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Crystals for Heart Chakra

Written by

Abhishek Sharma

JUNE 2022

Reiki Healer | Motivational speaker | Crystal Healer

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Everything You Need To Know About Healing Crystals For Heart Chakra


  • Anahata Chakra Importance 
  • What Is The Heart Chakra
  • What Is The Heart Chakra Responsible For
  • Where Is The Heart Chakra Located
  • Sanskrit Word For The Heart Chakra
  • Mandala Symbol Of The Heart Chakra
  • Characteristics Of The Heart Chakra
  • Heart Chakra Frequency
  • When Should I Focus On The Heart Chakra
  • Heart Chakra Blockage Symptoms
  • Symptoms Of Overactive Heart Chakra
  • Balancing The Heart Chakra With Heart Chakra Crystals And Stones
  • How To Open Heart Chakra With Crystals
  • Heart Chakra Healing Affirmations
  • Conclusion

In this series of articles unearthing the secrets of Healing Crystals, we’ve reached the fourth chakra, or the heart Chakra also known as the Anahata chakra.

To describe the prevailing atmosphere of society, we live in a time when technology and science has brought people closer together, yet for some reason we feel more emotionally distant and farther apart from our loved ones than before. It’s an emotional and psychological malady that we all face to a varying degree.

Why Is The Anahata Chakra Important? 

In today's world, even though the net of family, friendship and humanity surrounds us, we often feel isolated or unable to connect with the people close to us. You could call these matters, pertaining to the heart; and our ability to feel loved, approach people and absorb love, is just as important as our ability to give and share it.

The anahata chakra meaning is symbolic of interpersonal relationships and self love. It seems simple enough, the heart chakra is the love chakra, however there is more to this than restricting the heart chakra to the group of feelings that we usually characterize as romantic love.

The Anahata chakra symbol is representative of compassion, hope, desire, pride, protectiveness, possessiveness, couvetism and a slew of other emotions that connect us to one-another and allow us to bond.

In this article we will delve deeply into matters of the heart chakra and its meaning. We will look at the symbolic meaning of the heart chakra, the personality traits and characteristics that it governs and the heart chakra stones and crystals that can be used to cleanse and unblock the heart chakra to solve heart chakra problems.

What Is The Heart Chakra?

The heart chakra is the fourth of seven chakras that preside over the body. The chakras are energy centers of the body that resemble wheels. Pranic energy, or life energy, is channeled through the chakras, and when unblocked it can bring unparalleled clarity and spiritual enlightenment. Inorder for the unrestricted flow of pranic energy to complete its cycle, the chakras must be activated and cleansed.

What Is The Heart Chakra Responsible For?

The heart chakra is the chakra that governs feelings of love, compassion and generosity. It is a powerful chakra that governs how we feel about relationships and the depth of love that we are able to give and accept.

The heart chakra is represented by the color green. Every chakra has an element and the heart chakra is governed by air or vayu.

The word Anahata is synonymous with the phrase “an unstruck sound”. The phrase is very significant because almost every sound in the universe is created when two objects strike together. Take for example the sound of a hand beating a drum or a bow running across the strings of a violin. The sound is created by two separate bodies coming in contact with each other. However the heart chakra resonates in and by itself.

In western literature, love is usually represented by two people coming together. However this is not always the case. Eastern philosophy gives space for love to be defined as an aura, or a flowing energy that emanates from people. It is possible to be in a state of love with one's own self, and love in the romantic and platonic sense can only be truly healthy when it comes from a place that is already supported by self love.

There are a number of healing crystals for the heart chakra that can be used to cleanse it and make it stronger. We will get into more details regarding this later in the blog. First let us get a clearer understanding of what the heart chakra is and how it can be opened.

Where Is The Heart Chakra Located?

The heart chakra is located in the center of the breast bone close to the location of the physical heart; at the thymus or the gland that makes white blood cells. The location of the green chakra is significantly important when working with the chakra system because when strengthening and unblocking the heart chakra you must be able to focus on its physical location when doing heart healing meditation. By knowing the heart chakra location you will also know where to place crystal for heart chakra or thymus chakra when activating your chakra.

The heart chakra is closely related to the organs and body parts that are associated with the upper torso. These organs are the heart, lungs, rib cage, circulatory system, and upper back.

When the heart chakra is blocked or weakened, you will face a number of problems in these regions of the body. In the coming sections of this article we will go into detail about what are the symptoms of a blocked or overactive heart chakra.

