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Written by

Abhishek Sharma

JUNE 2022

Reiki Healer | Motivational speaker | Crystal Healer

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Moonstone - What is it? Its Benefits, Uses and Everything Else!


  • What is a Moonstone?
  • The Origins of Moonstone Gemstone
  • Types of Moonstone Crystals
  • Moonstone Crystal Properties
  • What is Moonstone Used For?
  • How to Clean Moonstone Crystal?
  • Interesting Facts About Moonstone That You Didn't Know
  • How Expensive is A Moonstone?
  • Takeaway

Moonstone is a veiled spectacle of light or cirrus clouds that pass before the Moon. This gemstone mesmerizes all the gem lovers of different cultures. It is believed to have an otherworldly façade, healing properties, and a spiritual significance. The pearly iridescence that moonstone crystal showcases is exquisite. It also holds a deep meaning. Moonstone is seen as a mysterious gemstone because of which it is valued by devotees, monks, spiritual gurus, and shamans.

Here's everything to know about what is a Moonstone, moonstone properties, uses, benefits, and more.

What is a Moonstone?

Moonstone's meaning lies within the energy that it emits. The power of this crystal can nourish, give passion, and even awaken your feminine energies. Moonstone crystal is an ancient gemstone with numerous healing properties. It can heal and guide you towards your inner peace.

The Moonstone gemstone evokes tranquility and has a sensual feel to it. This gemstone exudes a mysterious glow, and beneath its shine lies vitality that can re-energize your mind. The healing properties of Moonstone also wash all your negativity away, thus offering you peace of mind. It is enveloped by the strong rays of blue, gold, and purple and further embraced with gleaming white energy, together making it a protective gem.

The Origins of Moonstone Gemstone

This crystal is a part of the mineral family of feldspars. Moonstone is an opalescent stone found in colorless and colorful forms – peach, gray, pink, blue, brown, and yellow, to name a few. The play of light seen in this stone is known as adularescence. The clarity of Moonstone ranges from transparent to opaque.

If myths and legends are to be believed, the ancient Romans theorized that this gemstone had been created by frozen moonlight. It shines with cool lunar light, and its shimmer is caused by the intergrowth of two varied types of feldspar having different refractive indexes.

The most prized and raw Moonstone is present in India and Sri Lanka. Wondering how rare is Moonstone? Blue moonstones are highly valued because of their rarity. Their origins are only in Sri Lanka. India is home to other types of moonstones. Moonstone mines are present all around the globe – Brazil, Myanmar, USA, Norway, Australia, Tanzania, Madagascar, and Germany. The Adula Mountains in Switzerland have the most historically interesting moonstone mines.

Types of Moonstone Crystals

Moonstone's definition suggests that it has varied types and colors. 

Blue Moonstone

Blue moonstone is the rarest of all. Also known as cat-eye Moonstone, it has a floating blue color on the surface, and yet it appears transparent and crystal clear. It is the most desirable of all moonstone gemstones. The best blue moonstones are present in Sri Lanka. As they are extremely rare, they are expensive too.

Blue moonstone requires extra care because the material is brittle and may break under pressure.

Rainbow Moonstone

Another moonstone crystal, rainbow moonstone, emerges from the vacant osteoclastic inclusions and texture. This Moonstone has a milky appearance. The reason why it is called a rainbow moonstone is because reflection from the layers and inclusions of this Moonstone generates a rainbow effect.

The color play of this Moonstone is extremely common. Because of this, its use is prevalent in moonstone jewelry. The appearance of this Moonstone is transparent.

Green Moonstone

It is one of the loveliest moonstone crystals. It appears slightly white or transparent with a hint of pale green-yellow color. If you look down on the pier, you will notice a glow from inside. This exquisite moonstone crystal has an optical effect filtered out with a tall dome.

Pink Moonstone

This moonstone crystal has varied appearances, ranging from honey to beige and even peach. The use of pink Moonstone is prevalent in painted bead columns. The beautiful white shine of this crystal resembles a star or cat's eye.

Gray Moonstone

Many stories surround the existence of this moonstone color. Like the full moon on a dark Halloween Night, this gem is all about pulling back the veil to let you peer beyond the periphery. It is touted as one of the most mystic styles of Moonstone.

Peach or Yellow Moonstone

This type of Moonstone exhibits shades of peach and yellow. A peach or yellow crystal moonstone ring is often suggested to wear if you want to remove all your fears and anxieties. This Moonstone glows up beautifully in the dark.

White Moonstone

The clearest and the most beautiful of all, white Moonstone captures hope and promise of the new moon. According to astrologers, white Moonstone is a great magnifier of emotions. Despite this feature, it doesn't compromise balance.

