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Written by

Abhishek Sharma

JUNE 2022

Reiki Healer | Motivational speaker | Crystal Healer

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Red Jasper - Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses


  • Red Jasper Meaning and Uses
  • Red Jasper Healing Properties
  • Red Jasper Benefits
  • How to Cleanse Red Jasper?
  • What Does Red Jasper Look Like?
  • How to Use Red Jasper?
  • What is Red Jasper Good For?
  • Jasper and Carnelian
  • Jasper Chakra
  • Red Jasper Magical Properties
  • Red Jasper Pendant
  • Red Jasper Gemstone
  • Conclusion 
  • FAQs


Have you ever wondered why many consider the red jasper a lucky charm? Why did the native Americans connect red jasper to the blood of mother Earth? Isn't it interesting that this beautiful red stone has profound links to our ancient past?

In ancient Egypt, the red Jasper stone was thought to have a link to the fertility of mother Isis. The stone was revered because it could give protection against evil spirits and wild insects and reptiles such as lethal spiders and snakes. Many consider the stone to have magical properties. Carrying the stone and setting an intention to bring rain, actually brought in those welcome showers. The unique metaphysical properties of red jasper turned out to be a blessing in people's lives, who used it to achieve their purpose.

Let us find out everything about this interesting and fascinating gemstone - meaning, uses, properties and its priceless contribution to users.

Red Jasper stone is an attractive red colored stone. Noticeable dark gray specks adorn the stone, which are nothing but iron inclusions, The jasper is an eminent member of the quartz family. Russia, France, India, America and Brazil are home to the red jasper and its enviable varieties.

Red Jasper Meaning and Uses

Red Jasper is an important member of the chalcedony class of minerals. This is a type of quartz and looks like opaque glass. Jasper is found in different deep colors such as brown, black, yellow, green, and blue. The colors can also be mixed such as reddish-brown.

Jasper meaning indicates security, safety and protection from danger. This stone is adept in grounding the energy by eliminating all the toxic blocks. Red jasper also signifies unhindered passion, which means a powerful purpose and determination to seek love, success and happiness.

Red Jasper stone meaning - known as the ‘stone of endurance, the red Jasper works as talisman guarding people from danger. Jasper is also known as a soul nurturer.It helps in balancing the chakra and encourages strength. This crystal is known for its unbelievable properties to ground. It also helps people keep their head on their shoulders and be in touch with reality. The vibrations of the stone keep people simple and humble, irrespective of their accomplishments, a trait which significantly impacts mental clarity.

Red jasper stone meaning and its magical ways to ground energy gives the much needed encouragement and push for the root chakra energy. It can also positively impact your passions to make you more joyful. You will be able to use the energy to remain active and constantly innovate to make your life better. With the energy of this red Jasper it is possible to enjoy all the motivation and inspiration to reach your complete potential.

Red Jasper Properties and Uses

The specific gravity of red jasper is about 2.5 to 2.9. This stone is magnificent for its ability to help focus. This stone has a profound connection with nature. It is nicknamed as the ‘stone of endurance’.

The smooth surface of jasper stone makes it conducive in jewelry. Therefore, jasper is widely used for ornamentation as well as in decor. It can be polished and used decoratively in vases..

The uses of red jasper are as follows :

  • Worn as jewelry - pendants, necklace, ring , and bracelets
  • Tumbled stone varieties for strategic placement in the house or workplace
  • Root chakra meditation by setting an intention on the crystal
  • Heals bone and blood associated ailments
  • Infuses renewed interest, inspiration, and motivation to complete a new project or task
  • Restores balance in emotions and physical health
  • Helpful during challenging and stressful times

Red Jasper Healing Properties

The red jasper is powerfully connected to nature and therefore all those who come in contact with the positive vibrations of the stone are served very well. Apart from restoring balance, jasper, the influence of this bright red stone can be experienced in the physical, metaphysical and spiritual realms.This stone is known to offer safety, security and protection for those who come under its ambit. Jasper varieties promote good physical and emotional health.

Let us look at the healing properties of red Jasper.

