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Rainbow Moonstone Tree Pendant
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Rainbow Moonstone Tree Pendant

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    Tree Pendant:

    The Gemstone Tree of Life Pendant is a lovely addition to any outfit and can be worn to connect with the gemstone's energy.

    The Tree of Life is a universal symbol representing knowledge, wisdom, and an insight into oneself. It's a sign of focusing on a search for awareness and understanding. The Tree of Life is also thought to represent a new beginning in life, positive energy, good health, and a bright future. A tree ages and gains power as it grows older, but it also bears seeds that contain its very essence, thus allowing the tree to live forever. The Tree of Life is enshrined in the Earth as a symbol of growth and strength. The trunk and branches are a marvel of natural creation since they are strong yet flexible in response to the passage of time when required.

    This is a lovely Rainbow Moonstone Tree Pendant. The energy flowing from this is a one-of-a-kind combination of magic and intrigue. This pendant was made carefully to connect the Universal Life Force with the ambient harmony and metaphysical qualities of the stones. A necklace or hung in your vehicle as a good luck charm, this pendant provides a number of functions.


    • Attracts Money and Prosperity
    • Stress and anxiety are reduced.
    • Strengthens the spirit of cooperation and unity.
    • Boosts Your Energy Level 
    • 7 Chakra Balances for the Body
    • Developed overall health and well-being.
    • More significant and faster ability to improve your mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional issues.
    • Increased openness, memory, concentration, and mindfulness.
    • Positive outlook in knowledge, perception of behaviors, and thought process.
    • Heightened creativity and better resourcefulness because of a better impression.
    • Sense of self-worth, self-esteem, and self-confidence.
    • Improved and sound sleep, better control over your emotions, and patience.

    Excellent Gift Idea 

    A sweet gift for families/friends on Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Anniversary, Friendship's Day, Diwali, birthday, and thanksgiving.

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