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Crystals for Third Eye Chakra

Written by

Abhishek Sharma

JUNE 2022

Reiki Healer | Motivational speaker | Crystal Healer

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Best healing crystals to activate your third eye chakra


  • What is the third eye chakra
  • Why is the third eye chakra important
  • Where is Agnya or third eye chakra located
  • The third eye symbol; or Ajna Symbol and color
  • Symbols of the Third Eye Chakra; Mudras of Ajna Chakra Symbol
  • The Third Eye Chakra Name In Sanskrit
  • How To Balance Your Third Eye Chakra
  • Affirmations For The Third Eye Chakra
  • Using Healing Crystals For Third Eye Chakra
  • 10 Best Crystals And Stones For Third Eye Chakra Healing You Need
  • Conclusion

The third eye chakra is the sixth chakra in the body that governs your spiritual consciousness and connection to the astral plane. It governs your direction in life, dreams, focus, concentration, and intuition. 

This article is part SIX of a series of articles that are dealing with the chakras and how you can open them with the help of healing crystals. Crystals have been used for third eye awakening for a long time and in a number of ways, be it during third eye chakra meditation (ajna chakra meditation) or agya chakra meditation, worn as energized jewelry or as a way to connect with the astral plane by placing them in your energy field.

The color of the third eye chakra or the sixth chakra is the color Indigo or purple. The third eye chakra element is Light. The planet Neptune is associated with the Agnya chakra or third eye chakra.

In this article we will tell you specifically about crystals to open your third eye. Wearing crystals for the third eye opening and awakening will improve your concentration, balance your chakras and enable you to evolve as a person to the next level of consciousness.

What Is The Third Eye Chakra? 

The forehead chakra is associated with your spiritual consciousness, state of clairvoyance and enlightenment. It is connected with the astral plane that is postulated in many ethnic religions, esoteric spirituality, and vedic scriptures as a space that is separate from the physical body where the soul resides.

It corresponds to what many religions call a divine space that we have a metaphysical connection with. One that cannot be seen, heard or touched; but one that you can feel connected to using crystals to open your third eye. 

In Vedic scriptures, the astral plane is where cosmic creations reside and is a place where you are humbled by wisdom and understanding. According to ancient vedism, the spiritual planes can be attained through understanding of the universe and yourself.

The astral planes in vedism follow a hierarchy of levels, the first being the Dhram Khand, or realm of morality that you reside in. The higher planes from there onwards are planes of spiritual knowledge, universal knowledge and cosmic understanding. 

Why Is The Third Eye Chakra Important? 

The third eye chakra symbol is symbolic of how you perceive the world and your spiritual understanding of it. Opening your 3rd eye chakra amplifies your cosmic awareness as well as heightens your spiritual communication. 

The Chakras are a highway of prana or the life energy which resides in all of us. The chakras are described to be spinning wheels that are present along the body at specific locations that correspond to nerve bundles in the body. 

According to ancient wisdom, the chakras must be free from impurities and unblocked so that prana or life energy can flow through it. When the chakras are unblocked, pranic energy flows from the base of the spine to the highest chakra on the crown of the head to give enlightenment, peace, balance and harmony. 

We will now tell you the importance of the third eye opening meaning and how it will improve your awareness of the spiritual plane, your receptiveness to spiritual knowledge and your ability to focus and concentrate.

Where Is Agnya or Third Eye Chakra Located? 

The third eye chakra is located on the forehead and between the eyebrows. It is the chakra that corresponds to the nerve bundles associated with the eyes, and the pineal gland. 

Are you wondering what happens when you open your third eye? The third eye is one of the most interesting of chakras because of its strong association with the pineal third eye which is present deep at the center of the brain. Even in science, the functioning and power of the pineal gland holds many mysteries, and it is often referred to in medical literature as the “seat of the soul”. 

The pineal gland produces a number of hormones, some of which regulate your sleep cycles, moods, circadian rhythm and numerous hormones associated with the inner drives. 

