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Written by

Abhishek Sharma

JUNE 2022

Reiki Healer | Motivational speaker | Crystal Healer

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Moss Agate Meaning, Healing Properties, and Uses


  • What is Moss Agate?
  • Moss Agate Meaning
  • Moss Agate Properties
  • Moss Agate Crystal Meaning 
  • Moss Agate Benefits
  • Green Moss Agate
  • Moss Agate Spiritual Meaning
  • Moss Agate Healing Properties
  • Moss Agate Uses
  • Moss Agate Value or Worth
  • Types of Moss Agate
  • Moss Agate In Water
  • Moss Agate Symbolism
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Are you looking for peace in your relationships? Do you crave those profound friendships that give you true joy?

Not many may know that when the body and mind are tuned to peace and harmony, everything seems to fall in place magically. We all need to be connected to the world in the true sense . The secret to these connections is in the heart chakra. If this place vibrates at the right frequency, and experiences a free flow of positive energies, the outcome is overwhelming love , abundance and joy.

There are many paths to experience this free flow of positive energies. Crystal healing is one of them. To allow true friendships to flourish, and feel the abiding joy in existing relationships, trust moss agate to do this job well. Moss agate is a splendid medium to focus and embark on the inner journey, while pondering on the real essence of life.

What is Moss Agate?

Moss Agate is an integral part of the Agate family created from silicon dioxide. It falls under the category of a semi-precious stone and is a type of chalcedony. Moss Agate gets its name from the presence of green-hued minerals that resemble moss in appearance. It gets its unique identity from emerald ores.The minerals can also lend a black or brown shade.

Moss Agate emits frequencies that uplift and soothe the mind.

Appearance of Moss Agate

The appearance of moss agate is glossy over its surface with brown or black colored evident patterns on it. Moss agate is a part of the family of oxide and quartz. The surface of moss agate is akin to marble and the surface looks polished. What is not commonly known about moss agate, is that each crystal is uniquely different from another.

Dig deeper and what emerges is bountiful blessings to alleviate symptoms of many illnesses. Many psychological issues also sort themselves out with a little support from this gemstone.

Moss Agate comes in several colors such as brown, charcoal, orange and blue. Moss agate is also famously known as 'mocha' stone after the city Mocha in Yemen. This is the place where moss agate originated. This natural stone is found as fragments from volcanic rocks and is sourced from India, South America, the USA and Central Europe.

Moss Agate Meaning

Moss agate meaning is very important as it has implications in the physical, emotional, and metaphysical realm.The metaphysical properties perhaps take the moss agate meaning to another level.

One of moss agate meanings that is priceless, is the sense of calm and emotional balance that it brings. In the area of anger management, this stone can help in a big way. From bringing a balance to those experiencing sweeping emotions, the vibrations from this stone can enable immeasurable clarity and peace.

Another moss agate meaning which you cannot miss, is its strong connection with nature. This helps the bearers develop a more patient attitude and take a step back to handle all the chaos that living in a modern world brings.It also instills a new dimension to friendships. Wearing a moss agate gemstone while making new friendships develops a deeper connection . It is from these profound foundations that solid friendships grow. Such a unique stone must have some amazing properties, do you know moss agate properties?

Moss Agate Properties

Moss agate is sourced from Western United States, Brazil, Central parts of Europe, and Uruguay. The name moss agate can lead to assumptions if it is a moss or agate, the answer is , it is neither. The moss-like appearance of the crystal is due to the pattern of black and green inclusions which look like moss. The moss agate is not technically an agate, without the bands, although in the patterns and chemical composition it resembles an agate.

To define the moss agate properties, it belongs to the family of quartz and is a type of chalcedony. Moss agate is found as pieces of volcanic rock and as pebbles, or in fissures.

