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Wholesale Massage Roller
Wholesale Massage Roller
Wholesale Massage Roller
Wholesale Massage Roller
Wholesale Massage Roller
Wholesale Massage Roller
  • SKU: Amethyst Massage Roller -1 Piece

Wholesale Massage Roller

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    Stone Name: Massage Roller
    Origin: India

    Crystal Massage Roller

    This gemstone roller is made of high-quality, handcrafted jade and has gold hardware. There's a big roller on the cheeks, jaw, and forehead, as well as a tiny one for the eyes, lips, and bridge of the nose.

    Before using it, clean the skin and instrument with water. When it's cold in the icebox or a glass of ice water, it has a great feel. Before rolling, make sure you have enough "slip," apply enough oil, such as our Sunrise or Queen of the Winter Oil, to the face. To move lymph fluid down the neck, roll unilaterally towards facial drainage points and down.

    • Crystal Facial rollers have a number of skin advantages over other treatments. Crystals are an effective source of energy as well as cures for a variety.
    • The Baoding Beda Scrub is a good choice for those who want an exfoliating scrub to improve the effectiveness of their skin care routine.
    • Some of the advantages may be true. Here's what we know so far about it, however there's still a lot we don't know:
    • Your face will appear more youthful as a result of improved blood circulation. Using a facial roller can help improve blood flow to your skin, making it look.

    Great for:

    • Massage that focuses on the muscles and nerves of your feet.
    • Lymphatic drainage systems
    • De-puffing
    • Relaxation
    • There's a lot of edema going on in my head.
    • Headaches caused by tension are called "tension headaches."

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