Moonstone Crystal Properties

Moonstone crystals possess many healing properties. The kaleidoscopic crystal loves bringing light into your life. It is just like the cosmic rock hanging in the sky. Moonstone gathers all your emotions. It is the turn of the tide, the light, and the dark. Moonstone is the depth of your own soul. This gemstone can heal you physically and spiritually. Here is everything to know about the properties of Moonstone.

A Crystal Possessing Physical Properties

The existence of Moonstone is linked to the Goddess energy and the divine feminine. Thus, it is no surprise that the crystal has physical healing properties, especially for females. If you often complain about PMS, Moonstone will alleviate your pain and make those days better and more comfortable. It also offers a better hormonal balance.

It is believed that Moonstone affects the female reproductive organs positively, thus bringing your body into its natural cycle. If you are suffering from fertility issues, wearing Moonstone in the form of jewelry may solve your problem. It is also good for the parents to use Moonstone as it brings strength and relieves physical discomforts.

An Emotional and Mental Healing Stone

Today, balance and peace of mind have become a person's biggest assets. If you feel like you are losing your mind on a full moon, know that the Moon affects your emotional balance. Moonstone shines a light throughout the darkness and removes all your negative feelings. Moonstone also balances your hormones, making sure you move in tandem with the world outside your window.

Moonstone crystal is referred to as the stone of new beginnings. It means that wearing it or keeping it with you will help you adapt and embrace the cyclical nature of the season. You become more aware that change is the only constant; hence you do not fear turning to the new page of life. This factor also encourages you to take up new challenges and overcome all the obstacles throughout your life’s journey. Moonstone helps you process and accept changes through the harmony of its natural healing powers, rather than sinking into overwhelm.

A Crystal with Metaphysical Properties

Moonstone is considered a cosmic and charming crystal, rich with psychic abilities. Astrologers believe this stone is also a great connector to the chakras. Whether it is rough Moonstone or any other form of this crystal, there is something extremely spiritual about it. Merely looking at this stone feels like watching the moonbeams dance in the midnight ocean. This stone brings a sense of calm and wonder.

It is said that Moonstone gemstone connects beautifully with the Heart Chakra, the Crown Chakra, and the Third Eye Chakra. The combination of these chakras invites you to look deep within to see beyond the shackles of your limiting beliefs. When open and attuned, these chakras help you find your place in the universe and make you a part of this incredible cosmic jigsaw puzzle.

A Zodiac Birthstone

To talk more about the moonstone properties, it is one of the mothering birthstones for all the Librans, the individuals born under the zodiac sign of Libra. Librans are known to be sharp and diplomatic. At times, they can be indecisive, too, especially during any confrontation. When Librans wear a moonstone, it helps them accept the change in their life with all the grace and look forward to confrontations. They do not fear the process of decision-making.

Scorpions, too, may find solace in the glow that moonstone exhibits. Scorpions are known to be brave and bright. They are also unflinchingly loyal, a quality that makes them special and different from others. They react quickly and become jealous. Moonstone helps bring gentle feminine energy to the table to balance this trait among the scorpions. The combination of yin and yang energy brings them more peace.

What is Moonstone Used For?

The above-listed qualities and healing properties of Moonstone make it a sought-after gemstone to heal your life, balance your chakras, and obtain peace of mind. Because of all these properties, the use of this crystal is prevalent in many fields and aspects.

You can choose to bring this stone into your home. You can also make beautiful moonstone jewelry and don it to look beautiful and absorb good energy. As Moonstone helps flush out negative energy and rebalance emotions, its use is prevalent among adults seeking peace of mind. Moonstone also offers more feminine feels in your life. Thus, using this white and beautiful bright stone in any form will only bring you good vibes.

Here is how you can say yes to Moonstone and use it in your daily life.

Moonstone for Home and Office Use

The healing vibes of Moonstone gemstone can be attracted both at your workplace and home. The magic of this healing crystal is nothing less than an asset to your practice of Feng Shui. The divine and emotional energy that this stone represents make it a great keepsake to bring harmony to your home.

You may place this stone where family or shared house tensions run high. It will bring down the temperature and tension. If you have a studio or workspace, installing Moonstone will put your creativity to play. If you are struggling with mental peace, fertility issues, and other stressful situations, place the Moonstone close to your bed.

Wear Your Moonstone

Another prevalent use of this crystal is in the form of jewelry. Moonstone jewelry not only looks aesthetically appealing but also possesses many healing properties. If you want to make the most of the powers of moonstone crystal, the best way of inviting it into your world is with Moonstone jewelry.

Whether you choose an intricate moonstone bracelet or a glorious moonstone crystal necklace, having this stone set directly against your enables maximum absorption of its power and properties. Moonstone rings can be worn daily, and you will experience the best days of your life within a few days of wearing them.

When you wear a moonstone on your skin, it vibrates with the natural frequencies of your body. The crystal sends healing vibes whenever your body demands them.

