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How to Tell if a Crystal is Real

Written by

Abhishek Sharma

JUNE 2022

Reiki Healer | Motivational speaker | Crystal Healer

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How to tell if a crystal is real: 3 Simple Pointers to Keep in Mind


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  • How to Tell if Crystals Are Real
  • Common Crystals that are Passed Off as Fake
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Unless you are a gemologist, you probably buy your crystals from a supplier. Whether you are buying online or off the shelf of a crystal shop around the block, it is important for you to be able to tell apart a real crystal from a fake one. While it’s not feasible to consult a jeweler or gemologist before buying crystals, you have to be your own consultant and examine every prospective crystal through a discerning lens.

How to know if a crystal is real? How to spot fake crystals despite the seller telling you otherwise? Here’s a brief guide to help you tell real crystals from fake ones. The best part is you don’t need any equipment to spot glass fake crystals. So, let’s get started.

How to tell if crystals are real

Before we rip apart the fakery, let’s understand what a fake crystal is. A fake crystal could be a piece of glass or a readily available crystal that’s been chemically treated or dyed to make it look like a crystal, usually the one that is rare and in huge demand. Here’s how to know if your crystal is real.

#1  Symmetry is a red flag

Crystals are obtained from the earth. They are formed naturally under extreme heat and pressure. That said, crystals can be anything but symmetrical. If the crystal you are looking at is a perfect sphere, cube, hexagon or anything that exhibits geometric symmetry, walk away.

#2  Vivid Colors

It’s easy to fall for a glittered-up, fake crystal, especially if you have never seen a crystal in person before. Crystals are not as vivid as they are cracked up to be. The online photos of crystals can be deceiving, and fake crystal suppliers leverage this small detail to dupe customers. Also, a real crystal does not have a solid, consistent color. Rather, it exhibits different shades of a particular color.

#2  Air bubbles

Crystals don’t have air bubbles; fake glass crystals do. So, if you are wondering how to tell if a crystal is fake, look for air bubbles. Fake glass crystals are often manufactured in cottage industries, which lack quality control. As a result, they are quite likely to have air bubbles, which give away their true - or we can say - fake nature.

Common Crystals that are Passed off as Fake

The most sought-after crystals are highly likely to have a rip-off at every craft shop. So, make sure you are more careful when you are out there shopping for the following crystals:

  • Rose Quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Citrine
  • Jade
  • Turquoise

To give you context and a better understanding of genuine stones, here are a few tips on how to tell if rose quartz is real.

Rose quartz is easy to replicate as it looks similar to a piece of glass with a subtle pinkish hue. First and foremost, look for air bubbles beneath the surface. Secondly, a real rose quartz crystal will have structural and color imperfections, which are difficult to achieve with dyed glass. If it looks perfectly clear and symmetrical, it’s fake.

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