Physical Healing Properties of Red Jasper Healing Crystals

Good health may well begin with proper blood circulation and in this area the red jasper scores very high. The positive vibrations from this stone can guard its patrons from imminent threat. This is a good reason why it was such a popular crystal for warriors and those on the battlefield.

Wearing this stone as jewelry or using it in strategic places in your home or workspace helps channel your energy.

The red jasper cleanses and detoxifies the body. It guards against the presence of electromagnetic pollution. 

Sexual health is a crucial area and for those that are grappling with fears, concerns or even extreme shyness, red jasper may do the trick to bring balance.If your sexual encounters have turned toxic with aggression, or there is underlying conflict, using this fiery red stone may sort out the problems.Jasper is good for sexual health and can energise this area, especially if there are inherent issues. Further, if there is a lack of interest in sex, the jasper can act as a mood enhancer and kindle intimacy.

Red Jasper stone not only sorts out issues among couples undergoing sexual problems, it can contribute to a healthy environment and attitude towards sex. This blog will discuss in detail the many red jasper stone benefits.

Emotional Healing Properties

Red jasper healing qualities are many. Jasper improves strength and focus. It allows you to feel experience, evoke and emote. If any experience has left you completely numb, this stone will have a purgatory effect to heal you from within. Perhaps, this is why it is known as the ‘endurance stone’.

You are doing a complex task and know that keeping the red jasper stone in your proximity will encourage you to concentrate and put all your energies in this task. This stone can be used in really troubled times to help you stay on course. The red jasper crystal is great during meditation to keep the focus.

You may be going through one of the most confusing times in your life. Red Jasper at such a time can be part of the healing process. This stone has a very deep connection with the earth. It allows you to stand your ground as well as rejuvenate your mind. This stone is so transformative that it can help you change to the positive.

Red Jasper inspires 'thinking out of the box and gives the much needed thrust to an innovative mind. This driving force allows you to bring a different idea or thought process to any project or task that you are involved in. We need this element of excitement and interest in whatever we take up and even in a personal life. Red Jasper helps in restoring vitality, vigor and charm to life ,keeping emotional stability as the highest priority.

Red Jasper Metaphysical Properties

The base chakras feel the burst of energy when a red jasper is around. The connection with the base chakra is deep and even inseparable.

The protective properties of the red jasper gets an impetus due to its connection with the base chakras.In a world where we can easily feel lost and out of sync, this beautiful stone can fire up the energy and shake us out of limbo. The stone has the capacity to move into action the energy points from the sacral chakra to the heart chakra and keep our life force energy alive and kicking.

The red Jasper is insanely famous for one more aspect the world is after. Who has not heard of the kundalini serpent. When all yoga and practices as well as practices of the mind charge in one direction to rouse the kundalini serpent, you may be happy to know that the red jasper does it like second nature.

Having said that, the well known kundalini serpent that lies dormant here can be aroused when you meditate using the red jasper. Allegedly, when the kundalini is given the ignition by the vibrations from the red jasper, it can give us one of the most profound spiritual awakenings.

Many of us are paper tigers when it comes to meeting challenges upfront or being firm when we need to take a stance. The red jasper at such times can give you incredible courage to be resolute in what you believe in. You will be filled with inner strength and this may be the go to gemstone when you are facing challenges.

The red jasper metaphysical properties in a way points to the millions of years that have gone by and the evolution of life. Most importantly, it sets us thinking about how the natural landscape shaped up. It constantly reminds us that our planet is indeed special because it is the only planet with life in it. Nature teaches us to change and adapt as required. The red jThis is why it's believed to be a wonderful stone when it comes to stress management.

Red Jasper Spiritual Properties

Red jasper embodies a powerful spiritual grounding vibration that reverberates in the three chakras located in the lower region of the human body. When the vibrations resonate at the earth, base and sacral chakras, it results in emotional balance. When our emotions are in harmony and the energies are positive, it is conducive for spiritual grounding.

Red jasper stone is used during meditation , reiki healing sessions and can be placed at the home and workplace to remove toxic influences. The vibrations from the stone can improve our connection with the Earth.

