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Crystals for Crown Chakra

Written by

Abhishek Sharma

JUNE 2022

Reiki Healer | Motivational speaker | Crystal Healer

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Powerful Healing Crystals For Balancing The Crown Chakra


  • A small manual for your crown chakra
  • The health of your crown chakra
  • Symptoms of a blocked crown chakra
  • Symptoms of an overactive crown chakra
  • Activate and unblock crown chakra
  • Crown chakra affirmations
  • Journal prompts for the crown chakra
  • A guide to best crystals for crown chakra
  • Conclusion

The crown chakra is the 7th chakra and highest chakra, associated with enlightenment, emancipation, liberation, nirvana and moksha. It is the last in a sequence of 7 chakras, that being so it takes extreme balance and spirituality for pranic energy to reach this chakra.

This article is part seven in a series of guides dealing with the chakras and how you can unblock them using the healing power of crystals. In each of the articles we have given you a detailed guide of what are each of the seven chakras and their specific symbolic functions, along with how you can channel your energy and attain higher states of consciousness with the help of higher crown chakra crystals and stones.

The crown chakra is also known as the Sahasara Chakra or the Seventh Chakra. In Tantrism, vedism and pranaism, meditation and self improvement is practiced to free the flow of pranic energy through the chakras, in doing so allowing one to dissolve memory, and perception to be truly free from physical attachment and attain moksha.

The crown chakra is opened after the cleansing and unblocking of the 6 lower chakras; namely following the balancing of the third eye chakra.

Unblocking the crown chakra brings many positive transformations to a person. Crown chakra opening symptoms include detachment from the ego and the ability of experiencing reality in an unbound way. The crown chakra (Sahasrara Chakra) benefits are spirituality and enlightenment, as once the ego is detached one can experience a direct spiritual connection with the divine.

A Small Manual For Your Crown Chakra

What is the crown chakra? The crown chakra is the 7th primary chakra that governs detachment from earthly attachment, and spiritual realization. It is symbolic of union with the truth self and escape from the duality of physical reality. Crown chakra opening symptoms is an absolute and complete realization, something that is difficult to attain but positive in this life.

Where Is The Crown Chakra Located?

The crown chakra or Sahasrara chakra is located at the crown of the head. The crown chakra corresponds to the eyes, nose and brain. It is also connected with the nervous system and electric impulses that traverse the body. The crown chakra governs the way that they perceive the world and the relationship that we have with reality and higher consciousness.

The head chakra is associated with the emancipation from ego that keeps us attached to our worldly surroundings that are transitional, and allows us to supercede the shackles of reality, be them emotions, memories, the dynamics of relationships and the status quo of our being in a materialistic world.

Where To Place Crystals For Crown Chakra?

Crystals and stones for crown chakra can be placed on the top of the head when meditating. It can also be placed under your pillow while sleeping.

What is the color of the crown chakra?
 The color of the crown chakra is violet, an ascension from the color purple, but the symbolic and color psychology of the color violet is much deeper than what meets the eye. In human vision, the color violet seems to resemble the color purple. However in reality they cannot be farther apart. Purple is a composite of the colors red and blue, while violet is… just violet (a completely different color all together. Violet and purple do not share a correlated space on the color spectrum, even so, purple is the color of the third eye chakra and violet is the color of the color of the crown chakra.

The Crown Chakra In Sanskrit And Crown Chakra Symbol

The crown chakra in Sanskrit is known as Sahasrara, meaning “that with a thousand petals”. This translation has a deep meaning as the crown chakra is all encompassing when opened. It is a bloom of spiritual and psychological energy that radiates from you, just as a lotus may spread its petals. The sahasrara chakra or head chakra (crown chakra) meaning is symbolic of wisdom that is beckoning and unfolding in its nature, similar to the petals of the lotus.

The Element of The Sahasrara or Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is governed by the element of thought that transcends the physical plain and is able to reach through time and space. Thought and ideas are immortal as, once freed from attachment, they are able to exist in a realm that is detached from the physical world. The color of the crown chakra is violet and it is symbolized by a lotus of a thousand petals. 

The mantra sound of the crown chakra
 A mantra is a seed sound that is associated with specific chakras. The mantra of the crown chakra is Om, which is the earliest primordial resonating sound of the universe, one that existed before time.

Aside from Om, you can use Ah as the crown chakra mantra, as it is a sound of letting go, release and emancipation. Using mantras of the crown chakra can help you connect with this energy center during Sahasrara chakra meditation or yoga. Just try it, find a quiet place in nature or at home where you feel disconnected with your surroundings, and recite the Om mantra with a deep voice from your chest repeatedly and after a few intervals while concentrating on your crown chakra. If done with full sincerity, you feel grounded and connected with a higher power.

Crown Chakra Manifestation and Where It Comes From

Manifestation is a powerful thing. In a way it is important to remember that we can only desire what we can perceive; and attain what we desire. It all begins in what we believe in our mind.

