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Written by

Abhishek Sharma

JUNE 2022

Reiki Healer | Motivational speaker | Crystal Healer

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Orgone Pyramid: What is it, Benefits, Where to Find!


  • What is Orgone?
  • Origin
  • How does Orgone Energy work?
  • What is Orgonite?
  • What is the Orgone pyramid?
  • How do orgone pyramids work?
  • How to use the Orgone pyramid?
  • The bottom line

“Throughout the infinite, the forces are in a perfect balance, and hence, the energy of a single thought may determine the motion of a universe”.

      -Nikola Tesla

The quotes highlight the importance of positive energy forces in our lives. And, the Orgone pyramid is a good way of balancing the forces and fostering positive healing.

What is Orgone?

Orgonite, Chi, Ki, Ether, Prana, Mana, Life Force, or Universal energy - Orgone has several names varying across cultures. Orgone has always worn an air of curiosity around it. It was a hot topic for studies in the 20th century.

A life force, Orgone, surrounds all life forms. It is a pseudoscientific concept chronicled as a hypothetical universal life force or esoteric energy. It is considered as the building block of all organic as well as inorganic matter on this planet. Plus, it is believed to be a massless, ubiquitous substance associated with living energy. It interweaves everything breathing in the universe, from microscopic units - “bions” to complex macroscopic composition, like organisms and galaxies.


Orgone was coined by an Austrian scientist, psychoanalyst, and philosopher, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, in the 1930s. Reich believed that Orgone energy could heal the problems sprouting in the world. 

Reich had a profound belief that the dead energy caused due to pain, problems, and suffering can lead to toxicity and hamper our energy and environment. With the idea to develop something that could move the dead energy and convert the negativity into positive forces, the scientist found Orgone.

After Dr. Reich died in 1957, his student and junior Charles Kelley developed this theory.

How does Orgone Energy work?

Reich demonstrated that Orgone radiation has the same energy as sun rays. He conducted a series of research to prove that Orgone energy could help humans fight several illnesses that aren’t just physical, but mental and emotional as well.

He believed that trauma and other negative experiences such as acts of violence, illnesses, EMFs from technology, etc., can block energy and store it into the muscle tissues, resulting in tension and stress. This stagnant energy was named Deadly Orgone Energy. He held this stagnant energy culpable of producing negative energy in the body and the environment. He was of the opinion that the Deadly Orgone Energy lying dormant in the human body could lead to physical, mental, and emotional issues in the body. Moreover, he believed that these energies escape in the environment and cause environmental damage, making Earth a terrible place. He wanted to find ways to move this stagnant energy. In a bid to do so, he created Orgone Energy Accumulators, which, according to him, could transform Dead Orgone Energy into Positive Orgone Energy. He also created Cloudbuster with the same intention.

What is Orgonite?

Orgonite is believed to carry Orgone Energy. It is a mixture of quartz crystals and metal resin. It is believed that Orgonite has the power to metamorphose Deadly Orgone Energy into Positive Orgone Energy. 

Orgonite devices, such as the Orgone pyramid, contain healing crystals to augment their power. Furthermore, the shapes formed by sacred geometry harness the powers of the ancient world and reinforce positive healing.

What is the Orgone pyramid?

The Orgone pyramid is believed to magnetize positive etheric energy responsible for converting negative Orgone into positive ions. In simpler terms, an Orgone pyramid converts negative energy into positive energy and helps us balance our emotions, physical body, and spiritual self.

It is a pyramid made of resin composite with metal shavings and layers of quartz crystals and semi-precious gemstones placed in a pattern to balance our life energy.

Having an Orgone pyramid around you can help you maintain your calm in stressful situations. It can help attain a balance between your physical, mental, and spiritual self and ward off negative energies. One can keep this pyramid at your home or office.

Furthermore, it can alleviate the harmful effects of EMF radiations that emerge from various electrical devices surrounding us.

These devices ooze out positive ions that may cast negative effects on our health. Orgone can help neutralize these ions and convert them into something that is bountiful, helping harmonize our mood, nervous system, and overall health.