Red Jasper Benefits

Red jasper benefits are far reaching. To put in a nutshell, when it comes to emotional harmony and stability, this red stone leads the way. This crystal effortlessly eliminates confusion in the mind, replacing it with clarity. It can also help bust stress, remove negative energy and excessive worry.

Stamina building gets a fresh thrust with this alluring stone. You will find yourself calmer, happier, relaxed, and capable of trusting yourself. Self confidence will be at an all-time high when you use this stone.

Red jasper also revitalises sexual health.

To give a snapshot, the red jasper stone benefits are:

  • Eliminates negative energy
  • Improves strength and stamina
  • Enables clarity of thought and expression
  • Removes excessive worrying tendencies, depression and anxiety
  • Cuts adverse influence of electromagnetic smog
  • Splendid grounding force
  • Clears blocks and improves working of root chakra
  • Enables other chakras to be in sync by cleaning the root
  • Enhances bone health
  • Boosts the working of circulation system
  • Impetus to sexual health
  • Helps find our true purpose
  • Establishes profound connection with Nature/ Earth

Now that we know about the magnificent red jasper stone benefits , you should know how to cleanse red jasper?

How to Cleanse Red Jasper?

Red Jasper is a highly absorbent crystal and soaks in all the negative energy owing to its protective nature. This makes it imperative to periodically cleanse it, to refresh its goodness and keep performance high. To answer the question how to cleanse red jasper, there are two good ways to restore its potency.

  • A sure shot child’s play technique to remove energy blocks in the red jasper crystal is to wash the crystal with a light soap and allow the light from a full moon to fall on it. Doing this for a few hours is to allow lunar energy to work its magic.
  • Another technique is to smudge the crystal as an effective way to purify it .The balmy smoke from a sage bundle also works wonders to cleanse the red jasper crystal. Light the end of a sage bundle and deliberately allow the crystal to be surrounded with this healing smoke. You can set an intention directing the negative energy out of the crystal.
  • Wash your red jasper stone for about five minutes under lukewarm water. Soil also works wonders and burying the stone in it is a good way to recharge as well as cleanse the stone.

What Does Red Jasper Look Like ?

Red Jasper crystal displays a rich red color with gray pigments due to the presence of iron oxide. This is a strikingly bright and opaque microcrystalline type of quartz with a grainy appearance . Fortunately, red jaspers are not rare and can be found in many regions globally.

How to Use Red Jasper?

These healing crystals work their best when the energies of the giver and receiver integrate. When you wear red jasper as jewelry it makes direct contact with the skin. This ensures the vibrations from the crystal reach the chakras faster to enable healing.

Placing the gem on the root chakra is a good way to cleanse the chakra. Keeping the red jasper at home also brings out the grounding properties, and balances the energy. Benefits from the metaphysical properties of red jasper can be extrapolated in energy treatments as well as healing.

Home decor with the red jasper has a double effect of both improving the ambience as well as healing. Setting an intention on the stone and keeping it close while meditating is a good way to harness the positive vibrations from the red jasper. 

For those that have trouble sleeping , it is a good idea to keep the red jasper under the pillow. With anxiety at bay, it will be easier to catch those precious shut eyes and enjoy the freshness, repair and restoration that only deep sleep brings.

Let us discover what is red jasper good for ?

What is Red Jasper Good For?

Red Jasper works on your emotional strength. It mainly helps you focus better. The stone completely eliminates negative and toxic energy, and can cure people of excessive confusion during stress. If you suffer from mood disorder which can lead to depression, a red jasper as a constant companion can balance energies and make you feel better. 

Although we advise you to consult a medical practitioner for depression , using the red jasper will support the medical treatment by cleansing the chakras.This particular stone is very good to direct your energies so that they work for you. Vibrations from red Jasper stone aids relaxation, instills courage, elevates self confidence and emotional stamina.

Jasper and Carnelian

Are Jasper and carnelian the same ? These two crystals are often confused one for the other.The differences between carnelian and red jasper are many and we can categorize them under porosity, appearance color, metaphysical benefits and translucency.

