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Written by

Abhishek Sharma

JUNE 2022

Reiki Healer | Motivational speaker | Crystal Healer

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Labradorite: Crystal Origin, Uses, Benefits, and More!


  • The Legend of Labradorite
  • The Clarity and Cut of Labradorite Stone
  • Different Properties of Labradorite
  • How to Use Labradorite Gemstone?
  • Cleansing the Labradorite Stone
  • Where Can I Find Labradorite?
  • How to Tell If Labradorite is Real?
  • How to Program Labradorite? 


Labradorite is not a new stone. It has been prevalent in the world for a long time. This is a wildly variant play of colors that will remind you of a coppery sunrise in the first instance and the dancing skylights of the Aurora Borealis in the other. There are many versions and shades of labradorite gemstone.

If you are a collector of gemstones or want to wear any for their benefits and healing powers, labradorite may be one of your considerations. This gemstone is popular for its wonderful stripes of prismatic colors and versatility in jewelry and décor.

Here is everything to know about labradorite meaning, its benefits, properties, uses, and everything else in detail.

Labradorite – One Incredible Gemstone with Many Shades and Versions

Labradorite stone is a feldspar mineral. It comprises labradorescence, hence the meaning behind its name. The crystals of this stone are often found in tabular and thin shapes with various colors ranging from gray and blue to purple, yellow, green, and brown. Some specimens of this gemstone also have a schiller effect. It is said that labradorite conveys mysticism and courage.

Labradorite – The Stone of Magic and the Northern Lights

Do you often wonder where labradorite can be found? The origins of this gemstone are in the northern hemisphere, making it inextricably linked to the magic of the night skies. According to a legend, Aurora Borealis, one of the greatest natural shows on the earth, were trapped inside the Labradorite stone and lay awaiting the discovery amongst the Beothuk and Inuit people.

The Legend of Labradorite

One of the warriors tried to free the light using his spear. However, the strength of the rock was such that the gorgeous spectrum of light was crystallized inside them forever. Merely looking at labradorite stones may imprint their magical powers on your mind. It may be hard for you to resist the transfixing nature of this beautiful stone.

Take a look at the sub-categories of this precious gemstone.


Spectrolite emits a full display of colors and high labradorescence. It is a world-popular semi-precious gem adorning dark and black base characteristics. You can use it to open your spiritual eyes and clairvoyance.

Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow moonstone is also referred to as Madagascar moonstone or schiller. This stone is widespread in healing stress, emotional pain, anxiety, depression, and settling your emotions. This version of labradorite is transparent yet traps a variety of colors. Having a rainbow moonstone around may add energy to your mental and spiritual life.


Andesine is the most enhanced version over the other variants of labradorite gemstone. You may find it in the Andes Mountains. It has different colors yellow, green, orange, red, white, and gray. It also comes with labradorescence or faint metallic shiller but typically possesses the shades of reddish-orange. This stone is unable to be modified or enhanced. Thus, any labradorite you buy is a naturally mined gem.

The Different Colors of Labradorite Gemstone

Labradorite crystal is known for its many colors. This gemstone's primary and intense shade is dark brown, gray, and black. It further includes blue, green, purple, and labradorescence. The schiller effect of this stone showcases the cluster of colors like orange, red, green, blue, and yellow. The most interesting part of the color composition of this gemstone is that none of these colors are present inside the stone.

It is the outcome of the light that reacts with the incompleteness of the mineral, thus giving it a colorful appearance. If you are a jewelry connoisseur, adding this gemstone to your trinket collection is a great idea. You can enhance your precious silver gemstone jewelry collection with the stone's suitable option and color type.

The Clarity and Cut of Labradorite Stone

According to the experts, radiance will increase if a labradorite gemstone goes through good clarity and cut. As this gemstone forms in rock layers, enough attention should be given to cutting it so that the broad spectrum of colors is visible from the center and front.

