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Crystals For Friendship

Written by

Abhishek Sharma

JUNE 2022

Reiki Healer | Motivational speaker | Crystal Healer

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Crystals For Friendship: Everything You Need to Know!


  • Strengthen and Deepen Your Friendship with the Right Crystals
  • Carnelian
  • Amethyst
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Rose Quartz
  • Citrine
  • Moss Agate
  • Labradorite
  • Tips for using crystals for friendship
  • The bottom line

Strengthen and Deepen Your Friendship with the Right Crystals

“Friendship improves happiness and abates misery, by the doubling of our joy and the dividing of our grief”.- Marcus Tullius Cicero. 

It is the reason why having friends in life is essential. Friendships constitute one of the most essential parts of our lives, and hence, developing and maintaining them is crucial to our mental and emotional health.

Friendship brings happiness, joy, and satisfaction to our lives, but it could also be a reason for disquiet. On one hand, having meaningful friendships can add sweetness to life, on the other hand, bad friends can pull you down and negatively impact every aspect of your life. Furthermore, problems in friendship can also complicate life.

Fortunately, we have healing stones for every situation that comes in the way of friendship. Whether you want to make more friends or fortify your old friendships, the crystals of friendship will help you cultivate meaningful relationships, deal with problems, and protect relationships that matter the most.

These crystals for friendship come in many forms, from stylish bracelets adorning your wrists to beautiful raw crystals sitting in your palm while you meditate. Let us walk you through the crystals of friendship.


Carnelian is the stone for courage, endurance, confidence, and motivation. If you lack energy, creativity, and positivity, wearing a Carnelian can help.

The color of this stone ranges from orange to red. It aligns with the sacral and root chakra and manifests prosperity. Found in India, the USA, Peru, Romania, Britain, Slovakia, Iceland, Brazil, and the Czech Republic, Carnelian should be used when you intend to attract healthy friendships.

This sunset-hued stone fosters a positive attitude, the first trait people look for in a new friend. Wearing a Carnelian or keeping it close to you in any form will fill your body and soul with positive energy, making you a desirable companion. Furthermore, this stone is also believed to dispel negative and destructive emotions, for instance, possessiveness. This factor also plays a part in helping you maintain and balance your existing friendships.

Carnelian also instills mutual respect and self-respect that are essential to cement a healthy relationship. Other attributes of this semi-precious gemstone that fuel a long-lasting bond include emotional warmth, sociability, and awareness of feelings of your loved ones.


Amethyst got its name from Ametistas, a Greek word, meaning “not intoxicated”. Greeks would use this gorgeous crystal to prevent overindulgence and drunkenness. They would wear this stone and use Amethyst vessels carved out of this crystal for the same reason.

The serene purple crystal, Amethyst, is all about tranquility and comfort. It is everything you need if you constantly find yourself battling with negative energies. It helps to foster a positive attitude and encourages you to take control of your life and face challenges with a smile. 

Amethyst is one of the most effective healing stones. It washes away the feelings of negativity, soothes your heart, and brings comfort. A high-vibrating stone, Amethyst helps you see the light, love, and abundance. It protects you against toxicity and nurtures your friendships to make them deep, meaningful, and healthy.

This gemstone protects you from transient obsessions and hence, saves you from making bad decisions. It also guards you against toxicity and gives you an eye to find relationships that could last for a lifetime. It also eliminates your fears and stress and fills you and your surroundings with love, friendship, and positivity that attracts the souls and energies that resonate with you.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a deep blue crystal that stands for self-awareness, truth, and friendship. It is believed to strengthen existing relationships and help develop new ones. With a history going back to 6000 years ago, it carries amazing healing properties. It is one of the most recognized crystals for friendship.

A good relationship is based on trust and communication. This blue stone fortifies relationships by building these two pillars of relationship. It helps nurture your relationship by opening the doors of communication.

It is believed that Lapis Lazuli balances the Third Eye and the Throat Chakra. If communication and expressing yourself is the biggest barrier in your relationship, this stone can help you express your feelings clearly and constructively. It brings you to a higher state of consciousness, which adds more meaning and depth to your expressions.

Having Lapis Lazuli in your possession helps you break the barriers in your communication. It offers you the courage and confidence required to deal with insecurity and uncertainty. If mingling with people or opening up to someone makes you uncomfortable, wearing Lapis Lazuli jewelry or simply carrying it with you will make you more confident, calm, relaxed, and comfortable, helping you strike conversations with new people and form meaningful relationships.

