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Wholesale Orgone Dome 2 Inch
Wholesale Orgone Dome 2 Inch
Wholesale Orgone Dome 2 Inch
Wholesale Orgone Dome 2 Inch
  • SKU: Amethyst Orgone Dome 2 Inches - 1 Piece

Wholesale Orgone Dome 2 Inch

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    Stone Name: Orgone Dome
    Origin: India

    Orgone Dome

    This is an Orgonite dome. It may be used for a variety of purposes and is highly adaptable. You can utilize it to charge your food. It's ideal for keeping in your fridge, fruit bowl, and so on to extend the life of your food. Your fruits and veggies will stay fresher for longer and taste better if you use your dome around plants or herb pots. It's also useful as a pendant that you can wear or keep in your purse or car.

    The Orgonite dome may also be used as a personal healing device. It can help with any pain. Place it over a painful area, and the dome will assist you in managing it. I frequently employ it as a stress buster by holding it in my hand and rubbing it back and forth. The dome may also be used to balance the left and right hemispheres of the body energetically out of balance. If you are energetically unbalanced, holding two domes in your hands will bring energy back into the body's meridians. You'll feel more balanced, peaceful, energized, and stable.

    It's fantastic for placing under your pillow at night to improve sleep and enhance dream recall. Vivid dreams can benefit your psychological and emotional health because they bring latent problems to the surface that may be hindering you and causing stress. It will assist you in processing them and neutralizing negative energies harming your health.

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