A labradorite gemstone is usually cut in beaded cabochons. Transparent labradorites are mainly faceted to enhance the luster of this mineral. The most loved version of this gemstone is available in round, oval, marquise, and pear-shaped. The jewelry retailers highly recommend this version of labradorite in their 925-sterling silver material.

Different Properties of Labradorite

Labradorite stone is known for its many properties that offer many physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits. The more you read, the better you learn about labradorite properties.

Here is everything to know about labradorite and its many properties.

A Stone of Mysticism

Labradorite is often linked to the green lights and glimmering fold of the Aurora Borealis, making it as mystical as its iridescent change of colors highlights. The healing properties of labradorite are all about tapping into your own well of creativity to further connect with the higher consciousness. The shades such as bounty of blues, fiery golds, greens, and smoky schemes are present shimmering on the surface of this crystal. They all remind us that the greatest healing stones are often connected with all the elements, the ground under your feet, the surging ocean, the sky, and the stars twinkling above.

When talking about the mystical powers of this crystal, labradorite has a long and sprawling history of being linked with shamanic vibes. According to legends, this gemstone is also associated with the Inuit people. Further discovery about the magical properties of this gemstone reveals that it is not only Canada that cleaves this mineral from the earth but also the former Tsar kingdoms of Russia and winter winds of Finland. People of Finland named this stone the Spectrolite as it happened to capture every shade in the whole spectrum of existence.

This gemstone is for all those who want to embrace the mysteries of the universe while making sense of their own space.

A Stone Full of Healing Properties

Labradorite healing properties are known to the world. There are many benefits of labradorite when it comes to healing. Just like the Northern Light illuminates the winter skies, this stone doesn't shy away from exhibiting its grace, beauty, mysticism, and healing powers to the world. According to the experts, this stone teaches how to bring life-giving energy to all the human body areas.

From your body to your mind – the healing properties of this stone impact all the facets of your existence. This gemstone shows the way to artistic ambition, self-soothing, cosmic energy, and enhancing your mental clarity. Listed below are the physical healing properties of labradorite crystal:

  • Wearing this stone is considered good for your respiratory system.
  • You may wear a labradorite gemstone if you complain about digestion now and then.
  • This gemstone clears anxiety and all its symptoms.

This stone is primarily filled with all the mystical energies, but the physical healing powers of labradorite cannot be overlooked. From blood circulation to breathing and the power behind your lungs, the crystal encourages overall health and well-being, hence inviting you to take a deep breath comfortably.

The health benefits of labradorite also extend to addressing female concerns. If you suffer from PMS or undergo painful periods every month, the introduction of this stone in your life will heal you. It helps to keep pain and tension on the down-low. Any problem with gout or even rheumatism can also be healed using this gemstone.

Emotional and Mental Healing Properties of Labradorite

In today's lifestyle, physical and emotional health has become a person's asset. Every day an individual experiences one problem or the other, thus falling prey to tension, stress, and anxiety, which may further develop into sadness and frustration. Staying positive in all the highs and lows of life is the best way to live it. However, all the positive feelings get dissolved when life hits rock bottom.

Labradorite gemstone is known to be the Stone of Transformation and the Stone of Courage. It is the healing stone you may need to improve your emotional and mental well-being. The gorgeous appearance of this gemstone possesses many healing properties. If you are a fickle-minded individual who cannot make the right decision, wearing labradorite will develop a sense of stability in your mind. For instance, if you often feel stuck in a rut or long for a kickstart in your imagination, the cosmic swirls of this gemstone will get your artistic energy swinging.

There are a million ways under which this gemstone showcases its mental and emotional healing properties. One of the strongest skills of labradorite is restoring energy after a drain. It is very natural for humans to get bogged down by their routine or everyday life, uncertainty about themselves or the dramas of other people. This gemstone helps clear out this junk, thereby revitalizing your spirit with a burst of energy and keeping you ticking and motivated. You do not feel weighed down by world events or your responsibilities.