If you observe the surface of moss agate, the thin inclusions which resemble dendrite are nothing but iron or manganese oxides. The colors of moss agate depends upon the amount of metals or minerals present. The chemical composition of moss agate is silicon dioxide. It has a hardness of 6-1/2 to 7 (Mohs). Among other moss agate properties, the hardness score is useful for ornamentation purposes.The specific gravity is 2.58 - 2.62 and the refractive index is 1.54 - 1.55.

Moss Agate Crystal Meaning

Akin to other crystals, moss agate crystal meaning is related to its mystical characteristics which have deeper symbolism.

The overriding characteristic of moss agate is - it elevates balance in emotions and promotes calmness.This is especially beneficial for those grappling with negative feelings or are struggling to manage anger. Moss agate brings about calm and also keeps users in touch with reality. It keeps people humble, flexible and patient.

Many of us are workaholics. This can adversely impact family life. Many times our professional and personal life overlaps and we lose sight of the purpose of life. Keeping moss agate close or wearing it as jewelry can sort these matters out. Testimonials of people that have used this green gemstone show the positive influence in thinking, work life balance, emotional stability and serenity. Further, the energies from this stone helps deal with success and failure with equanimity. Yo-yo of emotions and extreme highs or lows do not occur with this gemstone.

Do not be surprised if you unexpectedly experience tension reducing, more mental clarity and better control over your life. This stone will assist in improving health and will equip you with the force to handle daily stresses.

The grounding energy of moss agate will empower your connection with nature. It will inspire you to spend time in verdant surroundings to imbibe its healing energies.

Moss Agate Benefits

Using moss agate as jewelry or as a decorative crystal in your home or workplace can have the following health benefits.

  • Treats infections and colds
  • Keeps circulatory system healthy
  • Brings down fever
  • Has an anti-inflammatory effect
  • Cleansing the circulatory system
  • Offsets dehydration
  • Effectively relieves flu
  • Good for skin infections and fungal issues
  • Soothes pain and brings relief

Moss agate nurtures the soul and allows it to merge with the environment surrounding it. This is only possible if the physical body and intellect are in balance. The therapeutic effects of moss agate extends to the spiritual realm. This stone effortlessly brings soothing energy and allows you to establish a close bond with the earth.

Moss agate, just like other greenish gemstones, concentrates on the heart chakra, ensuring it is free of obstacles. This means the heart chakra experiences a free flow of positive energies, thus attracting prosperity, compassion and empathy. To enjoy an inseparable and profound companionship, and a happy romantic life, rely on moss agate as an excellent resource.

Green Moss Agate

Green moss agate is available as natural loose gemstone and as superior quality green moss agate cabochon. Both these serve well for use as jewelry.

Natural moss agate is available as a hexagonal tower which can be used during reiki. Green moss agates are available in round shape or as a hexagon step cut.

Green moss agate semi precious tumbled stones are available for attracting abundance, luck and prosperity.

Moss Agate Spiritual Meaning 

This green gemstone is wonderful for the human spirit. The vibrations from this stone have an uplifting effect, where the energies and thoughts align with the universe to produce countless blessings. If one is on the path of inner discovery, to ascertain the true purpose of existence, we may need tools such as healing crystals to keep the mind unwavering and steady. In this area, moss agate assumes significance. It becomes a good support for spirituality. 

If we are prayerful and crave for inner harmony, this may be the goto stone to enable positive experiences. To observe and appreciate the beauty of nature, and to learn valuable lessons from it, we need to be tuned to receive. We will be able to move higher up on our spiritual goals when we can channelise our energy in the right direction. Moss agate helps balance the chakra energy and direct it towards spirituality. This is true moss agate spiritual meaning.

Moss Agate Healing Properties

Moss agate healing properties extend to physical , emotional and metaphysical areas. The properties of moss agate give a thrust to promote social and physical wellness. It can help in increasing your understanding about your own self, your body and emotions. This will translate into a better appreciation of your relationship with all beings, nature and with everything you see in the environment.

Moss agate improves your cognition. It can also work on your ability for critical analysis. Your ability to observe situations, comprehend and also improve your vision, are some of the healing properties of moss agate.

