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Written by

Abhishek Sharma

JUNE 2022

Reiki Healer | Motivational speaker | Crystal Healer

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7 Crystals for Anxiety and Depression


  • Are you Chronically Anxious?
  • Crystals for Calming Anxiety
  • 7 Best Crystals for Anxiety and Depression
  • What Crystals Help with Anxiety and Depression?
  • How to Use Healing Crystals for Anxiety
  • Importance of Cleansing the Anti-anxiety Crystals
  • Use Healing Crystals To Support Your Mental Well-Being
  • FAQs

Are you Chronically Anxious?

Are you hearing ‘anxiety and depression’ very often these days? You may be the CEO of an organization, a homemaker, or a student, but do not for a moment imagine that you could be permanently insulated from this debilitating disorder of the mind, unless there is conscious effort in self-care. Anxiety does not demarcate or categorize anyone based on their occupation, gender, age, or affluence. Anyone can feel anxious and depressed, as it is a very natural human response to the mixed bag of ups and downs in life.

Rightly, anxiety and stress is now a household occurrence partly due to the hectic pace of life and the manic ambition that drives everyone to reach for the skies. Just dealing with daily challenges may cause people to feel absolutely drained of all energy. In the absence of a coping mechanism - self-care, fitness, meditation, and setting intentions with healing crystals, anxiety and depression may just take over our lives, with no resemblance of the impactful persons we once were!

Anxiety is not a nice feeling. Prolonged anxiety leads to gloom. Therefore, it can be the most weakening and frustrating experience that can rob you of all the joy and positivity in the world. Even though you may be the best professional in the world, or have a very high IQ, if you are a victim of anxiety and depression, it can turn your world upside down. Healing anxiety is therefore critical.

Crystals for Calming Anxiety

Professional help goes a long way to sort issues of the mind, but we also have nature's magic in the form of healing crystals as a huge support to medical science. Healing crystals offer a complete holistic alternative and have been in use for many hundreds of years to reduce anxiety and stress.

Interestingly, crystals that help with stress and anxiety were used in Mesopotamia. There are allusions to such healing crystals carried in the hand by people during these ancient times, to revel in the soothing stress alleviating energies. In this blog we will look at what crystals help with anxiety and depression.

Using these crystals for calming anxiety and to deal with stress, can well be a natural approach to support and create mental wellbeing. We can cure anxiety and stress by knowing how to use healing crystals. The well-endowed crystals for anxiety can help us achieve emotional balance by transforming worry ridden thoughts and eliminating panic attacks.

In order to draw the complete benefit of healing crystals to deal with stress and anxiety, we must know about the characteristics of each crystal and what difference it can make in our lives.

The best way to use these crystals that help with anxiety is along with other lifestyle stress busting activities such as yoga and meditation. In this article, we will be dealing with the best crystals for anxiety which have been time tested since centuries. So, what crystals help with anxiety?

7 Best Crystals for Anxiety and Depression

Crystals are enriched with a huge range of healing properties. They come with the power to open up the chakras, magnify the positive energy and also deal with several layers of low self esteem which can be actually leading to depression. 

What crystals are good for anxiety? Crystals that help with anxiety can Infuse a lot of positive energy, and bring immense promise in battling emotional issues.

Crystals for anxiety can be a great support to professional treatment to cure mental illness. We do not recommend that healing crystals should replace professional help especially when it comes to treatment of critical mental health issues. The healing stones are the best alternative therapy and as a support to ensure the success of medical assistance to deal with serious emotional issues.

Let us now look at what crystals help with anxiety and depression.


Many reasons why this anti-anxiety crystal has the warmest glow and brings the promise of a positive future. This stone is also nicknamed as one of the happiest crystals in the world. Also sobriquet as ‘The merchant stone’ it brings about new energy and mental clarity. The vibrations from this crystal can clear the blocks in the chakra enabling a new perspective to problem solving.

Wear it as jewellery or keep it close in your bedroom, or workspace to feel all the anxiety and stress melt away. It can completely heal you from stagnation. This crystal established your connection with the Earth. If you have been battling anxiety and depression for a long time and experience a sinking feeling, apart from the professional help, use this crystal to heal completely from all the negative vibrations and influences around you.