Red jasper vs carnelian - one of the obvious differences between these two stones is the color. Jasper is usually in striking hues of red . The carnelian on the other hand displays a variety of hues ranging from red, orange and brown.

These two stones also exhibit differences in their porosity. The red jasper is less porous when compared to the carnelian. This means that if you immerse both stones in liquids, the carnelian can absorb liquids better.

While both stones are extremely effective for personal magnetism and power, the carnelian is the go to stone to improve creativity. The red jasper on the other hand is better for protection and grounding. 

Both the red Jasper and carnelian have the same hardness which is 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs hardness scale.The luster for the two stones are different. Jasper has a glassy appearance as compared to carnelian, which exhibits a gummy luster. In terms of transparency, the carnelian is more translucent.

Striations on red jasper are obvious even to the naked eye, whereas you cannot find them in the carnelian.

In terms of grounding and manifesting your goals, red jasper works well to provide emotional focus and protection. The metaphysical properties of both stones are different. If you need to boost your productivity and creativity, use the carnelian as it can also remove self-doubt, increase self-confidence and motivation to achieve your goals.

Jasper Chakra

The red Jasper stone is clearly the favourite of the root chakra and has a deep connection with it. The root chakra is positioned at the base of the spine and is mainly in charge of giving us emotional stability and keeping us grounded. The root chakra is the basis of our spiritual and physical energy. If we feel secure and safe, it is the energy from the root chakra that is responsible.

Apart from this, the root chakra also provides energy to the other chakras. Therefore, if there is any kind of a blockage in the root chakra, the negative effects of these blocks will adversely impact the other chakras too.

That is why it is imperative to remedy the root chakra if symptoms show up, so that it does not affect the other chakras.

Red Jasper Magical Properties

It may be easy to guess why the red Jasper is known to have magical properties. Let's go back to the popular legend in Egypt which speaks of the connection between the red jasper stone and fertility of mother Isis. Ancient Egyptians also held the belief that the jasper was actually the blood of mother Isis.

Reportedly, keeping the red jasper stone will also shoo away evil spirits as well as keep the owner of the stone safe from spider and snake bites. In areas experiencing drought, it was believed that holding the stone and setting an intention could actually bring about rain.

Due to its magical properties, red jasper is considered a lucky charm. Therefore, traders , and actors hold on to a red jasper for good fortune as well as mental clarity. It is believed that holding the stone will bring to the fore all its spiritual and metaphysical properties. 

This is why people in the ancient times deeply respected the various colors of jasper, particularly the red variety for its ability to safeguard. Considered a holy stone due to its spiritual properties, it was also thought to be able to conjure rain. These stones were considered to be able to heal the spirit, and bestow wisdom and bravery.

Jasper stones have been appreciated from time immemorial by energy healers, lapidarists, poets , magicians and scientists for their contribution in the area of physical, metaphysical and spiritual realms.

Red Jasper Pendant

At the Healing Crystals store, we have amazing varieties of freshly energized and charged red jasper pendants for both men and women.These pendants are created in attractive shapes and sizes and come with a metal chain at varying length and width. They are reasonably priced which you can buy for your personal use or as a gift.

This is a great tool to have during the practice of reiki, numerology, astrology and feng shui. Tarot readers can also use the positive vibrations from these healing pendants to their benefit during their sessions. Deep Red Jasper pendants at our store are absolutely pure and natural healing stones.

Red Jasper Gemstone

The red Jasper gemstone lends itself creatively for the formation of many kinds of ornaments.We have very attractive looking red jasper beads created from the jasper stone. Jasper is not extremely costly and we create some very fascinating patterns in pendants, necklaces, rings and bracelets.The prices of these red jasper stones are very affordable.

The value of a jasper hinges on the type and could fall anywhere between $1 and $5 per carat. Jasper is more reasonably priced and is not so rare to find, Therefore, these stones are affordable. The cost of jasper is dependent on factors such as patterns, color, and its availability. For instance, Madagascar Jasper is rare,therefore the price of this Jasper is high as compared to other varieties.

