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Written by

Abhishek Sharma

JUNE 2022

Reiki Healer | Motivational speaker | Crystal Healer

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Amazonite Stone: What Does Amazonite Do, Benefits and Everything Else!


  • Amazonite Meaning, Healing Properties, and Other Spiritual Benefits!
  • Amazonite Crystal Meaning and Origin
  • Amazonite Healing Properties and Spiritual Significance
  • Amazonite Metaphysical Properties and Physical Healing Properties
  • Amazonite Uses: How to Carry It?
  • FAQs
  • Wrapping up

Amazonite Meaning, Healing Properties, and Other Spiritual Benefits!

Did you just hear a friend talk about how a raw amazonite stone has helped improve the quality of their life?

Or did you just hear someone on the subway discuss the value these precious stones hold?

Or is it the curiosity in you that brought you here to read about amazonite?

Whatever the case be, if your stars led you here, this blog must hold value for you. Here, we discuss the Amazonite crystal meaning, amazonite properties, amazonite uses, 

amazonite benefits, amazonite spiritual meaning, and amazonite chakra characteristics in detail.

So, take out your notebook, or bookmark this page to revise later because this will be a comprehensive read with lots of information.

Amazonite Crystal Meaning and Origin

Amazonite is a precious stone that’s also known as Amazonstone. Additionally, it is a green tectosilicate mineral, which is also a type of the potassium feldspar often referred to as microcline.

The chemical formula (KAlSi₃O₈) of Amazonite denotes its polymorphic to orthoclase nature.

Speaking of the crystal’s name, its name comes from the Amazon river. However, no deposits or reservoirs are found remotely near the water body. Perhaps, the green color gives it the name Amazonite.

Also, if you are wondering where Amazonite is found, the answers are Russia, Madagascar, Brazil and the U.S. (Virginia, Colorado), and a few other places.

Amazonite Healing Properties and Spiritual Significance

Oftentimes one may wonder what’s the point of paying money to buy a piece of glittery stone. Certainly, the appearance is classy and attractive, but does it add any deeper value to your life?

Amazonite healing crystal is also popularly known as the hope stone and is known to reflect a variety of mental and physical health benefits.

In this section, let us discuss some of the striking amazonite healing properties and discover its spiritual significance.

Helps Ease Anxieties and Overthinking

The monkey mind can often act too active, and keep running from one thought to another in a fraction of seconds. This leads to overthinking, anxiety, and stressful thoughts. The Amazonite gemstone can turn out to be one of the most amazing stones that can help weave together such emotional threads and help you get over them.

In fact, Amazonite is known for its ability to soothe anxious and self-destructive thoughts.

Additionally, anxiety and overthinking can also lead to a low self esteem. As the Amazonite stone helps you take control of your overthinking habits, it can also help you pull up your self esteem and eventually feel better about yourself.

Also, another characteristic of the Amazonite stone is its feminine nature which helps eliminate the habits of self neglect, encouraging you to put yourself first - in all cases.

Overcome Past Trauma

People dealing with past trauma can also try keeping a natural amazonite slab near them. This healing crystal is known to bring its healing energies to your life. This can help filter your mind and keep stress and anxiety at bay. Additionally, this can also help let go of the thoughts that add no positive value to the bearer’s life.

This can help get over the traumas from past experiences, making life experiences easier and more pleasant.

Also, polished amazonite can help you break down your bigger life problems into smaller and more manageable challenges.

Helps You Open Up

Another positive benefit of the amazonite stone is that it can help you open up and be more expressive with your emotions.

For example, when the heart chakra is blocked, placing your trust in others may seem like a severe challenge. This can make you seem and feel hostile even around your friends, family and close relatives.

The presence of Amazonite crystal in your life can help you overcome your trust issues, be more confident in yourself, and feel more dynamic and emotionally independent. As a result, sharing your emotions, trusting others and letting the cosmos’ kindness and love flow to you may not seem like a huge challenge.

Also, if you are wondering what chakra is amazonite connected to, the amazonite chakra is connected to the heart.

Dispersing the Negative Energy

Amazonite healing crystals can work wonders for dispersing all the negative energy buildup around you. From rough and harsh words said to you or your loved ones to unfair and incorrect opinions about you or your actions, a piece of raw amazonite stone can help repel it and keep it away from you.

Regardless of your surroundings and the amount of negativity around you, your positive manifestations married to an amazonite gemstone will help you dissolve it down and give you a clear mind.

Your Spiritual Guide

Amazonite is known as the stone of hope. It can encourage the bearer to get over the material attractions, test out clear conversations, place healthy boundaries, and overcome the fear of being judged by others.

Eventually, you may start to realize that the weight of others’ expectations should not be the reason why you do or do not proceed with a specific decision.

Additionally, Amazonite can help bring better clarity to your life and help your soul differentiate between short-term and long-term challenges. This can enable you not to be stuck in the trivial concerns of life.