This beautiful looking stone which comes in hues of orange and red can very well be called the ‘stone of compassion’. It can completely restore your energy levels and bring more positivity in your life. These are among the best crystals that help with anxiety. It is also nicknamed as a ‘stone of endurance’ and can therefore be your best companion to handle difficulties. Healing crystals promise to help manage anxious thoughts. Use this bright stone as jewelry , as a pendant or as a ring on your finger or as a bracelet and heal from the demotivating thoughts.

Alternatively, just keeping tumbled varieties of this stone or crystals of any shape or size in the workspace, or in your bedroom can restore harmony and peace of mind.

Green Aventurine

If there is any stone that can give out positive vibes abundantly and help you make that vital shift in your thought process and behavior patterns towards a brighter existence, then it is this beautiful green gem.

If you are in a depressed state and you feel anxious to take the next step, but you also need to lead the team at your work, wear this green crystal as a piece of jewelry to help you with clarity of thought and power of decision making . It can clear the blocks in both your heart and sacral chakra. Even if you do not wear this gem on your person but keep it close to you in your working area, anywhere in your home or under your pillow, you will begin to witness impactful changes.

For those in the throes of depression, there is a loss of personal power.This earthy green gem can heal negative thoughts.This stone works on your chakras and heals all the negative energy, bringing back the emotional balance that you once enjoyed.


This beautiful white stone which is the healing crystal for the crown and the third eye chakra is known to be very effective to calm anxiety. This is why this crystal has the moniker of ‘The Emotional Balancer’ as it can bring instant calm to your turbulent thoughts patterns. This clear crystal can reinstate emotional stability and help you take charge of your life easily, instead of feeling completely overwhelmed with the circumstances.

Suit yourself and choose to either wear this stone as a pendant or a bracelet or any form of jewelry. It can also add beauty to your attire if you accessorize it well and can also bring soothing energies into your everyday life. You can also use tumbled varieties of this stone in your bedroom or work space to enjoy the soothing drift.

Blue Lace Agate

This ethereally beautiful pale blue stone does wonders for the throat chakra and third eye chakra.. If you are one of those bogged down with fears, doubts and stress, this healing crystal is for you. You will notice that when you wear it as jewelry on your body, and it is close to your skin, healing energies will come your way. 

This stone which comes in colors of pink, brown, purple , red , black and green is great to assist in combating the normal pressures of everyday living. This stone enables honesty in thought, word and action, therefore you will only indulge in truthful expression. It can boost your confidence. If you are dealing with a lot of toxicity especially while handling people, wearing this stone as a bracelet can really ward off all the toxic energies. This stone can snap you out of gloom.

If you are a leader and need to speak in a social setting, and you are gripped with cold feet, using this blue stone as jewelry or in your valesse or handbag can give you the confidence like never before. This removes anxiety in social situations and is great to deal with social anxiety disorder.

Chronic worriers, soothing energies from the stone will keep all your fears and concerns at bay.


This stone is for the heart and third eye chakra. Rest assured, it can very easily sort out your depression and anxiety disorder. Although if your mood disorder and depression is severe, you should take professional help, this stone can easily give a push to medical treatment. This purple and pink gemstone emits healing energies to reinstate emotional balance especially when you are feeling extremely anxious. In case you are averse to change, this stone can help you with the capacity to adapt and reduce all the anxiety that comes with transition. More importantly this stone can make you very sensitive to those behaviors which do not do you any good, and help you alter those behavioral patterns.

Rose Quartz

This pink beauty is not just one of those fantastic gemstones known for its aesthetic appeal, but eminently famous to instill a kindred spirit. The vibrations from this stone bring empathy and compassion to the fore. These crucial feelings of kindness can completely be lost if one is battling anxiety and depression. Victims become so self absorbed, seeped in negative emotions and are unable to appreciate the goodness around them.

This crystal helps heal by enabling serenity and security to be able to love ourselves back again.The most important aspect about this crystal hovers around anger management and reduction in resentment , common fallout of stress and anxiety.

Wear this healing crystal as jewellery, or use the wide variety of shapes of this stone in your workspace or bedroom or anywhere in your house to allow the cleansing energy to completely balance the Chakras. This stone opens up the heart chakra and can bring about complete balance in the energies. Know more about crystals that help with depression.

More Crystals for Anxiety and Stress

What Crystals Help with Anxiety and Depression?