Red Jasper Necklace

Our store at Healing Crystals has many exclusive designs of the red jasper necklace. If you are looking for enhanced clarity of mind, energy, and power, wear a red jasper necklace to stimulate the life force, also known as ‘chi’, within you. The red Jasper necklace is great for the root chakra in balancing the energies and that is why it is also called ‘ the grounding stone’. The stone which is a blend of iron oxide and silicon dioxide minerals, offers unimaginable protection and vitality.

At Healing Crystals, we have many eye-catching designs, shapes of the stone in colors ranging from deep red to reddish-brown, that not only adds to your beauty but also offers healing and enhanced strength.

When you wear a red jasper necklace from our store, rest assured your negative energies will be driven out. The necklace will bring stability in your life. If you are experiencing any health issues related to blood or bone, wearing a red jasper necklace may provide the healing that you are looking for. 

Those battling extreme fatigue, and need to increase their stamina will benefit from using red jasper. This stone worn as a necklace will attract abundance and ensure you are not in need of anything.

Further, not many may know about some key benefits of this exquisite stone. Men who are experiencing issues with their sexual health can benefit from the positive vibrations of red jasper stone. It gives an impetus to sexual energy while also taking care of the health of reproductive organs.

Red Jasper Crystal Chakra

The red jasper has a profound connection with the root chakra. This chakra can be found at the base of the spine and is in charge of helping us stay grounded and stable. The root chakra is the basis of our spiritual and physical energy and it is this chakra that gives us the feeling of security and safety. The Root Chakra is also in charge of energizing all the other chakras; therefore if it is blocked or out of balance, the other chakras can also get affected.This makes it all the more crucial to sort out the impediments in the root chakra so that the other energy centers are healthy, and work well.

Red Jasper Chips

Red jasper chips are tiny crystal chips which are easy to hold or carry . These chips have the same nurturing and healing properties like the bigger crystals . They can work well to boost the working of the root chakra . The red jasper chips are also thought of as holy since history has a record of Native Americans using it for this characteristic. This stone is overflowing with Earth energy and is well known for its spiritual properties.

Red Jasper Tumbled Stone

The red jasper tumbled stone is famous for its positive energy, power and immense physical strength. The red jasper tumbled stone can elevate stamina and endurance. Tumbled stones can completely relieve emotional stress and can also encourage constancy and stability. This is truly the red jasper tumbled stone meaning.

The red jasper tumbled stone is one of the most powerful root chakra stones that can cleanse your aura. It can also completely alter your thoughts, steet it in the positive direction and help ground all the energies. The meaning of red jasper tumbled stone implies creativity and honesty which is a combo that ensures success and joy.

Red Jasper Heart Stone

Our Healing Crystals store has red jasper heart stones in different sizes and thickness. We also have red jasper heart stones for healing, an artifact that can be placed in your home for strength, concentration and grounding. The heart stone is a lucky charm for many as the red color is linked to invitation of fortune and glad tidings. 

This is a crystal that can motivate you to chase your purpose and dreams. It will provide you the energy to ensure your task is done. The red jasper heart stone remedies unfair circumstances and heals the negative energy.

If there is a challenging situation, the red jasper can bring problems to the fore and enable a better perspective. Apart from this, they are par excellence healing stones that can provide the push you need, the heart stone helps you establish a powerful connection with the Earth.


Red Jasper is a magical addition to your life. Nature holds the answers for many of the battles in life, we only need to seek those hidden solutions. The red jasper stone drives this purpose by establishing a deep connection with the Earth.

Health problems need medical attention. Healing crystals like red jasper provide a conducive environment in the body for the success of the medical treatment. The vibrations from this crystal can improve blood and bone related issues. The chakras in the human body which are energy centers need to be in harmony for us to feel physically and emotionally well. Stones like red jasper do just this and set right the stability in the chakras.

Use the red jasper stone in any form as jewelry, tumbled stones, red jasper chips, or as a heart shaped pendant to allow the healing energy from the stone to penetrate into your chakras. This will clear all the blocks that have been holding you back.. Enjoy this special gift of nature by accessing our store and choosing from the versatile shapes and sizes of red Jasper to improve the quality of your life.




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