Labradorite crystal is ready to become your mascot if you want motivation to rise to any challenge that life throws at you. Using this gemstone while you are experiencing bouts of depression will help you clear your mind and remove bad moods. Labradorite is considered a great stabilizing stone. It takes a cue from the swirls of stars and milky moonlight, thus offering paths and patterns of illumination.

If you are entertaining some deeply stashed memories from a long time which otherwise are required to be brought to light to help you differentiate between the lessons needed, the use of this stone will come to your rescue. Labradorite will not shy away from letting you know. But it doesn't mean that it will keep you overwhelmed by trying to dig up all the memories you want to be buried. It will rely upon the power and its intuitive strength to bring out the best in you.

Metaphysical Properties of Labradorite

Labradorite is also popular for its metaphysical properties. It is believed to be connected to the Throat Chakra and Third-Eye Chakra.

The association of this crystal with the Throat Chakra serves as a tool of communication, whereas the Third-Eye Chakra is what connects human beings to the spiritual world. Labradorite gemstone toes the line between what a man wants on the earth and what they can leap higher and achieve.

The Throat Chakra helps speak the truth and stay rooted in authenticity. It reminds us humans of the power of using our voices and communicating our needs with clarity while empowering ourselves in the world. If the throat chakra inside the body is blocked, it leads to a struggle to feel heard or understood by your peers. Not only this but blocking this chakra also affects your relationship with others as you lack the confidence to communicate regarding what needs to be said or heard.

The Third Eye Chakra is all about the alignment of human beings to their higher purpose. This chakra enables you to dig deeper, externally and internally. When you tap and align with this chakra, you can move through the world more consciously. You start letting go of all the ideas that don't support your growth. This chakra brings you closer to the infinite purpose of your life. As labradorite happens to activate this chakra, it is also associated with magic, mysticism, and shamanism.

Healers worldwide use this crystal for such healing properties and for aligning the chakras. Labradorite can tap into the different states of consciousness. Using labradorite gemstone is also associated with psychic powers.

How to Use Labradorite Gemstone?

The above-listed benefits of labradorite have increased its demand worldwide by leaps and bounds. Many people are investing in the products made using this gemstone to bring positivity, health, emotional and mental balance, and mystical powers to their lives. Considering the increasing popularity of labradorite, it is being sold all over the world in different forms.

Here are the many uses of labradorite.

Labradorite in Home and Office Use

Labradorite crystal is considered a gleaming gem for Feng Shui. This stone in homes and offices can bring sweet flowing water energy. Owing to the optical illusion of light being caught under the surface of this stone, it is also known as adularescence while being sold in the market.

You can place the stone in the home, and it will invite peace, serenity, and creative freedom to the place. Labradorite is an excellent gemstone to use for the people who are associated with art. Thus, whether you are a writer, painter, or any other artist, you can put this stone into your workshop, and you will soon gather a divine burst of inspiration. The gemstone also works in any space where you want to invite clear communication and the situations where you need to think and deliver your truth and clarity. These benefits of labradorite make it apt to be placed in the office space.

Labradorite and Precious Jewelry

The use of labradorite crystals is also prevalent in jewelry making. In fact, this stone has been a beloved choice for all the makers to create gorgeous pieces of jewelry and accessories for centuries. The sublime appearance of this crystal and the way it glitters when catching the light are reasons enough to own this gemstone for your love for jewelry.

Wearing labradorite jewelry is also considered one of the best ways to make the most of its powerful healing properties. When you wear labradorite jewelry such as a labradorite ring, labradorite bracelet, or labradorite necklace, your skin comes in direct touch with the gemstone. This process connects the stone to the vibrations of your body and can bring harmony, balance, and higher artistic integrity across all the avenues of life.

The gleaming shades of labradorite gemstone-like purple, green, gold, blue, and others make it an ideal choice for those who love experimenting with fashion and jewelry. You can pair these colorful jewelry pieces with any outfit and maintain your vibrant wardrobe.

Labradorite jewelry can be worn as occasional jewelry too. You can also wear it daily as a dream catcher to keep you at the best of your balance. Here's how you can use labradorite in your favorite jewelry pieces.

