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Written by

Abhishek Sharma

JUNE 2022

Reiki Healer | Motivational speaker | Crystal Healer

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Green Aventurine: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Uses


  • Green Aventurine Meaning 
  • Green Aventurine Properties
  • The Color Energy of Green Aventurine
  • What is Green Aventurine good for?
  • What does Green Aventurine do?
  • Green Aventurine Benefits
  • How to Charge Green Aventurine?
  • How To Use Aventurine
  • FAQs
  • Conclusion


Imagine if you were handed on a platter, ‘the stone of opportunity’, will you not consider yourself the luckiest in the world? Let us introduce you to the world of Green Aventurine stone, a form of translucent quartz that has earned the reputation of being the luckiest in the crystal family. A lucky charm to possess, this green aventurine quartz will enable its users the proverbial ‘Midas Touch’, happy relationships, good health, all-around wellness, and immense satisfaction in life.

The 18th century marked the discovery of the healing crystals green aventurine. The name has an Italian origin, “A Ventura,” which essentially means “by chance.” There is an exciting story about how the discovery happened in the 1700s. History has it that metal fillings were inadvertently dropped into a container that had melting glass. What emerged after the glass cooled, was a beautiful piece of artistry, with shimmering lustrous sparkles running all through. Much later this glass came to be known as “aventurine”.

Technically, aventurine is a radiant translucent type of quartz. It is famous for the shimmery appearance due to the visibly bright inclusions. The shimmery appearance occurs due to the presence of fuchsite that lends the shiny blue or green gloss to the crystal. If the inclusions are goethite or hematite, they create brown and orange crystals. There are several aventurine colors such as grey, blue, green, brown, white and orange. India is home to the majority of the blue and green aventurine. Chile, Russia, and Spain are a source of the grey, orange and white varieties of aventurine.

What is famously called the Indian Jade is actually Aventurine. There are alternative names for green aventurine quartz such as ‘Adventurine’, ’Advenurine Quartz.’ This stone is famous in Tibet and is used in jewellery and on statues. Reportedly, the Tibetans felt that stones used as eyes in the statues empowered them to attract positive energies.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of change and growth, the green aventurine crystal is for you. They say, that the power of this crystal and its influence can be felt just by physically being close to the crystal. Apart from altering negative thought patterns, infusing confidence, optimism and motivation, this stone can help those that are bogged down with challenges. It can push people to dynamically pursue their goals, surmount obstacles and emerge successful.

In the realm of love and relationships, the green aventurine seems to do a special favour for those seeking a partner or companion late in life. Seize this opportunity to know more about the lucky stone and what it can do for you!

Green Aventurine Meaning

What does green aventurine mean? Green aventurine has meant a great deal to the Amazonian warrior queens in the 19th century, so much so it was called, ’Stone of the amazons’. Aventurine meaning unequivocally stands for wealth, prosperity and reputation. 

Green aventurine meaning an epitome of happiness, power and confidence. Reportedly, the lucky people that possess the green aventurine have suddenly felt the urge to step out of their comfort zone and grab new opportunities. Green aventurine stone meaning is known to calm frayed nerves, help release all the agitation and daily stress. Green aventurine stone meaning ‘high replaces low’ and the energy from the stone inspires people to get into action mode.

Mainly, most people have a problem doing away with habits that don’t do them any good. This is where green aventurine helps as it is easy to deal with emotional baggage, old patterns of thought and action.

The good qualities of green aventurine element keep adding up, and people that use it have reported improvement in their sleep patterns. Those that are victims of overthinking find themselves able to rein in their thoughts. The stone can help renew our interest in life and take the challenges head on with positivity.

Green Aventurine Properties

The green aventurine properties match exactly with the representation of the heart chakra. The heart chakra is depicted with a pink color inside and a green on the outside. This is a perfect description of the properties of green aventurine.

The green cover conveys the gemstone properties of superiority, class, and style. It also signifies renewed vitality, courage and zest for life. The pink at the core implies our deepest fears, weaknesses and also our goals, dreams ad hopes.

Green Aventurine Healing Properties

Green aventurine healing properties is due to its powerful connection with the Earth. The ever-calming vibrations that emanate from the crystal has a way to calm the mind and body. The green aventurine stone can guard homes against the adverse effect of geopathic stress.

The healing properties of green aventurine is an assistance to both emotional and physical ailments. The stone also helps in spiritualty and has metaphysical properties which is a big support in chakra and energy healing therapies. Green aventurine healing crystal is capable of balancing the heart chakra.