There is a saying, ‘the world is a wonderful place if you don't look in the wrong places’. It may seem like a very simple thing to imagine, but it is a fact. The mind is the seat of our consciousness, and from it we operate in this world through our body.

Manifestation is described as a physical proof of something that cannot be seen, heard, or touched. It could be a smile of a baby when it sees his father, a manifestation of love and happiness at the sight of his presence. But just like a smile, we are able to manifest more things into our lives through the power of thoughts alone. It is by will alone that we set our mind in motion and, then act out its acquisition with our body.

Manifestation is a powerful thing and you can unlock its potential with the use of crown chakra meditation, introspection, and crown chakra crystals. 

The Health Of Your Crown Chakra

By now, as you are reading about the crown chakra you must already be aware of the energy centers in the born and pranic energy. The chakra system is a highway of pranic energy that traverses the body; it is a task that is only possible if the chakras are in harmony and cleansed, and the body and mind are working in unison. 

The head chakra is the top most chakra in the primary chakra system that channels pranic energy through the body. What is the crown chakra responsible for? The crown chakra location is at the top of the head and is associated with moksha, enlightenment, manifestation and spiritual connection.

The health of your primary chakra determines your ability to access the above mentioned states. In one way it is attainment of wisdom and spiritual enlightenment, but it also has physical and mental effects that anyone would experience.

We will now give you a quick checklist of how you can check the health of your Crown Chakra. The two unbalanced states that your crown chakra could be in is overactive or blocked. These two states are on either side of the spectrum of the health of your crown chakra.

If you stick around after this quick section we will tell you about the healing crown chakra crystals that you can use to unblock the crown chakra, that can be done using a few simple steps like affirmations, chanting, or crown chakra healing meditation.

Symptoms Of A Blocked Crown Chakra

A crown chakra blockage will manifest itself in the form of poor performance in concentration and focus. In the most general of ways, it would show itself in the form of daydreaming a lot, or what some people describe as being lost in your own world.

Some blocked crown chakra symptoms are:

  • Confusion and being disconnected with the world
  • An unhealthy detachment from the world and situations
  • Lack of focus and difficulty concentrating
  • Lowered mental functioning

There are some physical signs of a blocked crown chakra too:

  • Imbalance when walking or sitting down
  • Lack of body coordination or being out of step
  • Lack of body strength
  • Fidgety behavior and restlessness

Symptoms of An Overactive Crown Chakra 

An overactive CROWN CHAKRA has its own set of challenges. Once again these challenges will affect your mental performance, psychology or perception and they will manifest in your everyday life. Using healing crystals for crown chakra will be beneficial for you if you have an overactive crown chakra; but more on that later.

Some symptoms of an overactive crown chakra are:

  • Apathy is the most common sign; a distant personality or not being connected with empathy
  • Cynicism towards life and a pessimistic outlook
  • Addiction to spirituality
  • Compulsive behaviors
  • An excess of data collection and being overburdened by knowledge

How Can I Activate And Unblock My Crown Chakra?

Do you know if your crown chakra is unbalanced? Introspection, meditation, taking time for yourself, time free from thoughts and investing efforts into knowing yourself, are some of the best ways that work for Kundalini crown chakra healing.

If you wish to take the help of crystals for crown chakra and also remind yourself of your relationship with this chakra, you can wear crown chakra gemstones as jewelry to protect the crown chakra.

Apart from this, you can employ the use of crown chakra affirmations and journal prompts to activate your mind towards harmonizing or unblocking crown chakra.

What Are Crown Chakra Affirmations?

Affirmations are self speaking that is used to reinstate your beliefs and dispel negative thoughts. You can recite affirmations at any time, and when doing so you should have absolute faith in what you are saying and the words that you are using.

Here are five best examples of affirmations for the Crown Chakra:

  • The divine is within me and I am filled by it 
  • New ideas come to me. I will not react to them, just observe.
  • The divine energy chooses me with as much devotion as it does anyone else
  • I know that letting go of my attachments will take me to a better place
  • I live in the present moment which is more than a sum of the past

What Are Journal Prompts For The Crown Chakra? 

Journal prompts are something that you can write down and then read, to have a searching understanding of yourself. Journal prompts are a question that you ask yourself in order to find deeper meaning and become wise to your inner workings and how you can attain what you truly desire.

Some of the best examples of journal prompts are:

  • What can I do to become more connected with my spiritual energy? 
  • What is the place that attachments have in my life and how can I be free from them?
  • What does it mean to live in the present moment?
  • What is my relationship with the higher power in life?
  • How can I surrender myself to a greater purpose in my everyday life?

A Guide To Best Crystals For Crown Chakra

Crystals and gemstones have been used for many centuries around the world with the purpose of healing and activating the chakras, and bringing good luck and positivity into the life of people who believe in them. 

The tradition of using crown chakra crystals and gemstones is no different. Please accept this section as a guide to how you can use head chakra crystals and gemstones to balance crown chakra and for clearing crown chakra. It will make you wiser, and more connected with your spiritual side.

What Are The Best Stones For Crown Chakra? 