  • Labradorite bracelets make an attractive choice by inviting the stone beat next to your pulse.
  • Labradorite rings also make a sought-after and powerful choice for those who want a delicate stone set upon their fingers. These rings look aesthetically appealing. You may also pair them up with other precious metals like gold, rose gold, and silver to make the most of the healing properties of labradorite. Silver is popular for promoting healing of the skin, and gold is believed to be having a balancing effect on your mind, body, and sold. Rose gold has many benefits for your nervous system.

If you further want to enhance the healing vibe of this gemstone, you can pair both the bracelet and ring together and wear labradorite crystal with other heavenly healing stones. Numerous other gemstones work powerfully with labradorite in healing your mind, body, and soul. For instance, labradorite and fluorite together help you harness the power of concentration. They also improve the balance of your mind and body.

Rainbow moonstone is another crystal that performs well with labradorite. It runs with themes of luminous visions and shines a light on the hard-to-see spots. Rainbow moonstone and labradorite together help strengthen psychic connections, thus deepening the intuition that feeds you life lessons of truth, honesty, and a sense of purpose.

Sunstone, Obsidian, and Amethyst are other stones that are beneficial matches for labradorite. When paired with amethyst, labradorite becomes a treat for your eye. Apart from their visual impression, these stones also keep your Third Eye chakra open and ready to receive good energy. Both of them keep your mental energy soft and suffer. You do not fall prey to mental tensions such as anxiety, sadness, stress, or depression, and keep the balance of your mind.

Cleansing the Labradorite Stone

When you cleanse your labradorite stone on time, it becomes more powerful in attracting good energy and programming it to the environment. It is crucial to keep the gemstone clean and clear to radiate the highest levels of energy to share. Cleansing the gemstone on time will help you mop out all the negative energies and bad feelings from it.

There are two ways to cleanse your labradorite gemstone.

  • Cleansing labradorite with water.
  • Charging labradorite by moonlight.

As a water stone, labradorite does not shy away from its touch, making it one of the easiest and best ways to keep it clean. All you need to do is to hold the gemstone underwater. You can also add some soap to the water and cleanse the gemstone if required. Ensure to rinse it thoroughly when you use soapy water on the gemstone. Thorough rinsing of the gemstone will clear all the collected negative energy, thus keeping it bright and ready for crystal healing. As labradorite is vulnerable to scratches, we advise you to cleanse it gently to maintain its tip top condition.

The best hack to do for a recharge is to keep your labradorite crystal in the moonlight for 24 hours. It is said that labradorite loves to be at one with the elements, and it finds moonlight a reliable source of sublime energy. You can also recharge this crystal under the sun, but it may cause the color of labradorite to fade. Thus, the best method is to keep it under the moonlight and enhance its spiritual energy.

Where Can I Find Labradorite?

As stated, the original location of labradorite is Canada and Finland. These are the places that carry out commercial mining of this gemstone. However, serious information about the presence of labradorite around the world is sparse.

Oregon Sunstone Mine allows public collection of labradorite stone, referring to its stones as red labradorite. They differ from the normal color of the crystal and have a red appearance with no flash but a display of the golden schiller effect. Here are the good places from where you can buy labradorite for use.

Local Rock and Gem Store

Explore your city's local rock and gem stores, and you may come across all your favorite versions of labradorite, such as white labradorite, blue labradorite, golden labradorite, and orange labradorite. Visiting the shop and checking for its authenticity in person is the best way to save yourself from getting scammed. It is a common mineral in the trade, and most shops will have rough samples on display.

Rock and Gem Shows

According to the experts, rock and gem shows are considered the bee's knees for finding the best deals or high-grade specimens of labradorite and other gemstones. You may as well be able to save a huge sum of money while buying labradorite in a bulk deal. The only challenge here is that these shows are not hosted very frequently. In some places, the local shows are not hosted at all.

Keep checking the updates on the upcoming art galleries, exhibitions, and events where you may find this gemstone in different forms. Jewelry shows and exhibitions are a great way to find real labradorite carved in your favorite jewelry pieces.

