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Abhishek Sharma

JUNE 2022

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Lapis Lazuli: What is It? Benefits, and Everything Else!


  • Lapis Lazuli: Everything You Need to Know!
  • Lapis Lazuli Meaning
  • Lapis Lazuli Properties: Spiritual Significance
  • What is Lapis Lazuli Good For? Emotional Healing Properties and More!
  • Lapis Lazuli Uses and Lapis Lazuli Metaphysical Properties
  • Lapis Lazuli - FAQs
  • Final words

Lapis Lazuli: Everything You Need to Know!

Whether you take a walk by the river or visit your family jeweler, you may come across myriads of precious stones.

However, not each of them is lapis lazuli.

Lapis lazuli is a deep blue metamorphic rock that is believed to be semi-precious and has been prized for its unique color since time immemorial.

Additionally, lapis lazuli attracts attention for healing and has spiritual properties. In this post, we are discussing that aspect in detail.

So, get ready, and let’s take a look at lapis lazuli, its origin, properties, and a lot more.

Lapis Lazuli Meaning

Speaking of “what is lapis lazuli,” the term stands for a semi-precious stone found in Afghanistan. The stone is deep blue in appearance and is a metamorphic rock.

Since the early 7th century BC, lapis lazuli stone has been mined from the Sar-i Sang mines in Shortugai and some other mines in the Badakhshan province of Afghanistan. So, if you’ve been wondering where lapis lazuli is found, the place is Afghanistan.

The spiritual lapis stone meaning often refers to its properties for protection from psychic attacks, bringing profound peace, harmonizing relationships, helping reveal an inner truth, and maintaining honesty, compassion, self-awareness, and expression. Additionally, lapis lazuli also has various healing powers, which is why it’s also known as the Wisdom stone.

Also, lapis lazuli stone is known for its quirky composition. It consists of cloudy white calcite, deep blue lazurite, sparkly pyrite, and other minerals.

Lapis Lazuli Properties: Spiritual Significance

The intense blue stone present in lapis lazuli is considered to impart positivity, open minds, and carve a path towards enlightenment. The stone is thus used to encourage self-awareness, boost confidence, increase knowledge of self and surroundings, bring and maintain peace and harmony, and kindle empathy, compassion, and morality.

It is also said to keep the person's mood light, happy and positive.

For details, here are some more lapis lazuli healing properties:

  • Said to help manage respiratory and nervous system-related health concerns. Of course, lapis lazuli does not offer treatment but aids it on spiritual levels.
  • Lapis lazuli can also encourage good immune strength, helping the battle against health concerns of all types.
  • The presence of lapis lazuli around you can help improve your analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, and reasoning.
  • Lapis lazuli stone can also help develop creative ideas, hone intellectual skills, perform better at mental activities, and sharpen memory.

Due to these properties, lapis lazuli crystal has remained popular over all the centuries since it was first mined.

What is Lapis Lazuli Good For? Emotional Healing Properties and More!

As we said earlier, the blue lapis lazuli stone has a wide range of properties and benefits, both emotional and metaphysical. In this section, we cover the emotional healing benefits of lapis lazuli, along with some lapis lazuli properties and characteristics.

Useful Against Emotional Breakdowns

Going through emotional breakdowns is always challenging. No matter how strong you are emotionally, one breakdown or another may still make you question yourself, or make you feel small, low, or depressed.

Having a lapis lazuli crystal by your side can help elevate your moods at times like these.

Its mere existence can help calm your senses, open up your mind and widen your perspective, also enabling you to see the hidden good in life.

Helps Manage Anxiety

While thinking things through is one thing, overthinking and anxiety are the banes that can disturb one’s life in a variety of ways.

Lapis lazuli is a stone that can protect you against anxiety and psychic attacks that may weigh down your mental well-being and make you feel depressed or deeply upset.

Also, as lapis lazuli encourages creative thinking and helps come up with more and more ideas, it can boost your productivity, helping keep negative thoughts at bay.

Stimulates Clarity

We all require clarity in life. Whether it’s a problematic relationship or confusion regarding a career, a little bit of clarity always helps make the right choice.

Lapis lazuli is also known to impart positivity and mental strength, helping develop a sense of clarity regarding different life affairs.

It also helps reveal one’s true emotions and feelings, again eradicating the signs of confusion and indecision.

Can Help Define Goals and Keep You Determined

With the clarity that lapis lazuli can bring, it can also help you identify your goals in life and stay determined to them.

Another one of lapis lazuli benefits is that it encourages your mind to keep your body active throughout the day. This helps you stay dedicated towards your life goals, stay committed to your career and health, and maintain harmony in relationships.

Activates Your Mind

The lapis lazuli stone is known for having a connection with the heavenly energies. For this reason, it has long been used by royal families across the world. The stone is said to produce vibrations that can help activate the mind, eventually kindling intelligence, and an undying zeal for succeeding in life.