Sanskrit Word For The Heart Chakra 

The word for the heart chakra in Sanskrit is Anahata. The literal translation of the word Anahata is “unstruck” or “unbeaten”. The significance of this translation is that the heart is meant to be complete and in a state of joy, even if it is by itself. Anahata also refers to the phrases infinite and boundless. This means that the depth of love and the effects of love can be limitless. Love has no barriers and can be unlimited when activated within a pure heart.

Mandala Symbol Of The Heart Chakra

Every chakra has a symbol that represents it. In the case of the heart chakra this symbol is green. The heart chakra symbol is that of a blooming lotus with 12 petals. Each of the 12 petals of the heart chakra symbol represent one of the 12 characteristics of the heart.

These characteristics are peace, love, bliss, compassion, empathy, harmony, understanding, purity, clarity, unity, kindness, and forgiveness.

What is the fourth chakra symbol? The heart chakra symbol meaning is a mandala - a spiritual symbol in ancient cultures that is used to energize a room and remind us of the cosmic entities they represent.

At the center of the heart chakra mandala is a six pointed star formed by two triangles facing opposite directions. The triangles are a pointer that alludes to the 6 other chakras; the ones above and the three below. The heart chakra has a very symbolic and practical place in the placement of the chakras. As the median chakra, the anahata symbol is a bridge between the two houses of the chakras. The lower house being that of personal identity and self realization. The upper house, that of universal consciousness and cosmic connection.

The heart chakra is the medium between these two houses, and acts as the bridge between the self with the cosmic. As you progress in your journey to unblock and activate the chakra system, this bridge will be instrumental in creating a harmonious balance between the chakras.

What Are The Characteristics Of The Heart Chakra?

The heart chakra governs love and relationships. It symbolizes the compassion that we share with others and for ourselves. The heart chakra is symbolic of hope, desire, pride, protectiveness, vulnerability, possessiveness, forgiveness, couvetism and a number of other emotions that generally deal with the relationship we have with ourselves and others.

What Is The Heart Chakra Frequency?

Ancient yogis carefully studied the chakras to find that certain frequencies of sound resonate with the chakras and are able to cleanse and open them. Sound and music therapy is used extensively when working with the chakra system.

The heart chakra healing frequency is 639 HZ. When exposed to this frequency, the heart chakra becomes accessible and it gives you the opportunity to focus on it, cleanse it of stress and obstruction, and open heart chakra so that energy can freely flow through it.

When Should I Focus On The Heart Chakra?

The heart chakra is the fourth chakra that acts as a bridge between the lower three chakras (the self) and the upper three chakras (relating to the cosmos and divine connection).

As described earlier in our article, every chakra has its own requirements to be fulfilled in order to be cleansed and activated. The chakra system is interconnected and the chakras, when undergoing the process of being opened, must be done one at a time and successively, starting from the lowest chakra.

You should start focusing on the Heart chakra after you have cleansed and opened the solar plexus chakra. When working with the heart chakra you should focus on it exclusively, without being distracted by the other chakras.

An imbalance in the other chakras can cause an imbalance in the heart chakra too. When the heart chakra is imbalanced you may suffer from relationship problems or have difficulty when dealing with loneliness. The heart chakra governs the boundaries of your emotional and personal space, and its well being is instrumental in your ability to form bonds with people in your personal and professional life.

What Are Heart Chakra Blockage Symptoms? 

As mentioned earlier, the heart chakra governs your interpersonal relationships with the people around you. Generally speaking when it comes to compassion and love there are two types of people. Expulsive people who are generous and outgoing with their feelings, and retentive people who are more reserved with their emotions and actions related to love and compassion. Broadly speaking, you could say that this is the difference between an introvert and extrovert person.

An imbalance in the heart chakra can have a number of physical and psychological symptoms.. Here are a few symptoms of a blocked / closed heart chakra:

  • A prolonged feeling of loneliness and detachment
  • A feeling of being isolated from family and friends
  • Feelings of jealousy, possessiveness and envy
  • The inability to express pride and appreciation
  • Difficulty in making friends and forming close relationships 
  • Being approachable and distant
  • Lack of intimacy or boundaries when expressing feelings
  • Victim mentality, or a mentality that is overly protective of oneself
  • Difficulty in trusting people
  • Being insecure in relationships
  • Being unforgiving and difficult to love
  • Depression, anger and hatred that is hard to let go of  

How long does it take to open heart chakra? Opening your heart chakra may take a few weeks or even a day, it depends on you. However you can get the best results by using healing crystals for heart chakra.