To give you a snapshot, the green aventurine stone can make a difference in the following ways: 

  • Absorbs electromagnetic smog and environmental pollution, which is the leading cause of many respiratory ailments. 
  • Blessing for infants born prematurely. Such children can reach normal growth patterns very easily with the positive vibrations from this stone.
  • For children with learning deficiencies or those battling ADHD, this stone can enable harmony and calmness. Children exposed to green aventurine stone are able to grasp better, as the positive vibrations help build intellectual development.
  • Green aventurine crystal may also help those combating skin issues such as acne, and rosacea.
  • Helps calm those that are prone to rage and anger. In homes with warring couples, the positive vibrations from the green aventurine were known establish harmony.
  • Helps retard the process of aging.
  • A great aid in meditation.

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Physical Healing Properties of Green Aventurine

  • Green aventurine is a great heart buddy. It helps patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases, reduces risks of arteriosclerosis and lowers cholesterol.
  • For those with issues in blood circulation, the green aventurine may just be what the doctor ordered!
  • Those recuperating after an illness or convalescing after a surgery, this stone may help with all the healing energies that is needed.
  • Green aventurine is able to activate the body and help with the rejuvenation. 
  • Green Aventurine may also assist in helping couples with fertility problems.
  • Good for many organs and glands in our body. It is known to benefit the lungs. It can give a boost to the functioning of the nervous system.
  • Benefits those suffering from cerebral palsy.
  • Improves capabilities of those with learning disabilities. It can also help victims of dyspraxia.
  • Green aventurine has a beneficial effect on those suffering allergies. The powerful anti-inflammatory property of aventurine provides the much-needed remedy.
  • It can also relieve migraines.

Emotional Healing Properties of Green Aventurine

Green aventurine’s energy restores emotional balance. It can lead people to feel peaceful.

  • The stone can calm the negative emotions and keep the tendencies of anger and impatience at bay. 
  • The central aspect of aventurine for emotional healing is the ability to let go of past grudges. It can help people take a balanced view of what went wrong in a relationship and resolve conflicts. This stone's vibrations help people take the incidents in life in their stride learn and grow from the experience. 
  • Green aventurine sets the environment for more joy and laughter. People close to this stone report feeling light, joyful, and full of hope. If there is a lot of change or upheaval, this stone can be the rock-solid anchor to keep people stable and grounded.

Green Aventurine Chakra Healing and Balancing Properties

What chakra is green aventurine? Green aventurine can provide great comfort during emotional pain. The energies from this stone can activate the heart chakra. It can actually heal the heart. Anybody’s guess that the green aventurine governs the heart chakra and provides it the soothing comfort needs. It helps people cope with the challenges in a calm manner and ensures well-being.

It may not be an exaggeration to say that the heart chakra helps us manage our interactions with the world. For instance, a well-balanced heart chakra, which is located at the mid-point of the breast bone, will allow us to deal with relationships. It will help us engage meaningfully without too much friction. We may be able to respond to the daily interaction with the external world in a dignified manner. If our heart chakra is not in sync, it may manifest as difficult relationships, negative reactions to the daily stressors and a tendency to make a mountain out of a molehill.

Therefore, in such cases, the need of the hour is the green aventurine, its green crystal energy can correct the blockages and help heal the heart chakra. This means we are in a better position to weigh our own needs and respond the environment in a comely manner.

Green Aventurine Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical properties of green aventurine help the flow of natural rhythm in the body.

What is wondrous, is the healing that takes place at both the male and female energy and auric bodies. Do your duty well and do not attach yourself to the results, is perhaps what this stone also influences people to achieve. The spiritual meaning of green aventurine implores everyone to not attach ourselves to expectation and outcome. The vibrations from this stone propels people for growth.

Spiritual meaning of Green Aventurine

How does green aventurine help in spirituality? Green aventurine spiritual meaning brings a sound connection between the emotional, physical, and auric bodies, and keeps them working in unison. The energies from this stone are able to dissipate any negative energy.

The green aventurine can decidedly help you progress on the path of spirituality. It is a great tool to ponder over the purpose of existence and delve deep into the mind. The green aventurine stone establishes connection with the Earth’s energies. It is possible to focus and meditate with green aventurine close by. It brings in emotional calm, keeps the negative traits of envy, hatred, anger and selfishness at bay, and promotes the feeling of empathy and compassion. We may begin to think about where our true lies, once we are under the influence of green aventurine.

Meditation with Green Aventurine

Green aventurine meditation is rather famous for the sea change it enables. Green aventurine is a good aid in meditation that helps us imbibe the energy from the Earth to go inward. In times of challenges, when we find it tough to still our mind, the green aventurine may help us push forward and with clarity. It refreshes our purpose and takes us to a higher level of attainment.