Online Stores

Online stores are another place where you can buy labradorite in various forms, shapes, sizes, types, and colors. Compared to offline stores and exhibitions, the price of labradorite online is cheaper. Thus, you can save great money and also avail timely discounts. However, ensure to choose a credible online source while buying this gemstone from the internet. Read the reviews and testimonials of the customers before adding the product to the cart. Check the seller's website thoroughly. 

How to Tell If Labradorite is Real?

You can spot the difference between a real and fake labradorite stone by focusing on the following factors.

  • Pay attention to the color of the labradorite stone that you are buying. Labradorite is usually available in blue, green, yellow, orange, and purples shades. Because of the labradorescence, these colors play in the sun and shine, thus creating a beautiful rainbow effect. Anything else is a fake product with the same name.
  • The price of this gemstone is another point that will help you differentiate between the real and fake ones. Labradorites are rare gemstones. The large specimens of labradorite are not common. Thus, if the seller sells them at a low price, think twice before buying them. The product may be fake.
  • Focus on the cut of the labradorite. The composition of this gemstone makes it difficult to cut and shape. The stones can be shaped in a circle, oval, or pear in most cases.
  • Asking about the stone certificates of the seller is another way to save yourself from buying fake labradorite. Do not give a second thought to asking the seller about their authenticity. If you are buying the stone online, check the certificate of authenticity online.
  • The flashes of light in the fake labradorite are often observed from different angles. But the real labradorite emits light only from one side.
  • Fake labradorites do not exhibit cleavage fractures, while real ones do.
  • Touching a labradorite gemstone can easily help you decide on its authenticity. A fake labradorite crystal is made using polymers and resins, making it warm to touch.
  • You can also determine the authenticity of labradorite gemstone by carrying out a hardness test. It is a fake product if the stone is softer and scratched easily with a copper or steel needle.
  • Fake labradorite gemstone often glows under UV light or in light-blue color. Its backside remains a dense and opaque material black color.
  • Fake gemstones are thin, while natural labradorite is cut as highly domme cabochon.

How to Program Labradorite?

By programming any gemstone or crystal, you can create a new set of powers to maintain their abilities to help and protect. Programming your labradorite gemstone after cleansing them or using them for a long time is required to use them on time. This factor allows labradorite to receive your inner intentions and intuitions for a specific goal or desire. Consequently, labradorite becomes a more powerful tool to help you with energizing your inner self and aligning your goals.

There are two ways to program labradorite crystals.

Method 1

Hold your labradorite gemstone in your dominant hand and speak your intentions in your other hand. Depending upon your preference, you may speak the intentions loud or whisper. Repeat the words 6-10 times to send the intentions and vibrations to the crystal.

Method 2

Holding the labradorite in your hand, keep a close eye on it. You will feel the energy coming out from the stone, pushing to your senses. Once you have sensed the energy and feel like the stone opens your heart, you may speak your desire to it. Repeat until you feel the effect of healing or peace in your body.

While practicing both the programming methods, we advise you to keep labradorite as much as possible in the upper part of your body as your Third Eye chakra and Crown chakra remain in the head part.


Labradorite was discovered in North America in the late 18th century. It is after so many years that people came to know about its existence. The real coming of this gemstone was when it made a debut in the jewelry market. When celebrities like Julia Roberts were seen adorning this crystal, its popularity spread like a wildflower. Considering the increasing popularity, the demand for labradorite gemstone has also started to increase.

Today, this gemstone is found in igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks and belongs to the plagioclase feldspar group. Interestingly, it inherited its name from Labrador, Canada, where it was discovered. This gemstone is found abundantly in Madagascar. You might as well find it in other places such as Sri Lanka, Russia, Norway, Finland, and Australia.

Now that you know labradorite's meaning and uses, benefits, programming methods, and everything – buy it to attain healing, positivity, and good energies. Choose a credible platform to buy the gemstone.



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