What happens when you open your third eye? The pineal gland third eye activation gives you impossible sight from the seat of your forehead. The third eye chakra location corresponds to the third eye on the forehead of lord Shiva as depicted in paintings and Hindu scriptures.

The Third Eye Symbol; or Ajna Symbol And Color 

In many Asian cultures, the chakras are depicted as Mandalas which are powerful symbols with cosmic powers. Each of the chakras have their own mandala, and the third eye symbol is depicted as the cosmic rune of OM above an inverted triangle that is placed within a circle with two lotus leaves. 

Every element of the third eye chakra symbol has its own spiritual meaning. The downward pointing triangle symbolizes enlightenment. The OM above that triangle represents spirituality and the original cosmic vibration of the universe. The two petals of the symbol are representative of intelligence, harmony and awareness. The third eye chakra healing frequency is 144 HZ. 

Symbols of The Third Eye Chakra; Mudras of Ajna Chakra Symbol

Mudras are hand symbols that are used to activate and cleanse your chakras. You can use them at any time during the day to connect with your chakras and take the assistance of energy from them. 

Mudras for the 3rd eye chakra known as the Mudra of the Great Hand can bring harmony to your mind. They aid with concentration and give you a focus when you need a little extra help with your energy field. 

Follow these instructions:
For the Mandke Mudra lift up your right hand. Curl your ring finger into the palm. Extend your pinky finger and then touch your index finger, middle finger and thumb. Bring these three fingers that are touching your forehead.

The Third Eye Chakra Name In Sanskrit

The word for the Third Eye Chakra is Ajna chakra which literally means to perceive and command. When we look at the possible explanations of these translations it points to the Third Eyeing chakra being the seat of perception and the ability to observe and command one's spiritual desires. Another translation of the word Agya chakra is “beyond wisdom” which means an awareness that is beyond the earthly wisdom.


What does it mean to open your third eye? Because the pineal chakra is representative of your spiritual connection and your senses of perception, the Ajna chakra is an important chakra within your body. When we talk about balancing the Third Eye Chakra we are pointing to bringing harmony to your entire body’s chakra system. 

Working with your chakras
The chakras should be opened in a progressive manner from the lowest chakra at the base of your spine to the highest chakra on the crown of the head.

When working with your chakras, work with one chakra at a time. The third eye chakra is the sixth chakra in the body, and should be balanced after you have gotten results with the previous chakra, or the Throat Chakra. 

Before you begin to purify and balance your chakras with third eye chakra crystals, you should know the health of your chakra. Are you wondering if your 3rd eye chakra is blocked, or if it is overactive? You can find out by looking at the below symptoms before attempting third eye awakening. 

Third Eye Chakra Blocked Symptoms

A chakra that is blocked does not allow pranic energy to flow through it. An accumulation of energy here causes your body and mind to experience unwanted changes in moods and level of abilities. If your third eye chakra is blocked you will experience spiritual and philosophical puzzles that you are unable to solve. 

Some symptoms of third eye blockage are: 

  • A lot of confusion and uncertainty when it comes to your senses; you may not be able to trust them 
  • You find that you have a lack of purpose and are unable to understand your spiritual meaning 
  • You have an overactive imagination that cause you you to have hallucinations or delusional type thoughts 
  • You are unable to accept spiritual grace or need help with realizing a higher spiritual consciousness
  • You have difficulties with your sense of direction in life and are unable to evolve your world view 
  • You have a distrust for your inner voice, or are not able to understand what it is you truly desire. 

