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Crystal Quartz Heart 2 Inches Per Kg
Healing Crystals - Wholesale Crystal Quartz Heart - 2 Inches
Healing Crystals - Wholesale Crystal Quartz Heart - 2 Inches
Healing Crystals - Wholesale Crystal Quartz Heart - 2 Inches
Healing Crystals - Wholesale Crystal Quartz Heart - 2 Inches
Healing Crystals - Wholesale Crystal Quartz Heart - 2 Inches
Healing Crystals - Wholesale Crystal Quartz Heart - 2 Inches
  • SKU: Crystal Quartz Heart 2 Inch - 1 Kg

Crystal Quartz Heart 2 Inches Per Kg

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    Stone Name: Crystal Quartz
    Origin: India

    ASTROLOGICAL SIGN: All birth signs
    CHAKRA: All Chakra
    PLANETS: Venus
    MOHS HARDNESS: 7 Hardness
    AFFIRMATION: I am a radiant being filled with all frequencies of life.

    Meaning of Crystal Heart Shape 

    Crystal hearts are a work of art made from various minerals, crystals, and natural gemstones. Crystal hearts are often linked to love and relationships. Some people think that crystal hearts connect two individuals who have been apart for a long time and provide comfort and affection to one another. Not only that, but crystal hearts are also an excellent stone for self-love and interpersonal bonding. The energy and advantages of this shape are just too incredible to be true.

    Positive Effects of the Crystal Heart 

    Are you looking for gorgeous crystals that offer a variety of advantages? If so, crystal hearts are the perfect item for you!

    Crystal hearts are used in a wide range of applications. Despite their form, crystal hearts emit strong energy. This power is utilized to fill your heart with pleasure and peace. It's also an excellent stone for relationships! So, if you're looking for a new one or want to boost your current relationship, this might be useful.

    Crystal Hearts' Healing Powers

    The crystal hearts are beautiful since they have been used to promote love. So don't be startled if heart crystals are utilized for a variety of beautiful things, including enhancing relationships, fostering love, and promoting heart health.

    If you want to show love for someone, a clear quartz crystal heart is ideal since it radiates and supports love to the person you wish. By programming the stone with your goal, you can effectively do it by stating who your target individual is. The energy of the heart isn't only focused on love; it also has healing (physical, mental.
    The heart's tip is another important component, as it regulates energy flow and is frequently utilized in crystal grids and therapy. When the heart's energy is directed into the center of a grid formed outside in a grid pattern, it will flow toward the inner surroundings; if pointed outward, on the other hand, the energy will course to the outside environment. 

    Crystal Quartz Heart's Crystal

    The clear quartz heart came from one of the most powerful crystals, which is called the stone of power. A transparent quartz heart is a strong stone that aids in the amplification and alignment of energies as well as intentions. It's commonly used to cleanse and energize your chakras. Clear quartz's major features of amplification and programming make it ideal for use as a crystal grind focus because of its unique qualities. 

    Crystal Quartz is a smooth, brilliant variety of quartz that ranges in color from pale lavender to sky blue. It can be used with any colors and complements them very well. It cleanses your body of toxins through the skin and stimulates the root chakra, which awakens you to higher levels of consciousness. Quartz crystal also has several advantages, such as allowing clear thoughts and focus to enter your mind. It also aids spiritual development by removing any blockages in your body that allow positive energy to flow into your body.

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