As you may be aware by now, every chakra has its own frequency. The crown chakra frequency is 963 HZ and you can use this frequency to tap into your mind chakra and access the power that resides there.

Healing crystals associated with crown chakra resonate with this frequency, and in doing so there are able the chakra and your energy field, making your chakras balanced and in harmony.

To make use of healing crystals for head chakra, you can wear them as ornaments or keep them around your home or office. You could also carry them as a charm or keep them on your desk to be surrounded by their energy.

Another way to use healing head chakra crystals is to place them on the crown of your head while meditating or practicing yoga. You could also place them in your hand while reciting affirmations or when making an entry in your journal.

The color of crown chakra stones and crystals is usually violet or clear. This is also the color of the crown chakra symbol.

10 Best Crystals For The Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) You Need

Are you ready to use crystals for the crown chakra to get more harmony and balance in your life? You can use these crystals as a way how to heal crown chakra and be free from crown chakra problems.

The following are a list of the best gemstones for unblocking and activating the crown chakra. Each of them have their own special properties, and choosing the one that is right for you depends on what you wish to attain from introducing chakra stones into your life.

Please refer to this crown chakra stones list:

  • Amethyst
  • Clear Quartz
  • Selenite
  • Lepidolite
  • Howlite
  • Labradorite
  • White Agate
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Moonstone
  • Charoite

Amethyst For Crown Chakra

Amethyst is a strong crystal with a lavender hue for crown chakra problems. It is a natural tranquilizer that lowers tension and anxiety while calming the mind. If you experience frequent mood swings, fear, or fury, it is advised that you wear amethyst in the form of a bracelet. Amethyst for crown chakra is renowned for fostering psychic development, crystal-clear intuition, and increased spiritual awareness.

Clear Quartz for Crown Chakra 

Clear Quartz is one of the popular crystals associated with the crown chakra that is used to amplify your energy and channel your focus. It brings you emotional stability during the times that you want to improve yourself, and lets you focus on what you wish to truly attain most. Clear quartz is also a crown chakra stone that brings you the blessing of peaceful sleep and crown chakra benefits.


Selenite is a clear form of gypsum that is popularly used for its positive effects on the crown chakra. Selenite brings you mental clarity when you need it the most. It reduces the interference that emotions have on your thoughts. You can do a lot of spiritual work with the selenite crystal. Selenite dispels negative energy and is also useful when doing spiritual work to connect yourself with the divine plain.


Lepidolite is a lilac crystal stone for the crown chakra that is symbolic of mental and emotional balance. Lepidolite is a stone of harmony and using it you can create an equilibrium between your inner thoughts and the outer world. Lepidolite is a crown chakra stone that is very closely related to balance and tranquility within the body, mind and soul.


Howlite is a stone for the crown chakra that will bring patience and balance. It is a calming stone that is good for sleep and has a soothing effect on the body and mind. Howlite can be used to become aware of your inner desires as it eliminates anger and anxiety, and gives you clarity to think.


Labradorite is good for the aura and a healing crystal found in the crown chakra color of purple, gray and blue. The most therapeutic use of Labradorite for the crown chakra is that it raises your consciousness and thinking. It makes you susceptible to the divine interpretation while grounding your spiritual energy in doing so.

White Agate

White agate is a beautiful stone for the crown chakra that is a milky pearl in color. It amplifies your intuition and is a stone for crown chakra protection from mental and physical harm as well as self sabotage. It is extremely powerful as a crown chakra stone for the purpose of reducing anxiety and frustration. White Agate is symbolic of harmony and brings balance to the entire chakra system within your body. 

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a stone for the crown chakra that has a striking blue hue. It is thought to provide spiritual enlightenment and open-mindedness upon the owner. It is a stone that is intimately linked to certainty and wisdom, as well as with peace, harmony, and compassion.


Moonstone is a head chakra crystal with a pearl color that displays opacity and a faint blue sheen. Moonstone has a tremendous effect on emotional balance, calming the mind and body and relieving the mind of the clouding effects of stress and anxiety. Moonstone clears imbalances and blockages in the crown chakra and calms the emotions. It helps you stay calm in difficult emotional states and helps you focus your thoughts.


Charoite is a stone that is linked to transformation and brings balance to the crown chakra. It regulates the emotions and makes you more focused and assertive in what you wish to achieve. It helps you uncover your inner strengths and gives you the courage to use them during challenging times. It is also very useful for people who suffer from over stimulation and forms a protective shield around those who use it. 


With this we conclude our series of articles on the use of healing crystals to cleanse and activate the chakras within the body. Before closing this guide, I just want to remind you that transformation is a slow and continuous process, one that takes a long time and is never complete. How long does it take to open crown chakra? It takes patience and fearless honesty to face our inner barriers, but in doing so we are able to set ourselves free. Whether it is through crown chakra meditation, internally reflecting or using crown chakra stones, living a happier and healthier life is a possibility for everyone, more so even yourself if you can accept it as a task of self improvement.



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