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How to Use Crystals

Written by

Abhishek Sharma

JUNE 2022

Reiki Healer | Motivational speaker | Crystal Healer

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Crystals 101: Simple Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Crystal’s Healing Powers


  • Introduction
  • Practicing Mindfulness with Crystals
  • Stimulate Your Body’s Chakras
  • Place it on your office desk
  • Carry it with you
  • Use crystals in your personal care routine
  • Conclusion
  • Shop Healing Crystals

Most people buy crystals only to put them away in a closet or drawer and forget about them. If you are new to crystals, you must understand that merely having a crystal in your possession is not the best way to utilize its healing properties. You must learn how to use crystals to enjoy their various benefits.

Here’s a beginners guide to crystals you need to read before you buy or use crystals. 

Practicing Mindfulness with Crystals

Mindfulness is a meditative state of being aware of your surroundings and feeling every sensation that runs through your body and mind. Holding a crystal in your hand while practicing mindfulness helps you stay grounded and brings your mind back to the present moment as soon as it starts to wander. The best crystal for mindfulness is the one that resonates with you or, in other words, calls out to you.

Stimulate Your Body’s Chakras

This crystals guide for beginners is a godsend for those who don’t know how to use healing crystals to stimulate chakras. The first step is to lie down comfortably in a distraction-free environment. Place the crystal on your body to churn up energies around your target chakra. For instance, if you want to activate your third-eye chakra to attain a deep meditative state, place Amethyst, Clear Quartz or Citrine on your forehead. To stimulate the heart chakra, place Rose Quartz on your heart to open your channels for sending and receiving love.

Place it on your office desk

If your workplace is one of the major sources of stress, placing a crystal on your desk will protect you. Many crystal proponents believe that having a crystal at your workstation can help reduce fatigue and keep stress at bay.

Carry it with you

How to use healing stones or crystals when you are not so much into meditation? Simply carry it in your pocket or wallet wherever you go. Physical contact with the crystal is important. Or at least have it in your plain sight. A crystal is a reflection of your inner desires. Whether you want peace or manifest wealth, a crystal can help materialize your intentions by acting as a reminder for your subconscious. The more you see it or keep in touch with it, the stronger will be the driving force behind your intentions.

Use crystals in your personal care routine

How do you use crystals to ensure overall wellbeing and beauty benefits? By incorporating it into your self-care routine.

  • Prepare a bath with crystals lining the edge of the bathtub.
  • Immerse your clean crystal in water overnight and use that water to wash your face the next morning.
  • Use crystal exfoliators to remove dead skin and reveal the natural glow that hides beneath the skin.


If you can extend your budget, consider investing in a large crystal to create a centerpiece at home. We hope this beginner guide to healing crystals gave you some clarity on how to use a crystal. 

You will definitely cherish the presence of crystals while getting immense benefits from them in your everyday life.

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