What Are The Symptoms Of An Overactive Heart Chakra? 

Just like how a blockage in the heart chakra can have negative effects on interpersonal skills and relationships, an overactive heart chakra can be just as problematic.

We are usually led to believe that being caring and concerned is a good quality, however any quality in excess can be a negative thing. People with an overactive heart chakra are overly caring to a point that it can be intrusive or suffocating. They may take on roles in relationships that cause them stress; like being overly protective or concerned to a fault.

Please read the following symptoms of an overactive heart chakra:

  • Putting the needs of others ahead of yours and taking yourself for granted
  • Being possessive, jealous or protective to a fault
  • Having unrealistically high expectations from others
  • Being judgemental of people and their choices
  • Not being able to prioritize your well being when comparing yourself to others
  • Feeling that you constantly need the approval of others

Now that you have been introduced to the symptoms of a blocked and overactive heart chakra, it’s time to move on to what you can do to balance the heart chakra and cleanse it of negative energy.

Balancing The Heart Chakra With Heart Chakra Crystals And Stones

In the first half of this article we gave you a detailed overview of the heart chakra and its governing characteristics. We now move on to how to cleanse and open the heart chakra, so that our emotions and relationships can bloom. Opening the heart chakra will lead to an explosion of positive effects in your relationships. It will make you more approachable and balance your emotions. It will attract people towards you and strengthen the bonds that you make on a daily basis, or carry onwards in life. 

Using Crystals That Open The Heart Chakra

Is your heart chakra closed? Crystals act as a regulator for the chakras as they disseminate pranic energy across the body. When a chakra is blocked or overactive, the pranic energy may be obstructed or flowing in excess. When this happens the symptoms like those mentioned above become dominant in our life and character.

Heart Chakra healing crystal stones interact with the energy field of the body. Every crystal has its own frequency of vibration and is able to attract or repel certain energies.

We have now arrived at the most important section of this article; what are the crystals for the heart chakra and how can they help you?

10 Essential Crystals To Balance Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is the bridge between the lower chakras of the self and the higher chakras that bring us closer to spiritual realization and the vibration of the cosmos. Crystals for the heart chakra are usually green in color, which corresponds to the color of the heart chakra mandala (Symbol) Or they may be pink in color, which is nurturing, protective and symbolic of love and romance.

Here are 10 essential crystals for heart chakra problems that can be used to cleanse the chakras or activate them. We have provided a brief description of each crystal and the power their energies have.

What crystals are good for heart chakra? From this list you can choose one or more crystals that match your shortcomings and counter their effect. The crystals for the heart chakra are: 

  • Rose Quartz
  • Emerald
  • Green Aventurine
  • Rhodonite
  • Amazonite
  • Green Jade
  • Malachite
  • Chrysoprase
  • Green Tourmaline
  • Green Calcite

Rose Quartz For The Heart Chakra

Rose quartz is a pink and translucent crystal with a coarse surface that can be polished and cut to create a beautiful gemstone. It is one of the higher heart chakra stones. Rose Quartz has a deep pick color which is symbolic of unconditional love and tenderness. Rose Quartz is very effective for healing relationships and opening the heart to forgiveness and suggestion. Rose Quartz is a compassionate stone and it radiates peace and calm. It promotes love, joy and emotional healing.


Emerald is the most powerful heart chakra crystal. It is a brilliant crystal with a green color that comes in a number of variations including yellow and bluish-green. Emerald is an intellectual crystal, it promotes clarity in thoughts and emotional intelligence. Emerald stabilizes emotions and keeps you calm. It brings you wisdom in relationships and spreads friendship and harmony.

Green Aventurine For Heart Chakra

Green Aventurine is a green stone for heart chakra that is a coarse crystal that comes from the quartz family. It is a love chakra stone. Aventurine can be recognized by its shimmering effect which gemologists call as the quality of aventurescence. Green Aventurine is a protective stone, and is also a crystal that heals the heart chakra. Green Aventurine has a balancing effect on the heart chakra. It renews your optimism and attracts good luck towards you. Green Aventurine is also the healing chakra stone of spiritual growth.


Rhodonite is another pink gemstone for the heart chakra that radiates compassion, emotional balance and heals wounds from the past. Rhodonite cleanses the chakra of negative energy and allows you to forgive and let go of judges. Rhodonite promotes emotional growth and relieves emotional stress and panic. It is extremely powerful when helping people with emotional shock, and helping people whose hearts have become unresponsive due to trauma or bad past experiences. 


