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White Selenite Pencil Wand Per Pc
White Selenite Pencil Wand Per Pc
White Selenite Pencil Wand Per Pc
White Selenite Pencil Wand Per Pc
White Selenite Pencil Wand Per Pc
White Selenite Pencil Wand Per Pc
  • SKU: White Selenite Massage Wand - 1 Inches - 1 Piece

White Selenite Pencil Wand Per Pc

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    Stone Name: White Selenite
    Origin: India

    CHAKRA: Crown Chakra
    PLANETS: Moon
    MOHS HARDNESS: 2 Hardness
    AFFIRMATION: I want to protect and seal my aura.


    Advantages of "Selenite Wand"

    A Selenite gemstone is an exquisite and one-of-a-kind decoration for your home. Selenite is a kind of mineral that may be found in the environment. Selenite is recognized for having therapeutic properties and is frequently utilized in crystal therapy.
    Selenite is a lovely, translucent stone that comes in various hues. It was named after the Greek goddess Selene, the moon goddess. Selenite is a crystal of mental clarity that brings serenity and quiet to those who use it.
    Selenite is a beautiful stone for meditation and visualization since it aids in the clearing of energy, as well as protection and enlightenment. Selenite Pencil wands are commonly used to cleanse the aura and eliminate negative energy from the body.

    Crystal Pencil Wand

    Gemstone pencil wands have long been used for therapeutic treatment. Some feel that crystal healers in Atlantis utilized them. Therapists all over the world still utilize crystal gems as a standard tool today. Gemstones, type, and structure vary depending on the gemstone pencil wand's style.

    The cylinders of pencil wands can vary in size, shape, and degree of sharpness. They may be pointed on one end and flat on the other, or both ends may be rounded. Some pencil wands have one lot larger than the other, while others don't. Most gemstone pencil wands are formed and polished.

    Enhance the effectiveness of your crystal grids

    Some novices to gridding may not be aware of this activation method. After you've set your crystals in the form you want, use your crystal pencil wand to activate it. Simply follow the grid's outline from the heart crystal. This helps the grid crystals direct energy where you want it to go by using both your desire for the grid and intention.

    Healing Benefits of Pencil Wand

    Gemstone pencil wands are a natural way to connect with your body's energy system and help you heal yourself. They may be used in conjunction with other holistic or conventional methods to expedite your self-healing procedure. 

    • It is a non-invasive procedure that painlessly identifies and releases your deeply repressed emotions and your internal cellular memories.
    • At the same time, it improves your qualities of strength, vitality, prosperity, and resourcefulness.
    • It offers moderate yet adequate support for survivors of various kinds of trauma, including sexual abuse, alcohol and drug use, and dysfunctional families.
    • It allows you to understand the happiness and connections in different parts of your life.
    • Understanding your purpose in life can help you make better decisions.
    • It promotes self-healing at all levels: emotional, mental, and spiritual.
    • It safeguards you from low-intensity pulsating noises that can unsettle your body's natural equilibrium.
    • It aids in the creation of healthy cell development.
    • It not only increases absorption, energy point, and attention but also improves the body's ability to absorb nutrients.
    • It makes it easier to get a restful night's sleep.

    Gemstone Pencil wands come in a variety of forms and have a number of applications. Select the ones you like and that function well for you.

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