This gemstone increases your drive and propels you forward to reach your objectives. It will keep you more genuine by allowing you to reconnect with what you actually are. If you are leading a life of discontent and are unable to reach your full potential, moss agate will get you out of this island.

Gemstones and healing crystals serve as a support for medical treatment. They are not however a compensation or replacement for medical consultation with a registered practitioner. Alongside seeking the advice of a physician or doctor for symptoms of health issues, use moss agate healing crystals to improve the prognosis.

Emotional Healing

Are you on an emotional roller coaster ride? The vibrations from green moss agate may just be what is needed to improve your comfort, empathy, and kindness.

If emotions and temperaments are volatile, moss agate can bring instant calmness and soothing energies even if it's like a war zone. One of this gemstone’s splendid therapeutic interventions is to improve mood and keep you positive.

Emotional healing from moss agate extends to anger management, and this is a blessing if you suffer from anger issues. It brings in refreshing energy when you feel all the negativity melt away. Those dealing with unresolved issues, toxic thoughts or extreme diffidence, can use this green wonder to cure themselves of these forces that pull them down.

Moss Agate and Emotions

Extreme stress can be counterproductive for the best of us. To be as detached as possible to the negative influences of stress and do what is to be done with determination is much required in a professional and personal scenario. Your persuasive qualities will improve when you use this stone constantly. It will be a beneficial companion to bring in those positive influences, encouraging progress and making you have those vital connections.

Most of us get ruffled even with minor disturbances. It disturbs our mental peace. Moss agate will work on the capacity to discern, cope and progress despite these influences. It will help the users to respond rather than react, thus creating an environment for personal growth and mental peace.

Panic attacks and anxiety issues will most certainly abate and you will enjoy inner peace. 

Physical Healing

The therapeutic benefits of moss agate heal the body to aid better circulation, digestion and eliminate waste from the body. The healing vibes from moss agate remove any trace of discomfort in the body. What is rather special about this stone, is its antioxidant properties. This helps all the organs and keeps it ticking at its best.

The stone ensures the movement of blood and other fluids in the body in a healthy manner. It cuts the risks of inflammation and therefore infections are at bay. The stone empowers the immune system to fight foreign bodies, alleviate chronic ailments and reduce vulnerability to seasonal infections.

For those that are troubled by allergies, and fever caused by weather changes, moss agate gemstone will help you get stronger and protect against persistent infections.

Moss Agate Spiritual Properties

Moss agate ensures a calm mental state. This means it paves the way for aligning our energies with that of the cosmos. This is the essence of spiritualism when we are in sync with nature. The properties of this stone give a fillip to practices which put us firmly on the spiritual path. For instance, during prayer and meditation, keeping a moss agate crystal can help us effortlessly focus on the mind. It can prevent the incessant flow of thoughts.

We may be at the receiving end of overly aggressive behavior, or possessiveness. Sometimes people we are close to exhibit an overdrive in nurturing emotions. In such circumstances, Moss agate is the goto stone for establishing a balance in these human emotions. This stone keeps a desired level of energy between male and female so that there are no extreme behaviors.

The spiritual attributes of moss agate are ultra-fine and they are famous for enabling a transformative experience. It can completely change the flow and fuel energies in the right direction. You may soon begin to feel the steadying of your swaying moods and more clarity in the way you function.

Most people carry emotional baggage and fears that are settled in the subconscious. The vibrations from moss agate will help in letting go of these concerns which stand in the way of leading a joyful life.

Mainly this green stone will bring all that you desire in the area of self improvement to the fore and set you on the path of introspection.

Moss Agate Metaphysical Properties 

Metaphysical properties of green moss agate centers around its nurturing and soothing energies. While keeping the positive outlook in life alive, green moss agate works on self esteem It pushes users to strive for emotional balance as that is the only way to inner harmony.

