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Written by

Abhishek Sharma

JUNE 2022

Reiki Healer | Motivational speaker | Crystal Healer

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Citrine - The Bright and Bustling Stone of Summer


  • Citrine - What is it? Its Benefits, Uses and Everything Else
  • Citrine Crystal Meaning
  • Physical Healing Properties of Citrine
  • Mental Healing Properties of Citrine
  • Emotional Healing Properties of Citrine
  • Citrine Metaphysical Properties
  • Citrine as a Zodiac Birthstone
  • How to Use Citrine
  • Cleaning Your Citrine Stone
  • How to Clean Citrine Crystal
  • Citrine meaning In a Nutshell
  • FAQs

Citrine - What is it? Its Benefits, Uses and Everything Else

Crystals have been around since the beginning of time. One such crystal is Citrine - a bright yellow crystal discovered in 300 BC that has been a popular gemstone ever since. As dazzling as the midday sun, Citrine is often associated with abundance and prosperity.

Citrine belongs to the Quartz family and is characterized by its hexagonal crystalline structure. It is present in nature in different shades on a continuum of yellow - ranging from bright amber to pale yellow. 

Rare and brimming with positive vibes, Citrine comes from far-flung corners of the world, including the rainforests of Brazil, highlands of Scotland, countrysides of Spain and the royal land of Russia.

From the bejeweled costumes of Queen Victoria to Hollywood celebrities walking the red carpet, Citrine is a timeless gemstone that has been adorning royal crowns and important fingers for centuries.

After it was discovered in 300 BC, Citrine used to be the stone of choice for Ancient Greek and Roman jewelers. Sitting on a ring or stud in a crown, Citrine became synonymous with royalty and has retained its charm and exclusivity even to this day.

However, Citrine deserves more credit than it gets. As alluring and beautiful as it can be, citrine crystal is believed to possess healing properties and positive vibes that help mortals flourish and live in abundance in this life and beyond.

Hold it in your hand, and you will be able to feel its burst of energy and the warmth it brings to your frayed nerves. It helps cleanse your aura and keep negativity miles away. Its effect is as relaxing as a beach holiday - soaking up the sun on a secluded beach with ocean breeze ruffling through your hair.

It comes in various shapes and sizes, such as Citrine crystal point, Citrine tumbled stone, etc., and is suitable for a variety of jewelry pieces. Some people prefer carrying a row of tumbled Citrine stones in a silk pouch or establishing a citrine cluster in a sacred corner of the room.

When your sadness turns into self-pity, Citrine is an instant pick-me-up that can lift your mood and give you a boost of energy to move ahead. Bright and blessed with positive energy, Citrine is the silent companion to cheer you up during tough times and turn your adversities into favorable opportunities so that you can be happy and unstoppable in life.

Citrine is a worthy investment - though a small one - and hopefully, it will bring peace and joy that you may have been deprived of for a long time. 

Citrine Crystal Meaning

Citrine derives its name from the French word for lemon. Citrine has summery vibes to it, just like a lemon wedge on a glass of margarita. Its bright yellow color creates a warm, positive aura around you and welcomes abundance in your life.

Citrine spiritual meaning

The spiritual meaning of Citrine or Citrine spiritual properties can be accredited to the crystal's qualities of manifesting abundance, joy and transmutation.

Physical Healing Properties of Citrine

Citrine is the warm sunshine after a cold night. It helps beat chronic fatigue and instantly top off your low energy reserves. It makes you do more and achieve more while staying centered and joyous in your own unique way.

It can be a perfect gift for yourself or someone you love and care about. If you hate yourself for being sluggish or not getting the work done despite all the resources and time in your favor, citrine crystal can shake you out of lethargy and make you achieve goals that you have set for yourself.

As far as physical healing properties go, Citrine can help stimulate blood circulation and ensure the thyroid is in proper working order. It keeps allergies and digestive issues on the down-low while making you glow on the outside.

Women suffering from irregular/painful menstrual cycles will love the soothing vibes of Citrine. If you experience frequent episodes of nausea while traveling or riding the merry-go-round, Citrine can come in handy for you.

Mental Healing Properties of Citrine

No earthly possession can substitute mental peace. Your mental peace is precious. It helps you do more, achieve more and be happy in life. Anger, frustration, and restlessness take over when you are not at peace. Keeping Citrine close to you will rub off its sunny, bright, positive vibes on you.

It will help you cleanse your mind and eliminate any negative fixations and destructive tendencies that are holding you back from reaching your maximum potential and living the life you desire and deserve.

Emotional Healing Properties of Citrine

There's a lot of gray area between Emotional and Mental faculties. In some cases, these faculties tend to overlap or have certain influence on each other. A strong, positive mental state indicates a strong emotional state and vice versa.

Citrine is a powerhouse of optimism and strength, allowing you to see possibilities in every situation and harness the law of attraction. With Citrine on our side, nothing is impossible for you. In a nutshell, the power of this healing crystal is as intense as your faith in it.

Once you start using Citrine, you will realize that life is not a battle you are supposed to fight and win. It's a downstream river ride that you must enjoy and create beautiful experiences along the way. Citrine will be your guide and emotional support when the water currents are strong and frightening. And when it's smooth sailing, hopefully, you will look back, smile and say to yourself, "it was a hell of a ride". 

A strong emotional state also means that no amount of criticism can shake your confidence. With Citrine as your power crystal, you will accept praises with honor and take criticism with grace.