The Color Energy of Green Aventurine

There are significant reasons why the green aventurine is called a “growth crystal”. The dark-colored crystals can be a veritable amulet for growth and power. It is also known to provide safety and security. The color energy “green” emanating from the crystal connects to the all-encompassing strength from nature.

Nature stands for creation, growth, expansion, change and regeneration. The color energy from green aventurine can propel new ideas and keep the momentum for growth. It is also good in family environments to build on deep bonds and relationships. 

What is Green Aventurine good for?

Most of us have a problem getting out of our comfort zones. Sometimes the very thought can cause a lot of unrest. Human beings are slaves of old habits and patterns. The patterns can be in thought and behaviour. Especially, when our thoughts and habits are detrimental to growth, it is imperative that we renew and grow.

Who can wear green aventurine? The dark green aventurine is the apt crystal for those that wish to eliminate habits and patterns that do not serve well. It can replace pain and disappointments with new hope and positivity. This means we can attract the life we want and feel motivated to go after it. Although there may be obstacles, the positive vibrations and energy from this stone will help navigate through life in a befitting manner.

What does Green Aventurine do?

We face performance anxiety at school, work and perhaps while showcasing our talent at an event. Half the battle is won if we can stay calm and do the best, we can rather than get anxious. In the realm of enabling calmness, the green aventurine can offset performance anxiety. It helps by enabling clarity in the mind, which elevates creativity. It builds on our valuable traits such as kindness and compassion.

What does green aventurine do? The aventurine stone gives an impetus to our physical health.

  • Assists nervous system to function well. 
  • Helps keep cholesterol in check, thus helping the heart.
  • Promotes the operation of the thymus gland.
  • Regulates blood pressure. 
  • Improves metabolism.
  • Helps insomniacs with restful sleep.
  • Enables holistic wellness.

By helping control negative thoughts, this green aventurine is able to maintain that delicate balance in the emotional body so that we easily glide towards harmony. The stone is able to ground and create the balance in the vibrational field.

It not only takes care of our body and mind, it is able to counteract and nullify electromagnetic pollution. This is a silent threat which most do not recognise, since we all use electronic equipment, such as television and computers, every day in our lives.

Green Aventurine Benefits

What is green aventurine good for, is a question that is often asked. The following points explains the how green aventurine helps.

  • Attracts luck and good prospects 

Keeping the stone close, you will notice no dearth of opportunities to grow. Many times, even if there are opportunities, our diffidence keeps us from moving forward. The green Aventurine is also the stone of courage. If you need to seize the opportunity to ask for a raise, you will do so without a second thought. If you need to chase an opportunity you will do without batting an eyelid.

  • Clears blocks and has a protective influence on heart chakra

If the heart chakra is blocked, problems may arise in relationships. Such people may remain emotionally aloof without any attachment, display lack of empathy, or holding on to grudges without any trace of forgiveness. They portray an inability to love others.

The green aventurine benefits can do wonders in such a scenario as it soothes these wounds in the heart, clears the blocked energies. Green aventurine can set the delicate balance right.

  • Lowers incidences of electromagnetic smog

This is a bane of a technology and fast paced society. All the gadgets that make our life simple in effect may complicate health issues. What we do not see is the harmful type of pollution called as “electromagnetic smog”, that is a serious cause of sleeplessness, tiredness, brain fog and inertia. Green aventurine is a great aid in remedying these issues. The crystal placed at the office or home close to the bedside, or at your desk will absorb all this smog and not allow it to adversely impact your energy field.

  • Multiplies Joy

If you are one of those that take life too seriously, this stone is for you. Since it is not a heavy stone with respect to energy, its influence makes people happy, light and humorous. The stone will assist in counting your blessings

  • Enhances harmony and keeps emotions in check

Are you feeling emotionally drained? The green aventurine will feel like its soothing those roller coaster emotional rides and ring in some calm. It can lower those outbursts, panic attacks and unexplained rage, as if a switch just went off. You can easily unplug from all these negative traits. Above all, green aventurine will make you learn from failures and disappointments and make such setbacks actually work for you.

  • Helps make progress professionally, personally and in spirituality

Working with this crystal benefits in more ways than one. It is possible to make strides in spirituality. You can grow in your career if you are enthusiastic enough to work on all the opportunities you get without diffidence. The stone helps people recognise opportunities, chase them and make effective progress.

The meaning of green aventurine in Hindi is Margaz. The Green aventurine benefits in Hindi are also available on the internet for those with this language preference. 