Furthermore, this crystal helps you overcome the problems that often arise in friendships by encouraging communication. It helps you speak about your desires and needs and leaves no space for miscommunication and misunderstandings.

Its places of origin include Russia, Afghanistan, the United States of America, Egypt, Chile, and the Middle East.

Rose Quartz

Every relationship, be it love, parenthood, or friendship, is rooted in your heart. Being one of the most potent heart healing stones, Rose Quartz plays a big role where love, trust, and friendship are involved. It is believed to emit strong vibrations of love, joy, and emotional healing. It is associated with every kind of love - be it romantic, familial, platonic, or self-love. Its prime use is attracting the love that makes your life blossom. Furthermore, it helps you get rid of jealousy, fear, guilt, and other negative feelings that pollute your heart.

This crystal resonates with love and compassion. It opens your heart chakra and helps you overcome all kinds of love and trust issues bothering your heart, heals it, and makes it embrace love with open arms. It constantly reminds your heart that love can conquer everything in this world. 

Rose quartz stone doesn’t just sow the seed of love for others in your heart. It also fosters self-love, which makes you love yourself with the same capacity. Those who wear rose quartz or keep it close to them in any form love unconditionally and wholeheartedly.

Every relationship, be it love or friendship, undergoes ups and downs. The emotional pain and trauma caused by friendships can be unbearable sometimes. Here, the healing properties of rose quartz come into the picture. This stone helps you go through the difficult period of your life with compassion, sympathy, and love.

This pink stone is an effective healing crystal for those who are in long-distance friendship and crave love, attention, and affection. It helps in developing understanding and a sense of peace. It loosens the knots bothering your heart with love and compassion. It also helps soothe the unfathomable pain of losing a friendship and promotes calm.

This beautiful pink crystal is available as clusters, tumble, wand, etc. Its color varies from pink to purple, but real rose quartz is not perfectly pink. It has white swirling streaks. It is cool to touch and feels heavier than glass. It is opaque and looks sparkly and shiny from the outside but is dense inside.

You can include it in your rituals, decorate your home with it, wear it on your body, place it on your altar or a sacred corner, or even add it to your beauty routine. Sleeping with rose quartz under a pillow has also shown many benefits.

It is found across the globe in countries including the United States of America, Brazil, Australia, Madagascar, India, Sweden, Germany, Mexico, Argentina, and South Africa.


We can say without a trace of doubt that the world is full of negative energies. Citrine guards us and helps transform negative energy into positive energy despite all the odds going against you. 

Citrine is a gorgeous yellow stone that stands for vitality, love, happiness, positivity, and new beginnings. It also symbolizes emotional well-being and mental clarity. It helps us manifest positivity, love, and friendship and chase the goal of our life. The warm colors of Citrine make it an epitome of warmth, sun, and illumination. 

The gorgeous earthy tones, ranging from yellow to reddish-orange, make Citrine an apt choice to be worn as jewelry. The earthy tones complement most attires. You can wear this gorgeous stone with any outfit and welcome positivity in your life. Furthermore, Citrine is believed to possess a solar quality of energy, owing to its colors resembling the color of the sun. This factor puts it in the list of crystals with strong physical and emotional healing powers.

In terms of chakras, this semi-precious gemstone is associated with the solar plexus chakra. This chakra symbolizes a source of personal power. Personal power denotes warrior energy, self-esteem, and the power of transformation. Wearing the Citrine stone or keeping it close encourages the flow of energy from the solar plexus chakra to your body. It helps open your blockages of low self-esteem, low self-motivation, and gives clarity to your sense of purpose. It helps clean your chakras and boosts your decision-making abilities, how you view yourself and deepens the sense of power within yourself.

Apart from attracting positive relationships, this stone is also believed to attract money. History says that Citrine was addressed as ‘the merchant’s stone”.

Natural Citrine is found in abundance in Russia, Madagascar, and Kazakhstan. 

Moss Agate

Moss agate is a beautiful green and grassy friendship crystal that fosters abundance. It is all about being selfless and giving and harvesting in true bounty.

A member of the Agate family, this gorgeous semi-precious stone soothes and uplifts you and your life. It helps you deal with toxicity, cleanses your soul, heals your heart, restores balance in your life, and brings along abundant energy.