It is also said to bring stillness in the inner senses, making the person feel more calm and composed.

Also, lapis lazuli healing crystals can help boost self awareness, enabling the bearer to express their true self easily.

Synchronizing well with the mind, body and the spirit, lapis lazuli is known as the Wisdom Keeper. This helps clear the mind and also encourages the formation of new patterns to create new ideas.

Can help Align Body, Mind and the Spirit

While the connection between the mind, body and the spirit is undeniable for those who believe, it’s true that the alignment between the three may often run out of tune.

As a result, various disturbances may crop up in your life.

Lapis lazuli gemstones' existence in your life can help establish alignment between your body, mind and the spirit.

First of all, it can help connect the mind with the heart, encouraging the body to optimally perform its vital functions.

This maintains healthy blood flow, adds a natural glow to the skin, helps manage respiratory health concerns, calms emotions and strengthens the nervous and immune systems.

Also, the spiritual properties of lapis lazuli can activate your mind, and unlock your psychic abilities, also enhancing your natural senses.

Lapis Lazuli Uses and Lapis Lazuli Metaphysical Properties

Lapis lazuli crystal finds numerous uses in everyday life. As the purpose of this stone is to bring and maintain positivity and good values to your life, there’s a number of ways you can use it.

In this section, we discuss methods to use lapis lazuli for your suitable purpose:

Wearing the Crystal

One of the common ways is to wear lapis lazuli crystal in a ring, bracelet, or pendant.

However, it is a shimmering shade of deep blue that can bring light to the dark atmosphere. As a result, when cut and carved into jewelry, it may not have the same impact as it would have in its natural state and shape.

Also, it’s crucial to note that lapis lazuli isn’t the strongest of the materials. Due to the lack of scratch-resistant properties, it is prone to getting minute scratches and chips and nicks in case you aren’t careful while wearing it.

From the astrology point of view, the best time to wear lapis lazuli is on a Saturday night of Krishna Paksha (also known as the waning moon).

It’s best to wear lapis lazuli in the upper parts of your body, for example, like earrings, pendant, nose ring, or in your hands at least.

 Placing at Home

It’s common to keep lapis lazuli stone at home. Not only can it benefit overall health, but also infuse positivity and good morale across the house.

Lapis lazuli stone is also related to feng shui. Both are used to identify how exactly the powers are absorbed and can be effective when lapis lazuli crystal is placed inside the house.

There’s a variety of lapis lazuli home accessories that one can keep inside their home for protection against psychic attacks and to establish positivity in the house. It can also help neutralize energy across the family, often keeping conflict at bay.

As a result, one can start experiencing peace and harmony in the household.

Speaking of the placement, you can place lapis lazuli accessories on the altar. This can encourage it to absorb the healing powers from the divine. Also, this will look great due to its deep blue color - no wonder ancient painters used to use lapis lazuli as the base color for their paintings.

Also, it is said that when you are alone in your home, lapis lazuli can help avoid negative thoughts and keep your mind calm and centered.

People dealing with mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, and stress can use this crystal to uplift and manage their mental health. Lapis lazuli can be especially helpful when living away from their family. That is the time when positivity is most required.

The best place to keep lapis lazuli is your bedroom or living room (whichever is facing South). This can attract an abundance of health and wealth.

At Workplace

The stone’s placement at your workplace can help you improve concentration and contemplate how you can attract success and be determined.

Lapis lazuli can work best for those who wear it to work. The presence of this crystal allows you to make smart decisions regarding where to step up and where to press pause. It also helps individuals find clarity when they are struggling to identify their goals.

Another workplace benefit of lapis lazuli is that it can help you be more expressive regarding your brilliant ideas, needs, and expectations.

This can help get work done, as it should ideally be. Lapis lazuli also encourages individuals to be inspired and active towards each task that they pick through the day.

If you face indecision while picking opportunities, this stone should be by your side.

Using Lapis Lazuli for Meditation

Meditation is one of the simplest practices in life that can lead you to ultimate mental peace. And when it’s coupled with lapis lazuli, its effect might enhance even further.

In ancient times, the lapis lazuli crystal witnessed saints and meditators use it as a part of their meditation routine.

As the stone is known to improve awareness, inner truth, hope, peace and feelings of positivity, it can also help optimize the meditation process. To use the stone while meditating, you can hold a small polished piece of lapis lazuli stone on your hand or simply place it at a place near you.

The stone can work perfectly for both short and longer meditations. However, for a more intense meditation experience, it’s not advisable to use lapis lazuli for more than two hours.

Deep breaths while meditating can help you express your emotions better.

Lapis Lazuli to Harmonize Relationships

Another popular benefit of having lapis lazuli around you is that it can help bring and maintain harmony in your friendships and relationships. The stone does so by influencing truth and promoting self-awareness in others.

As a result, you might also be able to carry a light and happy mood and give others a touch of positivity and happiness.