There are physical symptoms for a blocked third eye chakra too that affect your third eye wellness: 

  • The most common are those that affect your eyesight and vision 
  • You may suffer from delusions, seizures and fits 
  • You have 3rd eye chakra problems with your sinuses like headaches and migraines
  • You might suffer from sleeplessness 

Signs of An Overactive Third Eye Chakra

An overactive third eye chakra is also an imbalance just as harmful as a blocked eye chakra, but the symptoms are different. If you have an overactive third eye chakra you will find that guided third eye activation meditation, introspection and healing gemstone for the third eye chakra can help: 

Symptoms of an overactive third eye chakra intuition chakra are: 

  • Delusional thinking, obsession with the paranormal, and paranoia
  • You space out often when by yourself or daydream in social settings 
  • You are unable to focus and are hyper alert or hyper attentive 
  • You have difficulties with focus and concentration
  • You suffer from regular nightmares and uncomfortable dreams 


Affirmations can be recited aloud or silently in your brain at any time of day or night to strengthen and open your third eye chakra. Affirmations assist you overcome feelings of negativity and give you inner and outer vision. It is recommended for people who are feeling stuck in their life and allows them to visualize a strategy that will bring them the change they want. As you already know third eye chakra meaning is wisdom and following affirmation may help you to gain true wisdom.

Here are some third eye chakra affirmations that you can recite along with ajna crystals associated with third eye chakra: 

  • I can see my purpose clearly and strive to reach it 
  • I have a deep connection with the spiritual and divine 
  • The divine is within me and I am in connection with it 
  • The truths of the universe are within reach for me 

Journals Prompts For The Third Eye Chakra

A diary prompt energizes the subconscious mind and opens the chakra. We are providing you with some diary prompts for the third eye chakra so that you may use them with crystals that open the third eye. Journal prompts are questions that you can ponder to strengthen your third eye chakra. You might ask yourself these questions and reflect on your answers while keeping an accepting and understanding attitude. 



We will now introduce the fascinating topic of third eye healing crystals and how you can use them to connect with your third eye and cleanse the flow of energy that resides there. 

To give you a simplified idea of how spiritual third eye activation with healing crystals work, it is about how certain frequencies of third eye chakra crystals interact with the body’s energy field and is able to resonate to create a better flow of pranic energy in your body. 

How Can Crystals Help With Third Eye Experiences

How long does it take to open your third eye on forehead? Crystals associated with third eye chakra allows you to focus your ajna meditation to open the third eye and the inner wisdom that resides inside you. 3rd eye chakra crystals amplify your spiritual wisdom and the inner vision that you have which allows you to observe your spiritual connection. In doing so they make a huge positive impact on your physical and emotional wellbeing.  

What Crystals Are Good For The Third Eye Chakra?

Generally speaking, stones for third eye healing and the third eye chakra color is purplish or blue. Every crystal for the third eye chakra healing benefits towards your spiritual wisdom and inner vision.

Crystals for intuition and third eye chakra can be used in a number of ways. For example, many people use crystals by placing them near the forehead or head when practicing 3rd eye opening meditation or yoga. 

Other ways that Third eye chakra healing crystals can be used is by wearing them as jewelry, or as keeping them as ornaments around the house. Third eye chakra stones for intuition interact with the energy field of your body and are able to improve your insight in matters of spiritual wisdom. 

10 Best Crystals And Stones For Third Eye Chakra Healing You Need

We will now give you a detailed list and description of what crystals are good for the third eye. You will be introduced to Third eye stones that can be used for the third eye chakra, and give you a brief introduction to their special powers.

What crystals and stones are good for the third eye chakra healing?


Celestine is one of the best stones to open third eye. It is a crystal for the Anja Chakra that is symbolic of the spiritual wisdom within yourself and your ability to accept and converse with it. Other symbolic qualities of the Celestine crystal chakra gemstone are that it is deeply linked with your intuition, as well as your level of perception. Celestine are third eye chakra healing crystals for people who wish to develop a wider view of their reality and have a higher viewer of the individual components of the big picture and how it is that they interact with it.


Amethyst for third eye chakra is a beautiful purple crystal with a deep color that has been used by ancient civilizations for a long time to connect with the third eye chakra. Amethyst is one of the 3rd eye chakra crystals that is closely related to sleep and the quality of sleep that you receive. Amethyst is often associated with purity of soul. It is representative of the third eye chakra cleansing energy of difficult self introspection and is a third eye protection stone that is calming for the soul and mind. It can be used along with third eye exercises. 