Black Tourmaline 

If there is one stone that protects your spirit especially when your chips are down, it is this black healing crystal. This stone elevates your well-being by protecting you from all the negative energy that is in the environment. If you feel anxious or stressed, this stone is what you need to magically change the way you feel.

It helps you reconnect with the root chakra and create a protective cover around you. Use this black beauty as jewellery, for instance as a ring, or pendant, to keep it close to your skin and allow the soothing energies to seep into your chakra. These calming vibrations from crystals for anxiety and stress will sort out all your anxious thoughts.

If the energies in the root chakra are not in sync, you will not be comfortable in your own skin. Wear these stones for depression to eliminate all the negative thoughts that don't do you any good. The stone enables making better connections with people. It helps dispel negative thoughts. Physiologically, it can help with weight loss as well as minimize the risk of health issues. Wearing this crystal can also alleviate respiratory illnesses. 


Have you fallen in love with this nature's beauty that comes with pink and black inclusions? This gem releases those vibrations full of love and we feel a sense of personal confidence and accomplishment when we are under the influence of this stone. Sometimes, it is just the trauma from the past that is the cause of anxious thoughts.

These beautiful crystals for anxiety and stress opens the heart chakra and keeps you feeling confident. The vibrations promote self-love. Anxious feelings are the result of deficient self-care. At such a time you are overcome by negative thoughts, and you paint the whole world with the same brush. Use these crystals for depression to heal yourself completely.

Use these stones for depression as jewellery, as a bracelet, or wear it as a talisman for protection such that it keeps your heart chakra free of blocks. This gem allows the flow of energy to keep you vibrant, positive and joyful.


These lavender crystals good for anxiety occupies a pride of place in the quartz family with its eye-catching purple color. It is known to be a stress buster. This is nature's gift to completely remove your stress and heal you from within. This beautiful stone does wonders for the third eye chakra and the crown chakra by enabling calming energies to restore the emotional balance. If you are back grappling with extreme mood swings, keep this crystal close to you as a mood stabilizer. If you are fearing a panic attack, use this great crystal to calm you down.

According to energy healers, this crystal connects us to the divine. It is known to help people turn inward and embark on the path of spirituality. This stone improves cell regeneration. Use these crystals for anxiety and stress to enable the healing you need.

On the Mohs scale, this crystal is a seven in hardness. This means it works very well for different designs and types of jewellery. The famous cuts of this aesthetically appealing crystal are cabochons, and faceted pieces.

If you wear this gemstone as jewellery or keep these stones for depression in close proximity, be sure to draw positive vibes. These crystals for depression can also help cure insomnia by cutting the incessant mental blabber that goes on in the head and reduces the ability to fall asleep easily. When the mind quietens down from the vibrations of this crystal, restful sleep follows.


The heart chakra takes to this stone like fish to water. These crystals good for anxiety, are rich in lithium, and comes in clear lilac or in attractive shades of pink, motivates you to ease your anxiety with self-expression. They say that half the battle is won if you are able to communicate the problem clearly. These crystals for depression helps you to communicate better.

This lilac beauty is also called the ‘stone of devotion’. If you need to be under the spotlight on stage and you are battling cold feet, use this stone to invite calm confidence. This crystal addresses the source of your anxiety and helps root it out.

Blue Kyanite

The stone available in shades of blue and white clears all the blockages in the throat Chakra. It also looks after the third eye chakra. This means that you will feel renewed confidence to speak out honestly. If you have to make some tough decisions, this stone will help you with amazing clarity and reasoning.

This stone cannot hold any negative energy. So, if you are going through frustration, anger stress and depression, use these crystals for depression regularly for its exceptional ability to clear negativity.


Attractive blue-green crystals good for anxiety,owes its beautiful color due to the presence of copper. This crystal is a phyllosilicate and establishes a close connection with the throat chakra. Without exaggeration, this is the center of communication. Use these crystals for depression to also solve conflicts in relationships. It can also bring some calm in an intense conflicting situation, it helps to communicate with truth and kindness.

This crystal is a top contender to heal people with depression. Sometimes stress can cause irritations on the skin such as hives or breakouts. Holding this crystal or keeping it close to the skin can help. This crystal can soothe your nerves and is also known to be good for the skin. 