Most of the time we experience ill health when we harbor prejudices and are unable to forgive . This stone aids in breaking bad habits and promotes forgiveness towards those who have caused harm in the past. Fresh starts, novel experiences, and a complete rejuvenation are some of the highlights of green moss agate. Since it is so deeply tied to nature and energy of the earth, these accomplishments of the stone are child's play. Not surprising that those who love farming or gardening, use moss agate crystals around their plants to improve growth.

Moss Agate Uses

The Mohs hardness score of Moss Agate, 6.5 to 7 on a scale of 10, renders it useful for a variety of jewelry. The many colors of moss agate also make it popular for ornamental purposes.

These stones are used during meditation and prayer. The moss agate crystals set with an intention helps the bearer overcome hurdles with a positive spirit. The crystal improves focus and aligns the energies of the body with those of the cosmos.

Moss agate does wonders for the heart chakra. Placing this stone on the heart chakra can completely eliminate toxic influences from this seat of love and joy.

Moss agate is used extensively in decorative pieces, artifacts to adorn homes and commercial spaces. This gemstone is used as jewelry in the form of bracelets, earrings, pendants, and necklaces.

If you or your family is facing domestic conflicts very often, place moss agate in the house or in the bedroom to cleanse the energies in the house. If family members appear extremely agitated, over-emotional or temperamental, place the moss agate crystal in the bedroom for calmness and peace.

Moss agate finds relevance in Feng Shui, reiki and other forms of traditional energy balancing practices.

Moss Agate Farming

Moss agate is beneficial for agriculture. If your interest lies in plants, farming or gardening, moss agate brings in nurturing energies to ensure the whole exercise or crop is fruitful. This gemstone emits energies that help the growth of healthy crops in a shorter duration.

Moss Agate Value or Worth

Moss agate stones are reasonably priced and extremely pocket friendly. The stone is a visual treat bringing immense value to its users. The various colors of moss agate are a testimony to the aesthetic aspect of nature as well its therapeutic effects of healing its users.

Types of Moss Agate

Raw Moss Agate

Raw moss agate appears white or looks clear and displays dendritic inclusions that resemble moss. These colors develop due to residual metals like iron that appear like impurities. Different colors are formed due to the presence of these metals and their oxidation state.

Raw moss agate works to calm people akin to the working of nature. It helps people form deep connections with the world. This stone works on the heart chakra to make sure there are no blocks to aid the free flow of abundance and love.

Blue Moss Agate

Although moss agates are found in different colors, the rarest moss agate is perhaps only the blue variant. The blue of blue moss agate is like the color of the sea. This is a semi precious gemstone and it is fortunate if you get it.

The blue color stands for calm and soothing energy. It symbolizes trust and faith. This stone has a beneficial influence on the body and mind. The blue moss agate brings in renewed positivity and abundance in your life. If you are dealing with a stalemate, this stone can bring in a whole new dimension to solving the problem. Fresh ideas and perspective is the hallmark of blue moss agate. You will also be your confident and candid best under the influence of blue moss agate.

Blue moss agate is a boon to your relationships as it enables a mature way of dealing with emotions . If you feel mentally low or experience mood swings, use blue agate stone to work its magic on your mind.

This stone is known to elevate neural activity and channelise it in the right direction. You will feel empowered with better focus and capacity to analyze any situation and make it work for you.

Even if you are in a real tight spot, wearing this gemstone or being in the vicinity of its vibrations can make you feel sorted. It alleviates stress and anxiety. It is particularly beneficial to those who face frequent mood swings.

Although blue moss agates are extremely rare stones, they are available at our store. We have creative and exquisite designs of blue moss agate as bracelets, pendants, earrings and other types of jewelry. We also have tumbled blue moss agate and pyramids to use in your home and office spaces or simply to carry it along with you.

Rough Moss Agate

Rough moss agate is completely natural from the mines in our country. The gemstones display special patterns that are ideal for physical, spiritual and metaphysical uses. They are also perfect for reiki, tumbling, cabbing, or just using them in the raw form as decorative stones.