Lapis Lazuli 

Lapis Lazuli is one of the best sixth chakra crystals. It is a blue rock with an intense color that is prized for its ability to activate and calm the third eye chakra. Lapis Lazuli gemstone for the crystal chakra has golden speckles and is extensively used in making jewelry, carvings and in mosaics. When it comes to the symbolic properties of Lapis Lazuli, it is one of the third eye chakra gemstones for self knowledge and self awareness. It gives you the strength to trust your inner perception and spiritual wisdom and gives you third eye opening experiences. 


Labradorite is a feldspar mineral with a deep and rich color that shows an iridescent effect for third eye activation. Labradorite is a good stone if you struggle with anxiety and feel overwhelmed by stress. Labradorite is good for deflecting negative energy and doubt and negative feelings associated with your spirituality. Labradorite is one of the third eye chakra stones that is generally associated with spiritual transformation and gives you strength for your inner will and self worth. 


Sodalite is a beautiful blue marbled crystal that opens your third eye that can be worn to boost your confidence and your communication, for third eye activation. Sodalite is one of the best crystals for third eye chakra opening, often known as the poet's stone as it allows you to explore your inner emotional and philosophical dimensions. Sodalite encourages your inner truth to make its presence be felt. It helps in calming the mind during presentation and helps overpower the effects of negative thoughts. 


Azurite is immediately recognized for its deep blue color as one of the best third eye crystals. This third eye chakra is deeply linked to your personal strength and keeping the balance in your emotions. Azurite is believed to give you the power to communicate with spirit guides and gives you higher thinking. Azurite has powerful effects on your moods, and this includes keeping you calm and encouraging the deeper connections that you share with people. 

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is one of the strongest crystals for third eye and is often referred to as a spiritual cleanser as it absorbs and dispels away the inner fog that clouds your spiritual vision. Black Obsidian has the effect of being a shield for your spiritual side and boosting clairvoyance and precognition. Black Obsidian can be worn by people who suffer from mental stress and high levels of tension.


Lolite is a powerful stone that activates your ability to have spiritual visions and promotes inner vision when you are in its energy field. Lolite amplifies your intuition and gives you the strength to be more self accepting. Loile can be used to improve your eyesight and also improves digestion. It calms your nerves and reduces stress and tension, finding you the peace to have innervisions. 


Lepidolite is a lavender mineral that is treasured for its qualities to bring emotional peace and harmony to the mind of the person that bears it. Lepidolite is one of the strongest crystals for third eye chakra recommended for people who suffer from addictions. It can help to break the hold that addictions have on a person. Lepidolite is a deep cleanser for the third eye chakra. Third eye gemstones bring much needed balance to the third eye chakra. 

Purple Fluorite

Fluorite is a stunning third eye gemstone from the collection of third eye crystals that is closely associated with spiritual direction and the 6th chakra meaning that you derive from its quest. It is also associated with the depth of self-love that we have for ourselves. It gives you a clearer spiritual vision through third eye energy and increases your levels of concentration. It also is a memory booster and brings you a deep peace and calm that emits from within. 


Kyanite has an unmistakable ashy blue color and is a crystal for the third eye chakra that promotes logical thinking. It has an effect that relives the hurt and misunderstandings that govern our spiritual side and it has a calming energy on the mind and soul. It is very useful for balancing emotions and brings stillness and purification to your spiritual being as a crystal that opens third eye. 


As you have gathered from everything above, the third eye chakra can be cleansed and unblocked by the use of third eye crystals and stones. If you wish to energize the body and mind with spiritual energy that allows you to see the divine connection of things and gives you direction in understanding your spiritual journey read more about crystals for unlocking your third eye chakra. Keep reading to know more about other such stories like healing crystals to activate the third eye and crown chakra.

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