Citrine can stimulate your brain's right hemisphere. And when those creative juices start to flow, you will be able to think out of the box and create your own path to success. With success, happiness and peace surrounding you, you will manifest healthy relationships and great friends in your life.

Citrine Metaphysical Properties

Citrine is associated with the Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is from where you derive your warrior strength, and ensure your personal power in good standing. When your Solar Plexus Chakra is weak, it may tip you off balance and make it difficult for you to regain your ground. This can also make you vulnerable to negative energies and with your confidence knocked down to the dirt, you’re likely to give up without a fight.

On the other hand, the Sacral Chakra is associated with your creativity, passion and other areas of life that involve intimacy. The Sacral Chakra is also your reserve of joy, and if blocked, you may feel emotionally overwhelmed and detached from your loved ones and what you truly are.

Holding Citrine or wearing it in your bracelet can align these chakras and bring balance to your life. It can help keep negative vibes at bay and keep you grounded. Maybe you are selling yourself short or lack the confidence to voice your opinion. Citrine can help you tap into your inner strength and achieve your life, career and relationship goals.

Citrine as a Zodiac Birthstone

The alluring shimmer and warmth of Citrine resonate with fiery signs, such as Aries and Leo. That said, Citrine's positivity and healing benefits come naturally to these zodiac signs. Using Citrine can help these signs amplify their positive traits and block out negative energies to promote inner peace and calm.

People born under the sign of Aries have a competitive nature. They are highly driven and may feel insecure if someone beats them on their turf. Also, Aries have a hard time taking criticism. They don't like to be at the bottom of the pyramid or the back of the herd. They are born leaders, and more often than not, they don't take no for an answer, which can backfire in some cases.

Citrine and Aries are a match made in heaven. Citrine gives Aries the patience and modesty necessary to take criticism without affecting their soul. It also helps channel their energy into something productive and positive.

On the other hand, Leos benefit from Citrine differently. Leos are natural leaders with warm, generous hearts. But they often hold off on their opinions and expressions due to fear of judgment. Citrine complements Leos' inherent energy and manifests positivity, prosperity and abundance in their lives.

Furthermore, Citrine is a birthstone for winter babies born in November. It is their source of warmth and light as the cold nights of winters close in.

How to Use Citrine

Given the types of Citrine crystals, there are two ways to benefit from Citrine healing properties.

Either you can wear it as an accessory or place this crystal in a conspicuous corner of the home, or both. Wearing a Citrine bracelet or necklace is a great way to keep this crystal close no matter where you go. With Citrine crystal at home, you will always return to positive vibes that will lift your mood and replenish your energy reserves for activities that come next.

Whether you work from home or office, you can place Citrine on your desk or inside the desk drawer. If you drag yourself to work every day or lack the drive to harness your maximum potential, then Citrine is the crystal you need. It will create a positive atmosphere conducive to work and decision-making. It is a powerful crystal that can help manifest your visions, ambitions and overall career success.

Citrine as Jewelry

Out of many citrine uses, the one that is widely popular is jewelry. The glorious Citrine crystal has been used to craft jewelry pieces for thousands of years. Driven by significant demand, it is one of the popular gemstones among artisans and designer jewelers even to this day. That's because people from different walks of life respect this semi-precious stone and want to make it part of their everyday lives in one way or the other. 

As a jewelry article, Citrine comes in direct contact with your skin, rubbing off its warmth and positive vibes on you without any filters or barriers. This way of carrying Citrine will allow you to benefit immensely from its magical powers.

When it comes to jewelry, Citrine pairs really well with Amethyst stone and can complement its qualities. This combination can amplify Citrine's golden warmth and soft vibes. You can also try other combinations such as Citrine and Rose Quartz pairing, Citrine and Agate, Citrine and Labradorite, Citrine and Fluorite, and Citrine and Tourmaline.

Each combination lifts certain moods, activates your body's chakras and brings sunshine and prosperity into your life. In terms of visual appeal, these crystals go perfectly well with the yellow shimmer of Citrine.

Cleaning Your Citrine Stone

A healing crystal captures and stores negative energy and should be cleansed periodically as it reaches saturation. However, Citrine is a bit different in this regard. It tends to shake off negative energy rather than holding onto it. Imagine a wet tennis ball rolling in the dirt. Try as you might, you can't shake off the dirt completely unless you wash it with water.

There are several ways to clean Citrine. Contrary to what some people might tell you, there's no right or wrong way to cleanse your Citrine crystal. You can choose a way that is convenient for you.

And once you are done cleaning your crystal, it is important to replenish its healing qualities and mystical powers. Citrine stone benefits tend to amplify after you clean and recharge it.

How to Clean Citrine Crystal

Citrine healing crystals can be cleaned with water. Place your crystal under running water or immerse it in a water-filled container for a few minutes. Some people prefer leaving their crystal underwater for a couple of hours or overnight, while others use mild soap and lukewarm water to clean it. However, too much heat can damage the crystal, so clean and store your crystal with extreme caution.

One of the easiest ways to recharge your Citrine crystal is to light a candle next to it, preferably at the crack of dawn, right before the sun starts to heat the earth.

Citrine meaning In a Nutshell

Citrine is reminiscent of honey and lemon poured into a clear glass with love. It is a stone of abundance and warmth. If you feel cold and blue or lost in your path, Citrine can lift your spirits and empower you to go against all odds to get what you want. Wear it as a bracelet and let its healing powers work 24/7 to drive you forward with vigor and unwavering motivation. With Citrine vibrating against your wrist, you will be brimming with self-esteem and confidence and achieve what you desire and deserve.


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