These are just some of the key points what green aventurine is good for. Green aventurine crystal point is shaped in an aerodynamic manner with a pointed tip. The crystal is handy and exhibits all the powerful physical and metaphysical characteristics of green aventurine. We have green aventurine for sale at Healing Crystals India Pvt LTD, want to take advantage of that?

How to Charge Green Aventurine?

A good method how to activate green aventurine is to cleanse it. Just like the other crystals cleansing is necessary for green aventurine. The frequency of cleansing and maintaining will depend upon how often the crystal is used or worn. If the frequency of use is more, cleansing needs to be done more often.

Some of the ways to cleanse green aventurine are as follows:

  • Bury the green aventurine crystal in the soil or in salt for few hours.
  • Expose the crystal to the smoke of Palo Santo or Sage.
  • Clear quartz also helps cleanse the crystal if the aventurine is placed on it for few hours. You can also use selenite instead of quartz.

To boost the energy of the green aventurine crystal, it is important to charge the crystal. You can charge the crystal by exposing it under the moonlight. This is known to not only charge the crystal with more energy, but also eliminate any traces of negative energy.

How To Use Aventurine

What is green aventurine used for? The way to use green aventurine is many. Jewellery, is anybody’s guess, but this versatile stone is also used at home or at office for its positive benefits.

  • It can heal the blockages in the heart chakra and even absorb the electromagnetic smog. For this reason, it is widely used in both personal and professional settings.
  • Energy healers recommend a perfect position of this crystal. They recommend it should ideally be close to the heart chakra. The positive energies from this stone circulates in the heart and is able to offset any negative feelings.
  • Green aventurine pendants look classy. Many prefer to wear an aventurine brooch or pin as an attractive accessory.
  • Placing the stone in the room can remove stalemates in professional and personal areas. Especially if there is a deadlock with no sign of progress or growth, the green aventurine can help set the ball rolling. These are some of the green aventurine uses.

Sleeping with Green Aventurine

For the anxious and restless minds, restful sleep may be a far cry. It is observed that keeping a green aventurine stone under the pillow can help people enjoy a good night’s sleep. This is possible because it soothes frayed nerves.

Take Green Aventurine wherever you go

To attract more abundance into your life, ensure your bag, wallet or pocket has a green aventurine always. The vibrations from the stone will be a force to invite all the opportunities to knock at your door.

Works well during intention setting to manifest

Visualising and manifesting with the power of thoughts is well known. Using green aventurine crystal and programming it with an intention is like empowering your dreams. The green crystal can be programmed to attract more fortune, luck, joy, and clear blockages in the heart chakra. The power of a focussed intention programmed in the green aventurine crystal will set the vibrations on that path to make your dreams come true.

Keep it in your workplace, at home or in the spiritual/meditation room

To attract more opportunities, all one needs to do is keep the green aventurine stone in the place where you need improvement. If you wish for a better role with more money and responsibilities, carry the crystal to work. If you are starting a new venture, place the green crystal close to the site of the new project. This magical growth crystal is capable of turning the tides in your favour.

If you are on the spiritual path and need to progress with meditation, the green aventurine crystal is ideal. You will find yourself effortlessly able to focus your mind and do your meditation with more discipline and joy.

The green aventurine is especially beneficial for chakra meditation. Users have greatly benefited keeping it close to their heart while meditating, and using the glow of this crystal as their focal point for visualising the healing process.

Green Aventurine in Pendants, Rings and Bracelets

When you wear green aventurine as jewellery in pendants, rings and bracelets, you are making the stone work for you without much effort. A catalogue of exquisite pieces of jewelry with green aventurine, such as dark green aventurine bracelet, green aventurine ring, green aventurine necklace will floor you. The healing properties of this green stone are available to you at all times. Imbue the stone with an intention to make it more powerful. 

Using Green Aventurine in your bath

You can also infuse the powerful properties of green aventurine in your bath. Placing the crystal in the bath is adequate to allow the properties to permeate in the room.

Make a place for Green Aventurine in your wallet 

If financial growth figures powerfully in your mind, try keeping a piece of the stone in your wallet. This is known to attract abundance and luck.



Green aventurine presents an opportunity for exponential growth. Many times, an opportunity may present itself, but we may fail to notice or see its merit. A gemstone such as this will move matters in such a way to turn the tides in your favour. What may present as a huge hurdle, will turn out to be the best blessing. Such is the power of the green aventurine. Further, it also works on your energy blockages, and heals you inside out. 

The gemstone makes the environment conductive for attracting growth professionally, personally and financially. Need we say more?

These green beauties are a reliable support for better physical and emotional health. Yet, it is not a substitute for advice from an authorised healthcare professional.



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