Tree Moss Agate

Tree Agate is part of the huge family of agates. It is a beautiful stone decorated with eye-catching green patterns on it. Tree agate and moss agate are sometimes confused one for the other due to the green patterns on both the varieties.  

Tree agate symbolizes the connection with nature, inner calm and support. This stone has a profound bond with earthy energy. It is known as the peace crystal.

This stone radiates soothing vibrations that assist in enabling a calm state of mind, removing blockages and helping people find their happiness. When you establish a link with this precious gem, it powers you to enjoy inner balance, constancy, safety, protection, and emotional maturity.

Moss agate and tree agate focus on the heart chakra which is the pivot energy center that brings harmony in everything associated with patience, peace, balance, and maturity.

Tumbled Moss Agate

The tumbled moss agate are small translucent to white stones that display moss type inclusions. Tumbled moss agate symbolizes fresh starts and experiences. They increase our connection with nature, reality, and align the mind, spirit and body.

Moss Agate is famous for healing with earth energies. It has the deepest connection with nature, agriculture and symbolizes new beginnings. Moss agate helps plants grow well, so these tumbled varieties can be placed around plants.

Tumbled moss agate can be placed at spots in the house or workplace to promote positive vibrations and healing. These tumbled varieties are easy to carry even in the pocket. If tumbled moss agate is placed close to expectant women in labor, it can help ease the process of birthing. This is why it is called a ‘birthing crystal’.

This variety of moss agate can be used to remove blocks in the heart chakra and eliminate pent-up stress. This crystal acts like a balm for emotional scars. It can alter old negative behavior patterns and inspire the quality to 'let go and move on. Keep these tumbled varieties in your carry bag or valesse to ensure release of negativity, attract wealth and abundance, and eliminate fear and stress.

Moss Agate Bracelet

Moss agate bracelets are available at our Healing Crystals store. Buy it to restore stability, peace and tranquility in your lives. We have bracelets in varying sizes. Moss agate bracelets work to attract abundance. When you wear this bracelet, rest assured to experience an increase in vitality and prosperity. It brings blessings to the wearer with the ability to race ahead and achieve goals, while also ironing out impediments in the path.

Moss Agate In Water

Can moss agate go in water? Moss agate is a hard gemstone with a near 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. This means it can most definitely go inside water. Technically, it can handle water without any deleterious effect on the stone. The only word of caution is that the agate stone must not be submerged in water for prolonged periods.

What is important to note is that, among the different varieties of moss agate stones, the degree of resistance to water varies. Therefore, it is best to ascertain the nature of the stone before exposure to water.

Before exposing the agate stone to water, the crystal should be examined for scratches, cracks or chips. Water is best avoided if the agate stone has any sort of damage.

To clean the crystal with water, do so by wiping the surface with a moist cloth. Alternatively, use a soft brush to remove the dirt. After this, you can rinse the stone under running water for not more than 10 to 12 seconds.

This technique will serve well as it does away with dirt which could be clinging obstinately to the surface of the stone without adversely impacting it. The temperature of the water should not be extreme, hot or cold.

Moss Agate Symbolism

Green moss agate symbolizes high emotional balance and tranquility. This quality of moss agate is also thought to help people going through overpowering emotions . The significance of moss agate is its deep link with nature and its ability to bring to the fore, the earth's natural healing mechanism.


Moss agate covers the entire gamut from physical healing to emotional clarity and is the right stone to possess to stay healthy. To reiterate, the vibrations from this stone cleanses the aura, mind and helps us get a better grasp of our own bodies and emotions. We know what we want emotionally and psychologically. We also begin to understand our expectations from others. All in all, this beautiful stone is no doubt a precious contribution to the collection.

If the energies of the mind and body are in sync, the spirit calms down and aligns with the environment around. Moss agate also offers benefits in the metaphysical realm. It soothes the mind and casts its positive vibrations on the heart chakra. The blockages clear to allow the free exchange of abundance and joy. To be able to contemplate, to find purpose and joy, develop deep friendships and harmony in current relationships, moss agate achieves all this and more effortlessly.




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