How do orgone pyramids work?

As mentioned, an Orgone pyramid is a combination of crystals and gemstones with individual healing effects. Coming together in the form of a pyramid, the healing effects of these crystals can get more intense and magnified.

These pyramids are a mix of organic (resin) that attracts and holds energy and non-organic (metal) materials that may attract and repel energy simultaneously. Together they move Orgone energy and eliminate stagnant negative energy.

When semi-precious gemstones and crystals are added to the resin, they get electrically charged. The organic materials absorb vital or organic energy, whereas the non-organic energy disseminates in all directions. The constant pull and push forces directed on the stagnant energy create charges and scrubbing motions that shake the stagnant energy and turn negative into positive.

Furthermore, the shape of the pyramid allows for effective cleaning of the energy. Plus, the Pyramid symbolizes the cosmos and the Earth. It stays attached to the ground while being connected to the universe and higher potential.

How to use the Orgone pyramid?

You can use the Orgone pyramid in many ways in your home or workplace. You can also use it while practicing meditation. Here are a few ways to use the Orgone pyramid.

Use it during meditation

One of the best ways to use the Orgone pyramid is during meditation. Hold the pyramid in your hand and shift your entire focus on it. You will feel the energy coming from it. Make an effort not to see the pyramid but feel it. Practicing meditation like this will help you feel the energy oozing out from the pyramid.

Talk to it

From subatomic particles to organisms, stars, planets, and galaxies, spirituality believes that everything has a consciousness.

Communicate your intention to the Orgone pyramid. Talk to it aloud or in your mind while meditating with it. The idea is to foster a connection between your mind and the pyramid and reinforce positive healing.

Talk about love and healing. As it pours love, inhale the energy of love and feel it coming in through your nose and flowing to every part of your body, healing your organs, mind, emotions, and soul.

Carry it with you to your workplace

You can also carry a small Orgone pyramid with you to your office to transmute DOE and emanate POE. Consider placing it at your work desk to keep sensing the feeling of love and peace throughout the day. 

It will also make your workplace happier and friendlier.

Place it at places that require healing

As mentioned, Orgonite heals you and the environment by shaking away negative energy and evoking positive energy. Placing it at places that require healing can help.

Bury an Orgone pyramid under trees so that the roots can absorb the positive energy and enrich the world by sharing this energy with every form of life.

Place it near water bodies so that the water could absorb the Positive Orgone Energy and transform the Dead Orgone Energy. It will reinforce the healing of this planet.

Place it under your pillow

Orgonite helps you in getting restful sleep. A small Orgone pyramid tucked under your pillow can help you sleep better, ease your dreams, and battle insomnia.

Benefits of an Orgone Pyramids

Orgone pyramids are capable of cleaning the energies in the room they are placed in. They may also shield us from EMF radiation.

Our exposure to this resonance strengthens our immunity and positively affects our psychological and physical health.

Listed below are some reasons to use orgone pyramids. 

  • Boosts our immunity and resistance to several health issues.
  • Improves sleep and helps fight insomnia.
  • Helps improve mood.
  • Helps relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Projects high vibrational energies to remove the stress that affects our subconscious mind. 
  • Helps us get pleasant and vivid dreams. 
  • Lifts our energy levels and makes us feel better.
  • Is capable of boosting psychic ability.
  • Protects us from harmful EMF radiation from electronic devices. 
  • Meditating in the vicinity of this pyramid positively impacts the practice. It helps you penetrate the deeper meditative states and strengthen visualizations. 
  • Helps us fight imbalances and fosters our spiritual growth.
  • Fosters positive mental and spiritual growth. 
  • Wards off the evil eye.
  • Heals our surrounding environment through energy cleaning. 
  • Energizes food and water.
  • Affects plant growth.
  • Said to attract money.

The bottom line

The power of energy and life forces around us are often evident. With the Orgone pyramid, we can shift these energies to make our lives better. Welcome Orgone pyramid in your life and see your life aligning for your benefits.



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