Amazonite is one of the turquoise heart chakra stones with a stunning color that is used extensively when dealing with the chakras. Amazonite is a heart chakra healing stone for the heart chakra that promotes open communication and allows you to express your emotions without blocks. As a healing crystal for the heart chakra, amazonite rejuvenates the chakra and refreshes it. Amazonite boosts self-love and reminds you to love yourself and avoid self-neglect. It is especially beneficial for people who have difficulty asserting their boundaries in a relationship, and opens a closed heart chakra. Amazonite helps you communicate more effectively and choose the right words when addressing love. It promotes truth, honor, mutual respect, insight and inclusiveness in relationships.

Green Jade

Jade is the best stone for heart chakra. It is a green heart chakra stone that reduces irritability and unblocks energy congestion in the heart chakra. It is very effective in dispersing negativity and brings serenity to the bearer. Green Jade is a protective stone, and it is symbolic of peace and purity. It puts you in harmony with others and attracts positive relationships based on love and friendship. 


Malachite is another of the best heart chakra stones. It is a green crystal chakra stone with black lines that has an opaque finish. It is widely used in energy healing to counter depression and feelings of loneliness. Malachite motivates you to take responsibility in your relationships, be it for your actions, words or feelings. Malachite is extremely effective for balancing the moods and creating harmony within the heart chakra.


Chrysoprase is a beautiful apple green crystal that has healing properties on the anahata or heart chakra. It transforms negative emotions into positive ones and promotes optimism and forgiveness. It alleviates anger that is difficult to let go of, helps you focus on the good that situations have to offer. Chrysoprase helps heal a broken heart and balances emotions after a breakup. It helps with getting closure after a relationship and reminds you to love yourself. Chrysoprase can be used by people who are irritable as it increases your tolerance and patience. Chrysoprase Is usually charged by placing it in bright natural light.

Green Tourmaline

Green tourmaline is a healing crystal for the green chakra with qualities that relate to the brain and psychology. Green Tourmaline promotes emotional intelligence and is extensively used to make jewelry and talismans that improve creativity and spontaneity in relationships. Green Tourmaline is extremely effective when controlling who we let into our lives and who we resist. It attracts positive change as well as emotional wealth.

Green Calcite

Green calcite is a healing crystal that lets us express our true self in relationships. Oftentimes, we face barriers in representing our true self, and because of this we may seem unapproachable, cold or closed hearted. However, deep down inside this is not who we are. Green Calcite abolishes the barriers that stand before us and other people. Heart chakra healing gemstones allow us to communicate our feelings and makes us more articulate and descriptive with the things we feel. Green calcite releases the heart from stagnation and allows relationships to progress.

How To Open Heart Chakra With Crystals?

Using the above 4th chakra crystal stones will make you more compassionate, generous, secure in your relationships, forgiving, empathetic and approachable. Now that you know the best crystals for heart chakra, it’s time to find out how you can use these crystals to open heart chakra and cleanse and strengthen it.

You can use heart chakra crystals as a way how to heal a blocked heart chakra

  • Place the Anahata chakra crystals on or alongside the location of the heart chakra while doing heart chakra meditation
  • Place the crystal in your room or around your home so that its healing energy can surround you when doing heart chakra meditation.
  • Carry the heart chakra healing crystals in your pocket or wallet.
  • Wear healing crystals as a pendant that reaches your heart or breastbone.
  • Wear heart chakra stones as energized jewelry or rings.

Heart Chakra Healing Affirmations

The Heart Chakra or Anahata chakra can be strengthened with affirmations that can be repeated in a low voice or in your head during the day or night. Affirmations dispel negative thoughts and fortify you with positive ones. They also help you manifest positive change in your life. You can recite affirmations when holding heart chakra gemstones to boost the results.

Repeat the below Affirmations to strengthen your heart chakra.

  • There is love in everything, and everywhere I go.
  • I deserve to be loved and to be able to show my love
  • I am surrounded by love and enveloped by it
  • I am full of love and have more to give 
  • I am worthy of a loving and supportive relationship


Heart chakra healing symptoms and benefits include emotional growth, compassion, empathy, and self worth. Using the right crystals restores the balance in the heart chakra and energizes your relationship. Crystals for healing heart chakra lift the emotions and bring more clarity and peace to the body and mind.

Keep reading to know more about the throat chakra in our next blog. In our next installment we will guide you in how to open the throat chakra using healing crystals.



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