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Moss Agate Sphere
Wholesale Moss Agate Sphere
Wholesale Moss Agate Sphere
Wholesale Moss Agate Sphere
  • SKU: Moss Agate 40 -50 MM 1 Kg

Wholesale Moss Agate Sphere

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    Stone Name: Moss Agate
    Origin: India
    Lot Size: 1 Kg | 5 Kg | 10 Kg | 20 Kg

    Moss Agate has long been regarded as a lucky amulett. When carried with you, the streams of wealth seem to flow towards you,when kept in the workplace – business seems to boom and when placed among flowers, they appear to blossom more brightly.

    Moss Agate is a powerful stone. Its hues allow you to reconnect with nature, even if you are physically removed from it.

    It's no surprise that Moss Agate can heal your heart in a matter of seconds, keep you rooted to the world beneath your feet, and help you feel cleansed and ready for the cyclical changes on the way.

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