Keep this gemstone close to your body or in your workspace, or in the bedroom to keep your mind in check.

This healing crystal is also best for those who face troublesome periods or stomach cramps. Hormonal issues in women may find relief with this stone. Problem pregnancies may go smooth with the vibrations from this stone. It can also help in eliminating negative thoughts, maybe the only thing that is holding back your progress.


Hematite is considered to protect the energy field of its users. Wear a bracelet made from this anti-anxiety crystal to ward off all the negative energies and bring about emotional balance. If you are in close proximity with people you are not familiar with, it can bring some amount of anxiety. This anti-anxiety healing crystal will soak in all the negative energies. It will allow you to remain positive and express yourself with honesty and openness.

This black and gray stone is linked to the root chakra and can be a boon in unpredictable times. For example, if you are embarking on a new assignment, or taking up a new job these crystals can actually bring emotional balance and keep all the fear and uncertainty that clog your mind at bay. It will help you keep a clear mind and go about your task in a dispassionate manner.

Keep this magnetic crystal close to you to experience calmness and drive away all the stressful and anxious vibrations. If you feel your dear one is unable to think clearly, or is on the edge at all times, wear this crystal as a bracelet to bring your loved one back to the present. The positivity the stone exudes will give you the power to take calculated risks.

Smoky Quartz

If you are facing some difficult times, use this crystal to form the deepest connection with the root chakra as a protection for you. It can reduce all the negative energies, relieve stress and empower you to propel forward.

Our crystal healers at Healing Crystals consider this gemstone as one of the best to protect against psychic attacks and also heal from anxiety and depression. This stone is unique because it can protect you from environmental stress and improve your aura by cleansing.

This brownish gray stone is made of silicon dioxide, some stones look clear while others appear opaque. If you are in the grips of extreme fear and anxiety, use this crystal in any form as tumbled stones or as jewelry that you can wear on your person to restore self-confidence and security.

For those who are grieving the loss of someone really close and experiencing extreme lows, this crystal works as a talisman to completely nullify or neutralize these overpowering feelings. Use this crystal to manage claustrophobia or if you feel panicky in a crowded place.


At Healing Crystals, we found that the anti-anxiety bracelet is a bestseller and most of the time is out of stock due to demand. These beautiful green stones for anxiety are also called the transformation stones. If you are in the process of change, and are looking for security, confidence and ways to deal with change, carry this crystal close to you or wear it on your skin to overcome all your concerns.

It may be interesting to know that for many centuries travelers have relied on this stone for protection. Allegedly, this stone has been used as a talisman to ward off danger and threat. According to an interesting legend, this stone will sound a warning( such as shuttering) if there is danger close by.

If you are one of those who is unable to conquer the fear of driving and are at the edge of your seat literally and figuratively, keep these beautiful deep green crystals in the glove box of your car for safe drives. Further, if you are on a long drive and you need to stay awake and be alert, keep these crystals for protection.

This is a heart chakra stone and will give you all the confidence to surmount obstacles. The positive vibrations from this crystal will give you that gentle nudge out of the comfort zone. To calm neurosis as well as to enable you to go for your goals and dreams, this stone will open new horizons for growth. It also protects against evil energy.

Black Obsidian

This deep black stones for anxiety can keep you grounded and in touch with your core. It keeps you humble and rooted. It enables a good connection between the physical and spiritual world.

This stone is aesthetically appealing, therefore it is much sought-after in jewelry. The interior designers also use this stone for decorating homes.The most noteworthy quality is the stone is able to cleanse the aura and also ground the energy. This black crystal establishes a good connection with the lower chakras and keeps the mind calm.

The stone is able to completely remove the negativity out of the human body and neutralize it.This crystal has a very powerful connection with the Earth and therefore is one of the best crystals to deal with anxiety. Shop from a wide variety of black obsidian bracelets as well as pendants to unleash all the wonderful possibilities that the stone holds. You can also use the pyramid or the jumbled varieties of this stone in your home and in your bedroom to ward off all the negative energy and keep you grounded.

Lapiz Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is famous for its healing energies. These deep blue stones for anxiety can bring about instant calm and relaxation. The stone is also good for the heart as it can improve rhythm as well as blood circulation. The users of this stone can enjoy restful sleep as well as get protection from psychic attacks. This heartwarming crystal can also keep blood pressure in check, and bring about inner harmony. This stone was celebrated as the stone of wisdom.