Additionally, lapis lazuli is said to protect harmony and balance in feelings and emotions, also opening the doors for acceptance in friendships and relationships. This can help develop a better understanding between individuals, also facilitating inner peace and truth.

Crystal Therapies

A variety of lapis lazuli therapies have been proven for helping people with higher IQs, autism, and Asperger’s syndrome. The crystal has been known to help them identify their thought patterns.

Additionally, the stone carries positive energy in abundance, giving the wearer healthy feelings and strengthening their mind also assisting the individuals suffering from trauma, depression, and deep grief.

Lapis lazuli therapies can also help clear your mind, giving you more courage. The crystal is considered best for those who think deep and wish to increase their focus.

This is a reason why the stone is popular among artists, psychologists, intellectual people, executives and writers. Also, the crystal can turn out to be a useful tool for analysts and creative individuals who need to think critically.

Another benefit of natural lapis lazuli crystal therapies is that it can help eliminate toxins from the body and the stone has also been proven as a tool to pace up weight loss, also managing female hormone balance. Also, when exposed to sunlight, the blue lapis stone may help reduce and heal bruises and cuts.

Lapis Lazuli - Chakra

Wondering for “what chakra is lapis lazuli?” The lapis lazuli element is associated with the throat chakra & third-eye chakra. 

The stone is known for being the mind’s inner eye linking to the mind’s consciousness, also providing perception beyond what’s visible to the naked eye.

The purpose of the third eye is to see both inner and outer worlds. As it’s the sixth chakra, it’s often linked with knowledge, wisdom, intuition, insight, and self-consciousness.

Lapis lazuli’s intense power can also unlock your inner self and help awaken your third-eye chakra, enabling your psychic abilities so you can see beyond what’s visible to the normal eye. 

The third-eye chakra activation can also help you focus better and be dedicated towards your goals. Also, lapis lazuli is the perfect choice for you if you feel being unheard or not being understood well.

The throat chakra (also known as Vishuddha) is concerned with communication, self-expression, and the ability to express your own truth.

Lapis Lazuli aids in the release of problems in the throat area, such as suppressed anger. It promotes self-awareness by stimulating, energizing, and balancing the throat chakra. This gem can also help you express your emotions to friends and partners by increasing creativity.

Beauty Products with Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli stone can also be used to create lapis lazuli oil, which goes by the name of blue tansy. Apart from that, lapis lazuli’s face wash is also popular and can help bring an unmatched glow to your face.

This can also help soothe facial irritations, reduce the visibility of blemishes and help manage redness of the skin.

The blue and green lapis are also used for creating face rollers that have nearly the same effect as the oil, but function better for massaging the face, eventually stimulating the muscles and pacing up the nutrient absorption. Lapis lazuli’s healing properties for skin are: detox, soothing the inflammation, lowering blood pressure, and stimulating lymphatic drainage.


Lapis lazuli color is an expressive blue. Due to this color, the stone is known as one of the best materials for creating accessories, handmade jewelry, and interior decoration accessories.

Lapis lazuli’s yoni egg element is commonly used for meditation, and muscle tightening. The crystal is also considered to be the best material for creating crystal wand yoni sticks, body massagers for women kegel exercise.

Also, this crystal’s natural characteristic makes it good for accessorizing. This stone also acts as a useful tool that can help elevate your energy levels, and expand the flow of energy along the spine.

Lapis Lazuli Gem Water

Another way to use lapis lazuli is through a gem water bottle. First of all, it’s easy to carry anywhere - of course, because it’s a water bottle and can be carried in your backpack or side bag or even in your hand. Secondly, this concept allows you to infuse the power of this healing crystal into your daily dose of water.

As it’s advisable to drink at least six to eight glasses of water each day, lapis lazuli gem water bottle can help you remain energized throughout the day, also helping keep your morale and positivity high.

Also, this will keep you hydrated throughout the day, at the same time delivering the true power of this crystal.

When and as you require, you can consider removing the elixir from the bottle and turn it into a regular bottle without the crystal. However, to experience, enjoy and reap the most benefits, it’s advisable to not do so.

Lapis lazuli is a highly spiritual crystal that can help expand your thinking, establishing connections with your deeper inner self and the spiritual world, also promoting awareness at the same time.

Lapis Lazuli - FAQs

Lapis lazuli crystal holds great spiritual value for many of us. However, at times a bunch of questions may crop up in your mind, whose answers may not be readily available. In this section, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions relating to lapis lazuli.

Final words

Lapis lazuli stone holds great spiritual value and is often considered to be an effective tool for improving the quality of life and maintaining peace and harmony. In this comprehensive guide, we tried to shed light on various aspects of lapis lazuli, including its benefits, and ways to use it. Additionally, if you also wish to know where to buy lapis lazuli stones, Healing Crystals India website is the right place for you.

Here you can find all types of precious stones and crystals that you may wish to find and use. Hopefully, this post helped you find the information and products you were looking for.



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