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Tiger Eye Cabochon
Tiger Eye Cabochon
Tiger Eye Cabochon
Tiger Eye Cabochon
Tiger Eye Cabochon
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Tiger Eye Cabochon

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    Stone Name: Tiger Eye  
    Origin: India

    ASTROLOGICAL SIGN: Gemini & Capricorn
    CHAKRA: Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra & Solar Plexus Chakra 
    PLANETS: Sun and Mars
    MOHS HARDNESS: 7 Hardness
    AFFIRMATION: I will bring success and wealth into my life.

    "Cabochon" Meaning

    A "cabochon" is a stone that has been cut (or shaped) with a highly-polished rounded, domed, or convex top but no faceting. Cabochons' bottoms are said to be "flat," although many will have slightly curved or undulated bases. Cabochons are frequently left with rough or unfinished bottoms, making it simpler for jewelers to embed them into jewelry settings. Cabochons can be carved into any form, although the most common is an oval.

    The term "cabochon" comes from the French word for "knob," which is also the origin of the English term "knob." In the world of gemstones, you may frequently hear the term "cabochon" abbreviated to "cab," as an example, when referring to the act of cabbing - or when rough gemstone material is unsuitable for faceting, it can be referred to as "cabbing rough." 

    Cabochon Name Descriptions

    There are a slew of descriptive names to choose from. Some examples include Low Dome, High Dome, Cone, Bullet, and Double Bevel. Hollow, Carbuncle, Double Flat Cut, Slab.

    In the history of gemstones, there have been a variety of cabochons 

    A diamond cut has been observed in jewelry dating back to the Ming Dynasty and throughout other ancient civilizations, including those from Egypt's ancient civilization. Rubies, Sapphires, and Emeralds were used to make deep pockets of bright color in the jewelry of royalty like that seen on the Crown of Ottonian Empress Kunigunde from Germany, which features raised Cabochons set on arched panels.

    Benefit of Tiger Eye  

    Tiger Eye is a stone that may help you stay focused. It also increases endurance and re-energizes the senses. It keeps the wearer grounded and removes uncertainty from their mind. It is, in fact, a lucky bringing stone that protects its wearer from evil ideas and enmities of foes.

    Tigers Eye is a protective stone that may also bring good fortune to the user. It has the ability to focus the mind and aid us in resolving problems. 

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