancient Egypt served as the physical and spiritual mausoleum for the pharaoh and is a symbol of supreme power, thus pyramids also imply good wishes for those who have it, blessing that they can have good fortune in life.

      This Pyramid not only can be used as a fine piece of decoration in the home but also can be served as a good gift for family and friends, really a product worthy of buying.

      • ENERGY - This Extravagant Energy Generator Pyramid Is Known For Its Energetic Properties. It Gives Off A Strong Aura Of Reiki Chakra Energy And Will Help Your Energy Flow Throughout Your Body.
      • POSITIVE ENERGY GENERATOR - Bad Vibes Got You Down? Our Pyramids Will Bring You The Ancient Wisdom Of Protection Of The Chakras And Energy Body By Use Of Healing Stones And Quartz Crystal.
      • BALANCE ENERGY - A pyramid Can Be Placed To Create A Strong Healing Vibration And Clear The Atmosphere Of Negative Energies, Enabling Us To Awaken The Gentle Art Of Living In Harmony. It Can Be Used To Cleanse The Atmosphere Of Large Areas - Our Homes Or Places Of Work, As Well.
      • BEAUTIFUL DÉCOR - Our Crystal Pyramids Are Not Only Beneficial To Your Mind Body And Spirit, But It Also Makes For A Beautiful Piece Of Décor In Your Home, Office Or Work Space. It Will Repel Negative Energy Around You And Keep Your Environment Peaceful And Safe.
      • HEALING STONES - Being Around & Focusing On Healing Crystals And The Energy Derived From Them Cleanses The Body, Brings Balance To Your Chakra Energy, and Removes Any Blockages In Your Energy Flow.

      Handcrafted Healing Item 

      Because this product is handcrafted, there might be slight deviations in size, shape, and color compared to the image shown here.  

      Note: Each piece will be separately checked for any kind of defects before dispatch (Wholesale Orders will be dispatched only after approval from the Buyer) Photos and Videos of items will be shared with the Buyer before dispatch to avoid any issues after delivery.