The amazonite crystal can help us become comfortable with ourselves, inviting us to take a spiritual leap and open our minds and soul for new experiences.

Amazonite Metaphysical Properties and Physical Healing Properties

The Amazonite crystal can have a wide variety of uses in everyday life. Of course, most of those uses relate to spiritual benefits, mental health improvements and aesthetic appeal. To know the details, you can take a look at the following metaphysical properties of the Amazonite crystal.

Can Help Manage Thyroid

Thyroid is one of the most common health concerns that impact both males and females across the globe. While there are two major types of thyroids, dealing with both of them can be a challenge.

Keeping amazonite’s properties in mind, we can consider using it for managing thyroid. This primarily happens due to the cool, calming and relaxing nature of Amazonite crystal.

Good For Managing Calcium Deficiency

Individuals dealing with a calcium deficiency may often come across pain in their joints, or feel weakness in their bones. This can also increase their risk of having a fractured bone even by a minute accident.

Amazonite stone can aid the body to absorb calcium more easily than before. As a result, your bone health may improve dramatically, making them stronger and giving you confidence.

Additionally, this fix of your body’s calcium levels can also help you have strong and shiny hair.

Helps Boost Cell Regeneration

Another one of the amazonite metaphysical properties is that it can help boost the cell regeneration rate, enabling the replacement of old, dead cells by the newer ones. Also, the presence of amazonite crystal can help you pick yourself up after an illness, also boosting and maintaining your immune strength, so the diseases do not come back.

By rubbing amazonite stone on an area affected by a skin concern, you can also be able to soothe your rashes, and ease your skin from pain and inconvenience.

Amazonite Uses: How to Carry It?

While carrying amazonite stone can help improve your mental, physical and spiritual well-being, one question may hover over your mind - “how exactly do I carry it?”

Answering the same, there’s a number of ways to carry Amazonite in. From carrying it in a bracelet to wearing an amazonite ring or keeping an amazonite slab by your side, you can do anything.

However, most people prefer keeping it close in the form of accessories.

For specific details, here’s a number of ways in which you can carry amazonite with confidence and elegance.

In The Form Of Jewelry

One of the most gorgeous ways of carrying amazonite is in the form of jewelry.

Whether you go for an amazonite stone married to a silver ring, or a stone bracelet studded with several smaller amazonite crystals, it will bring an unmatched grace to your style, and a great, positive vibe to your life.

The color scheme of amazonite is such that it can go well with anything you may wear. From beachwear to your favorite party dress, you can use amazonite with almost anything, and give yourself a touch of elegance.

However, if you wish to reap the highest benefit, you should consider wearing it on your ring or on your bracelet. Keeping amazonite close to your skin will multiply its positive effects on your life.

These gemstone options are perfect for you if you wish to maintain good mental and physical well-being using simple methods. Just make sure to keep these stones in direct contact with your skin.

Also, you can couple up your amazonite jewelry with other precious stones such as lapis lazuli, moonstone, labradorite or aquamarine.

To sum it all up, we can say that Amazonite works perfectly with other blue and pale green crystals, also bringing good luck.

Feng Shui at Home and Workplace

The amazonite crystal radiates a sweet energy similar to flowing water. Its presence in your home or office space can bring a balance of Feng Shui.

When you keep an amazonite accessory at home, it can work wonders helping pace up your body, mind and soul’s essential healing process, building a peaceful environment where you can be free from boundaries and be yourself. Additionally, amazonite stone’s presence at home can help harmonize the relationship between you and your partner. As we mentioned earlier, this stone can enable you to open your heart up and welcome the affection and kindness from the world.

Also, whether you are at work or at home, clear communications are essential for both professional and personal relationships. However, oftentimes, many of us find it challenging to express ourselves freely, or to make an ask in front of our loved ones and colleagues too. Wearing a raw amazonite ring, an amazonite crystal bracelet or any other amazonite stone jewelry can boost your confidence, helping you express better and be assertive with communications.

At home, it’s best to place amazonite by your bed. This will help you manage the monkey minds and a billion thoughts that it keeps having.

Amazonite acts as a worry bead and can collect all your unspent fears, helping you calm your anxieties, ease your overthinking patterns, and help you lie down in peace for a sound and blissful sleep.

You can keep a tumbled amazonite stone in your pocket, necklace or ring or place an amazonite slab close to your bed or at your work desk.


Although the sections above covered nearly everything you may want to know about Amazonite, here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding the amazonite crystal.

Wrapping up

The amazonite stone has a wide variety of uses. Whether you want to wear it on your wrist, in your finger, put it around your neck or place it by the side of your bed, in all ways, it can add a great positive touch to your life.

In this post, we discussed amazonite stone in detail, shedding light on amazonite stone uses, healing benefits of amazonite stone, origin and a lot of other amazonite stone properties. We hope this helps you decide whether or not it’s the right gemstone for you.

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