You can pair this crystal with other stones and multiply the protective energy and aura around you. Some of the gemstones that compliment Moonstone are Obsidian, Opal, Labradorite, and Amethyst.

How to Clean Moonstone Crystal?

Like other healing crystals and gemstones, your Moonstone will work well when you cleanse and charge it regularly. As healing crystals mop negative vibes from around your environment and send positive energy, it is essential to keep this flow fresh and fully activated by cleansing them periodically.

Wondering how to cleanse Moonstone? Like the Moon that hangs in the sky, Moonstone reacts best when combined with moonlight and water. All you need to do is run your natural moonstone crystal underwater and cleanse its energy. Afterward, leave it on the windowsill on a full moon day. By doing so, your crystal will soak up all the rays and become charged again, ready to bring more peace, positivity, and good vibes to your life.

Another method of cleansing the crystal and removing all the negative vibrations absorbed is putting it near a stream or ocean. Wash your Moonstone under running water, and keep it near the stream. The energy of freshwater will charge the Moonstone.

Sometimes, saltwater can also be used to cleanse and purify your Moonstone. Salt acts as a purifier. You can leave your moonstone crystal submerged in a bowl of salt water overnight. After soaking it, rinse it under cool running water to remove excess salt. Dispose of the saltwater so that nobody uses it again.

Interesting Facts About Moonstone That You Didn't Know

Do Moonstones glow in the dark? How rare are moonstones? The curiosity about this gemstone remains constant. We have gathered some interesting facts to help you know more about it. We are sure you have never heard of these facts before.

  • The use of moonstone crystal has been prevalent since ancient times. It was said to be able to elicit deep passion between lovers. It was also believed that if a person wears a moonstone, they can predict the future. They could do it by putting the crystal in their mouth when the Moon was full. It has been attributed to the gravitational pull of the stone and its ability to coax the energy from it.
  • If you are searching for good fortune, start by bringing moonstone home. This gem is believed to offer the owner great fortune. According to Roman and Greek legends, Moonstone was created from the bits and pieces of the actual Moon. They witnessed this stone as having revitalizing and deeply transformative healing properties. The use of raw Moonstone was also prevalent in creating elegant moonstone crystal necklaces, rings, bracelets, and other ornamental jewelry.
  • India is home to the best variety of moonstone crystals. Different types of moonstones, especially colorful versions, are found only in India. The most popular Moonstone, blue Moonstone, is mined in the state of Bihar.
  • The mystical powers of Moonstone gemstone are not oblivious to people. Apart from bringing in good fortune, the use of this crystal is also prevalent in Ayurvedic medicine and other healing methods. Ayurvedic medicine is the most ancient form of natural medicine practiced in India. At present, western countries, too, are recognizing its importance and use in healing many health conditions naturally.
    The Ayurvedic practitioners often use moonstone crystal in conjunction with prescribed diet, exercise, and other lifestyle recommendations. Not only this, some Ayurvedic practitioners in the US combine traditional western medicine with Ayurvedic approaches to address a more extensive range of issues. They may even recommend wearing moonstone jewelry to their patients.
  • Moonstone is both a crystal and a gemstone. The reported moon landings that took place in the 1970s elevated the status of Moonstone to a gem. Thus, now moonstone crystal is also a moonstone gem. To honor the Kennedy Space Center and the achievements of NASA, the Moonstone was christened the Florida State Gemstone.
  • Moonstone also comprises adularescence qualities. Adularescent refers to the rippling blue light appearing when you rotate the Moonstone near any source of light. The effect occurs due to the interwoven properties of a separate feldspar in different positions inside this gemstone. 
    For instance, the Cat's Eye phenomenon is when a strand of light lingers over this crystal when you rotate it, giving a cat's alert eye appearance. Similarly, asterism refers to the image of a star formed on the exterior of this crystal. The star changes its shape and size as the light filters.

How Expensive is A Moonstone?

You do not have to spend a fortune buying this crystal as it sits at the bottom of the cost spectrum of all gemstones. Thus, moonstone crystal is affordable. A moonstone is less rare than other crystals and gemstones and can be found in many parts of the world. Another factor that makes this crystal less expensive is that it is soft and easy to break or scratch.

On average, Moonstone is 100 times less expensive than other gemstones such as diamonds. The price of Moonstone and peridot fall on the same scale.

Moonstone value and cost are variable and keep on changing with the amount of quality specimens sold and fashions that change from time to time. But the price of moonstone crystals is not affected by these changes. It is because the world has many moonstone mines where it is present in abundance.


Moonstone helps you declare your purpose, balance your life, shed off negativity, and offer you better health. The use of Moonstone brings positivity and hope to any environment and makes it a calming place. Moonstone gemstone purifies your aura. Now that you know the many benefits of Moonstone, it's time to buy it and put it into use.

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