If you aim to develop new friendships or attract new people into your life, Moss Agate can help you. It helps magnetize people and extend friendships. Furthermore, this stone also helps in nurturing long-distance friendships.

If you want to sustain a healthy relationship with all the people who are in the proximity of your heart but far away geographically, having Moss Agate can breathe life into your relationship. It opens the heart chakra and welcomes love, brightness, and everything new with open arms. With this, it keeps you open to things you love, and that brings positivity to your life.

Moss Agate is a stone that promotes balance. Whether your friendship is running hot or too cold, this stone helps you attain a perfect balance.

You can use this gorgeous green stone in the form of jewelry or adorn your home with it. Place this gorgeous piece of nature to a place where you want to welcome prosperity and abundance or flaunt it on your wrist as a bracelet or wear it around your neck as a pendant. Keeping this stone close to you will fill your life with balance, self-esteem, and creativity.


If you are waiting for your calling, emotionally and physically, labradorite can help you on this path of awakening.

Legends say this mystical stone fell from the Aurora Borealis’ frozen fire and transformed into a shimmering, mystical light that marks out the boundary between the physical and the unseen worlds. A stone of magic, Labradorite stands for knowledge and guidance. It boasts self-discovery and awareness of inner spirit and psychic abilities.

A powerful stone by every means, Labradorite encourages spiritual awareness and self-discovery. It aligns with your consciousness on various levels and gives a boost to your intuition. Moreover, it stimulates your imagination and helps you ward off negative energy that constantly wants to penetrate your soul.

This stone is a member of the Feldspar family. Apart from the fascinating story associated with its existence, Labradorite is also known for its play of colors, called labradorescence. Its gray-green, dark gray, grayish-white, or black colors refract light and give a gorgeous appearance of pale green, peacock blue, coppery red, or gold. The color blue varies with the light and demonstrates a beautiful play of hues, ranging from blue-green to deep blue.

Labradorite also possesses excellent healing properties. It helps you achieve physical, spiritual, and emotional balance. It helps you deal with emotional problems and physical ailments. By reducing stress and anxiety, Labradorite helps calm down your hyperactive mind. You can use this magical stone for Chakra Balancing and Energy Healing. 

This gorgeous stone blows a fresh gush of air into your relationships in terms of friendship. It promotes spontaneity and adventure. It helps you connect with your consciousness on a higher level and manifest your hopes, dreams, and desires. Carrying labradorite in your pocket while meeting your family or friends promotes optimism and enthusiasm.

Labradorite’s ability to bring intuitive wisdom and clarity to your thoughts helps you see through the deep fog of illusions and reach the root cause of any issue, which helps you deal with the problems occurring in your friendship. It encourages you to deal with problems, ease out the strain in your relationship, and restore peace. Furthermore, Labradorite is an uplifting stone. It helps you deal with fear and insecurities that are the root causes of problems in any relationship. This stone plucks out problems that are likely to arise in any relationship by allowing you to deal with your fears and insecurities.

Tips for using crystals for friendship

You should know how to use friendship gemstones and allow crystal powers to transpire to harmonize your friendship and bring it to full bloom.

Here are some tips for using these crystals of friendship and drawing healing powers from them. 

  • Get identical gemstone bracelets, give one to your friend and wear the other one. Wearing similar bracelets together will help you develop strong bonds.
  • Whenever you go out, make it a point to wear a piece of gemstone jewelry or carry a stone in your bag. The stone will help magnetize new friends.
  • Create an altar with a photograph of your friend or your photographs together and place the crystal of your choice. It will open the windows to positive thoughts and bring some positive energy into your relationship.
  • If you have a long-distance friend, keeping a stone close to you while calling or writing to them will also foster strong communication. It will encourage love, honesty, and trust in your relationship.
  • While meditating, keep a crystal of choice in your palms and think about your friendship. You can also place the stone of the chakras that require healing. For instance, if you and your friend are struggling in your relationship, place a blue stone on your throat chakra, or if you yearn for compassion, love, and kindness, place a stone on the heart chakra. Meditating this way will activate positive healing.
  • Combine different kinds of crystals to intensify their effects. Consider wearing varied crystal bracelets or placing different crystals together to activate their combined positive effects and bring desired effects into your friendship and life.

The bottom line

Many people believe in the healing powers of crystals. With their positive vibrations, crystals can transform our lives and relationships.

Now that you know how these crystals work to protect and nurture your bond of friendship, use the crystal of your choice and celebrate friendship.

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