This crystal takes its users on the path of spirituality and inner peace. You will feel healed emotionally with all the inner issues and will be able to set goals for the future. This stone is capable of washing off all the negativity to help you think clearly.

It is thought that this stone has got a deep connection with divine energy. The Royal family used it many thousands of years ago for its healing properties. It is believed that the positive vibrations from the stone can still the inner senses and inspire to live a life of self-awareness, truth, Intelligence, and success.


Amazonite is a throat and heart chakra enabler and is well-known for helping to alleviate stress and anxiety. The calming vibrations from the stone enhance courage and bravery. This stone increases creativity and open communication. It also enables protection against the harmful effects of electromagnetic pollution. The wearer of this stone will exhibit sterling qualities such as integrity and truth. This gem also treats extreme tiredness and remedies thyroid issues. In actuality, this wonderful stone brings about balance to the nervous system. This is perhaps why it can also be used as a great support in the treatment of alcoholism. If your personality is of an anxious one, this gemstone can help you heal. It can bring relief to excessive worrying and fear., and easily work towards removing all the negative energy.

How to Use Healing Crystals for Anxiety

Now you know what crystals are good for anxiety. You should also know how to use the effectively.

Best crystals for depression are very powerful in cleansing the aura, clearing all the blocks in the chakras, so that you experience clarity and calm even in the midst of chaos. Best crystals for anxiety emit vibrations which can heal or eliminate all the negative energy.

These crystals can be used in several ways at your workplace or at home. Place any of these anti-anxiety crystals in whatever shape (as tumbled stones, or as a pyramid) close to your workspace or in the bedroom, under the pillow, so that they do their magic even while you are asleep.

Another way of using the healing crystals is wearing them as jewelry or keeping it in your wallet or handbag. Alternatively, you can wear it as a pendant, so that it is close to your skin.

Keep these crystals on your body for instance, if you are in the horizontal position, place it on your heart chakra or in the pelvic region to actually soothe all the anxiety.

The extent of healing also depends upon a crucial factor, the will to heal and have faith with the remedy. This is where setting an intention while using the healing crystal plays a very strong part in healing and clearing the air for more positive energy to flow.

If you are stuck in an emotional stalemate, place the healing crystal on the forehead and set an intention. For example, if you are having a problem in the stomach, you can place the crystal on the stomach and meditate with the intention that you are going to be fine.

Importance of Cleansing the Anti-anxiety Crystals

You know about what crystals help with anxiety and depression. But, it is very important to follow some kind of a regular regimen to cleanse the healing crystals. Cleansing will remove any stored negative energy from the healing crystals, so that they can do their best to offer healing.

Cleansing the crystal is possible by simply rinsing these crystals under cold water, or by burning sage, thought to be sacrosanct to refresh energy.

Hold a bundle of sage and light it at the end of the bundle. The smoke emanating from this bundle is good to cleanse these anti-anxiety crystals.

Use Healing Crystals To Support Your Mental Well-Being

Anxiety can completely hamper the joy of life. The best part is that it can befall anyone at any time and can adversely impact the positive experiences in life. This makes victims experience severe stress and negativity. To support your mental health, we have given you all the information about anti-anxiety healing crystals that assist in dealing with anxiety. Access our store and select best stones for anxiety, to allow you to heal and promote your emotional well-being.

Use the magnificent ability of crystals to restore peace and quietness in your life. In a world that has a mix of both positives and negatives, the crystals can be the best way to beat panic attacks and anxiety. Use the power of these crystals to pull you out of low self-esteem and allow you to express yourself in a befitting manner.

Keeping an anxiety bracelet close to you or carrying an anti-anxiety stone inside your bag or your valesse, will be a deliberate way to invite the healing powers of the stone. Surround yourself with the protective energy of nature’s gifts to heal spontaneously.

Extreme and acute cases of anxiety, especially for a prolonged period, need consultation with a medical professional. Installing crystals at the home or office, and wearing them as jewellery to keep it close to the skin is a good support to the medical treatment.

Healing crystals instill self-confidence and underline the importance of caring for oneself, which is one of the best ways to deal with anxiety and depression.


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